Just Don't Say Love

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Chapter 24

“Bora-Bora?” I picked my jaw up off the desk as Neil took my hands and helped me stand from my desk. “But what about work? I can’t leave for a month. How- who is gonna-?” I was silenced by his laughter and a kiss on the lips.

“You tell me who you trust to keep the accounts going. Since your most recent update I don’t even check in on them anymore.” The casual shrug made me blush. His trust meant a lot to me, I know we had agreed to work together in this business but, I still felt obligated to treat it with respect.

I sent out a few emails and tidied up my office. Five o’ clock came quickly and with an arm full of files I rode the elevator down one floor and stacked them neatly on the desk of my intern. A yellow note topped the pile and promised to answer any important questions via email once weekly.

On my way back up a text popped up on my apple watch. I shook my head at my Irishman’s demand to know why I’m still working. Skipping the ninth floor I went straight to his office. My heels alerting him of my arrival, his door opened and a flash of red hair met me halfway down the hall in two strides.

“I’m done. I promise.” his arms snaked around my waist and kisses littered my neck making me giggle and pull away for fear of being seen.

“Your bags are packed ma’am. We leave now.” I laced my hands with his as we walked down the stairs where we had bumped into one another in another lifetime it seemed.

“Would you like some wine?” I nodded as the sound of a cork popping broke my attention. I was already letting my mind wander to the past. Bad thoughts. I held the smooth stemless glass in my hand, hesitant to take a sip. Somehow the bad memories were comforting. “Hey, none of that.” Neil’s hand cupped my cheek and I leaned into his touch. His warmth spread down my neck. He could tell I was tumbling in a dryer full of memories again. I forced a smile and took a large gulp of the red liquid. It warmed my body on the way down and I set my glass on the table in front of us. I took his glass out of his hand as well, having it join mine. He reached over and pulled me into his lap. My legs straddled his lap, I just wanted to be held. Compression was one thing we had discovered helped with the anxiety. One hand found the small of my back while the other, my neck. Our chests met and I let out a long drawn out sigh. My ear against his broad chest, his heartbeat was slow and hypnotic. My body slowly went limp and I could feel the tension from my scalp travel down my neck, my chest, my hips relaxed and finally dripped down my toes that were tucked behind his back.

“Thank you.” the words parted my lips softly. He let a relaxing breath out and held me tighter as the plane’s interior lights dimmed. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a short not given to the single flight attendant on board from Neil. He said he wanted no one who was of no importance to know where we were. He was still worried about retaliation.

My hands slid up his chest and found themselves tangled in his hair. His eyes met mine and our lips crashed together. His calloused hands ran up and down my back under my shirt before they dug into my hips. I broke the kiss and pressed my forehead to his. His eyes searched mine again as if to ask permission. I bit my bottom lip and nodded my head. In a flash he had me picked up in his arms, my legs still wrapped around his waist. He walked through the door that led to a tiny bedroom that was filled with a queen bed. My back hit the mattress. The tall man I had stopped so many times before, unbuttoned my top painstakingly slowly kissed my neck and chest. I tugged his hair and a low growl left his lips. My hands fumbled with his tie as they shook, I couldn’t hide it. He took my hands in his, his breath filled with desire.

“Darling we don’t have to do this. Believe me I want nothing more than to bring you pleasure ’til we land but, you’re in control here.” When I couldn’t answer he held my hands to his chest and his forehead finally left mine. As he laid on his side facing me, I also turned to face him. I was afraid that if I let him out of my sight I would wake up from this daze.

“I want you. I do. I just don’t know what it’s like not to expect pain when I’m promised pleasure. He- he was my first Neil.” his eyes shut and a pained expression covered his face. I swallowed the lump in my throat as he sat up on his elbow so he could look into my eyes. His other hand resting on my hip. He just gazed into my eyes and a small smile tugged at his mouth.

“Loreina Rossi, I love you.” my heart raced and I couldn’t hide the idiotic grin that consumed my being. “I love you. Fears, strengths, dreams and nightmares. I will take this as slowly as you want. I need you to understand that. I will wait as long as I need to. I will take every step and precaution to ensure you never doubt it.” my eyes filled with tears and threatened to spill over. No man except my father and brothers had ever said they loved me. Especially not Jonathan.

“Neil, I love you too. I don’t know how my life would have played out had you not stayed a part of it. It’s a lot to handle, you know. What happened. I don’t want to push you away because of my-” his fingertips lifted my chin to meet our eyes.

“No, please don’t cry… anything but cry.” I blinked the tears away and sat up to gather my thoughts. “I need you to speak up, express your likes and dislikes. Triggers and things you want me to do to you. I worry I don’t know how to bring you pleasure without scaring you. I’d love for you to show me.” my cheeks blushed a deep crimson and he joined me in sitting up, but positioned himself behind me. His arms wrapped around my waist and my hair fell all to one side. His lips left sweet little kisses from behind my ear to my collar bone. A soft moan left my lips.

“Is this okay, Loreina?” I nodded enjoying the buzz traveling through my body. His body stiffened. “Answer me.”

“Yes, I like this Neil.” I felt the smirk as he continued, his intensity growing and soon he was marking my skin with every nip and kiss. My vision blurred as he pulled my hair to the other side and continued his hard work on the opposite side of my neck.

“Don’t be quiet Loriena Rossi.” he bit my neck and a gasp left my lips and rolled into a moan. My body suddenly got too hot and I pulled my shirt off over my head. The snicker that left his lips ran chills down my spine as he led me to lay flat on my stomach. For a moment he didn’t touch me. Just held himself up over my body. I could feel his breath hot on my skin as he started kissing and nipping again slowly making his way down my back to the seam of my skirt. His hands lightly rested on my hips.

“Can I remove this? It’s impeding progress.” I let a sigh wrap around an affirmative response as anticipation for what was to come.

“This is a beautiful black lingerie set Miss Rossi. I will struggle to not rip it off of you.” I felt a sudden surge of bravery.

“Then remove them.” His surprise was evident in his pause before hooking the sides of my panties in his thumbs. My legs quivered as he pulled them down to my ankles. He skimmed my skin so softly I could have exploded as he made his way back up to remove my bra. The two hooks stood no chance as he released the black lace and pulled it out from under my body. I shivered, suddenly very aware of my naked state.

“I will be right back. Do not move.” I nodded, unable to find words anymore. He returned shortly with a small bottle of clear liquid and poured a small amount into his hands. “Can I offer you a massage?” I smiled and happily agreed. He started with my feet and I lost another soft moan as he expertly rubbed them down and worked his way up to my calves. My thighs have never felt tense until he worked it all out. His hands slid up my butt and paused for a gentle squeeze. My cheeks again turned red.

“Is this alright darling?” I couldn’t take it anymore. The massage, the pet names. His touch was lighting my fire. I rolled over and sat up, kissing him with a hunger.

“I want you to touch me Neil. Please.” his eyes now dark and hooded he nodded and kissed me for another moment before laying me back down on my stomach. He continued his massage of my back and shoulder, my neck up to my head and just when I thought he had forgotten my request his body hovered over mine. His lips brushed against my ear and he whispered to me.

“Roll over. Arms over your head. No touching me.” I nodded as I cautiously rolled over. No man had ever seen me naked since Jonathan and I suddenly felt very vulnerable. Neil kissed my forehead and then my lips as his hands skimmed down my stomach. He laid next to me on his elbow and his hand stopped below my belly button. My breathing was ragged as his and he took a moment to give me a chance to stop him. I didn’t. His fingers lightly grazed my sex sending sparks up my body to my head and my hair felt as if it could stand on end by itself. His lips met mine as he began to make small slow circles and my whole body lit a blaze. His lips again nipped my ear as he whispered.

“Do you like this Miss Rossi?” I arched my back and moaned loudly.

“Fuck, please don’t stop Neil. Please.” he smirked.

“I have no plans to ma’am. Don’t hold back now baby. Take yourself there, over the edge.” and just like that my whole body stilled as a wave of heat crashed through me. My words were incoherent and my legs shook violently. My muscles tensed and released over and over as I somehow came down from the high. My eyes slowly opened and met those gray eyes I loved so much. His smile reflected mine. I was so overwhelmed with pleasure my eyes watered.

“That’s what I’ve been missing?” his face flashed pain again and he pulled me into his chest.

“My love, you deserve so much more than that, but yes. I also intend to do it over and over again someday.” I shivered suddenly, cold and exhausted. He must have noticed and pulled up the silky soft sheets over us. He kissed my forehead as I drifted off into a sleep, his touch never leaving me.

We both jerked awake to a gentle knock at the door. Neil still dressed, got up and cracked open the door. I heard the flight attendant tell him that we will be landing in an hour. He thanked her and came back to me in bed.

“I’m sorry.” his face was confused as he sat on the edge of the bed. “I didn’t offer you any relief.” he shook his head almost annoyed.

“No. This trip is about you. Not me. Your job is to relax and let me take care of you.” he nose ran up my neck and he nipped a sensitive mark he had left behind a few hours ago.

“Okay…” I sighed and he ran his hand up my thigh. I shivered in response and closed my eyes.

“We should shower. We will be landing soon.” I nodded in agreement.

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