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Ariana is on the run for her life, She has been broken and abused. She knows she can't stop running, Because to stop was to give up, And she knew she couldn't give up. Not if she was to be free. Free of Him free from her abuser........ Jackson is a busy man who works hard a plays harder. After leaving the military and starting a new life with the money he saved. With his brothers in arms in tow. They started Phoenix a agency that keeps secrets a secret and works with unknown branches of the military. What happens when he stumbles upon Ariana and he knew just by looking into her Bright green eyes he just had to have her..........

Romance / Erotica
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The Beginning

Ascending the stairs to the old house I was held up in for the night. With Each step that I took I hoped to the gods the old staircase wouldn't give way under my feet. My breath hitched at the sound of the old floors creaking under heavy footsteps. I knew there was someone other than me in the house. That's why I had come down here in the first place. The cold wind blew through the old house making me shiver . When I found this house I knew that I wouldn't be able to stay here long. It was cold and starting a fire to keep warm was out of the question. The house was to old and it would draw way to much attention.

Making it to the last stair I stopped dead in my tracks, hearing muffled voices cumming from another room in the house. My breath caught in my throat making it hard to breath. My heart was beating so fast that I was afraid it would explode from my chest. The floors creaked under there heavy feet again. Letting me know that they were just in the next room. What I could only imagine was once the dining area. That was when this house was in its prime.
Now the ceilings had holes in it, where the wood had rotted through over the years. You could see the upstairs from the bottom floor. The paint was faded and peeling off the walls. The doors to the rooms leading from the forya was either hanging half of the hinges of just didn't exist at all anymore.
The voices started to get louder letting me know they were getting closer to where I still stood, rooted in my spot at the bottom of the staircase. My mind was screaming for me to run. To get outta there before I was caught again. But my body was frozen in fear. Fear of what would happen to me if they caught me. In fear of what HE would do once they took me back. A cold sweat broke out over me. My breathing became ragged, with each breath that I took. My heart was beating so fast now that my ears began ringing.
It was like listening to white noise, I had to get ahold of myself they where getting to close. So close I could hear what they were saying. "I know I seen her come in here, keep it down if she hears us, she will Run." Oh God they have found me, I was praying it wasn't them. Oh god I have to get out of here. Taking a deep breath I made my way around the wall, going the opposite direction of the two men looking for me. Ducking behind it, and trying to make my escape as quietly as possible. I took careful steps being mindful of my foot falls, I tried to not step on any week boards.
Knowing that if I made a single sound they would know, that I knew they were here. Taking slow steps I really tried to be careful but with my next step the floor groaned beneath me. The voices abruptly stopped, and I knew right then they heard it. Hell I think the house two blocks away heard it. The sound seemed to echo off the walls. "Fuck" I cursed under my breath.
Taking a huge chance I bolted for the backdoor. Heavy footfalls can be heard behind me. My old ragged sneakers pounded across the floor. The sound vibrated off the walls and hummed back into ears. My heart was pounding so hard that my ribs were aching from it. If I didn't already know it was them, I sure as hell knew now. Just by the way they gave chase as soon as they heard me running.
Making it to the backdoor I was relieved when I seen that the door was missing. I had never been so grateful in my life to see a door missing, where there should have been one. Sliding through the open doorway I grabbed the railing to the old porch, and vaulted over it. Praying it was strong enough to hold my weight. The wood started to give way, so I let go and flung myself toward the ground. Tucking into myself I rolled over my shoulder and sprang up to my feet.
Picking up my speed again I sprinted across the back yard, heading straight for the half fallen fence that once surrounded the property. The wind picked up blowing my long black hair out of my face. Causing a chill to run down my spin as it went the dingy white shirt that I had on. The jeans I had on wasn't much better.
They were dirty and torn, letting the cold nip at my exposed skin. As I approached the fence I could see just how run down it was. The boards were hang haphazardly and where rotted and discolored. Knowing that if I picked up my speed just a little more I could easily charge though it.
My lungs were burning from the the cold air that I was intaking. It was as if they were on fire with how badly they burned. I couldn't stop though I knew I couldn't. Even if I wanted to I couldn't cause it I did they would catch me for shore. Picking up my pace I pushed my shaking legs harder, digging my sneakers deeper into the soil. Just to give myself that extra push.
As I approached the fence I lowered my head, and tucked my arms into my chest. All the while turning my body just enough to the right. Making sure that my shoulder took most of impact. Hitting the fence at full speed the wood splintered and gave way. The jagged edges of the wood tore through the thin material of my shirt. A burning sensation started at my shoulder and crept down my arm. Letting me know that the wood had cut into soft flesh.
The clatter of boards hitting the ground vibrated off the walls of the surrounding buildings of the alley, that I emerged into. The soft soil gave way to gravel making my sneakers slide along. Almost toppling me over, I turned to the left. Using the momentum from the force of the impact I kept running.
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