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The Beginning part 2

Breathing harder than I ever have in all my 22 years of living. I kept running, pushing myself harder even though my body was screaming at me to stop. Just to take a breather and catch by breath. But I knew I couldn't the shouts of the two men chasing me telling me to stop. Let me know just how close I was to being caught. NO I couldn't let that happen not now. Not ever.

As I neared the end of the alley I took a quick glance over my shoulder. My eyes went wide at the sight of the two men chasing after me. That clad in all black making it harder to see them in the dark. but what really caught my eye was the shear size of them. They stood at least a good 6 ft or more. Hell I couldn't tell it was to dark in the alley. The low glow from the alleys light did little to nothing for my eyes.

Not slowing my pace I rounded to corner to the next street. The street was empty. The street lamp was flickering and giving off a soft hum. Giving it a more sinister feel. Sprinting down the next block I passed the closed and darkened buildings. Of the business that lined both sides of the street.

A shiver wracked through me, feeling me with a sense of dread. I didn't slow as I approached the end of the block. Hanging a left I took the next corner, heading into another darkened alley. There was less lighting in this one so I new there was a better chance at hiding. As I rounded the corner the loss gravel of the alley gave way under my feet. Causing my sneakers to slide under me and making me lose my balance. My hands and knees slammed into the ground. The gravel dug into the palms of my hands, slicing into the soft flesh of my small hands.

Gritting my teeth to keep from yelling out, I pushed past the pain and pulled myself up from the ground. Keeping myself moving, looking with my eyes darting back and forth. My legs and hands were on fire now. But I kept moving knowing they were gonna catch up to me soon if I didn't.

The next turn in the alley came into view. So I hung a right and pushed harder. I spotted a darkened doorway and dove into it. Crouching down into the corner I tried to make myself as small as I could. Pulling my knees into my chest, and wrapping my shaking arms around them. I shoved my nose and mouth into the gap between my knees. Just the keep m heated breath from being seen.

There is no light in the alley so its plenty dark. Giving me cover to try and evade them. Taking deeper breaths into my nose and out my mouth I tried to slow my breathing so they wouldn't hear me. The familiar crunch of gravel filled the air as the two men approached my hiding spot. As they came into view at the entrance to the alley I held my breath. Pushing myself further into the wall as if that was even possible. "Fuck we lost her, Man the boss is gonna kill us." One of the men shouted to the other.

I didn't dare to move, as they came to a stop next where I was hiding. Trimmers of fear and adrenaline wracked through my body. Making me have to grind my teeth just to keep them from chattering. The soft glow off the street lamp up a little ways in the opposite direction were in. Gave an outline off the two goons standing in front of me. I couldn't make out much of them. But what struck fear into my heart was the black eyes of the man, that has yet to say a word.

His eyes were so dark they shined. Slamming my eye lids shut. I squeezed the together tightly. Taking shallow breaths when my kungs began to burn, letting me know I needed to breath. I sent a silent prayer to the heaven they would turn and leave. When I opened them again my breath caught in my throat. When I seen his dark eyes scanning the alley. I knew what he was doing he was looking to see if he could spot any sign of me.

I waited on baited breaths, still shaking from the fear of being caught. His Eyes darted past the stoop that I was in and he stepped further into the alley. More movement caught my eye making me snap my eyes back to the man that had spoken prier. The smallest built of the two men, was reaching into his pants pocket.

When he pulled his hand out his phone came with it. Bring it up to his face he tapped the screen making it light up. After tapping it a few times he swept his finger across the screen. When he brought up and pressed it to his ear. The shrill of the ring met my ears when the call connected. When he took another step into the alley was when I could here the deep baritone of the man I fear most in my life.

Raymond, he is a power hungry man and always gets what he wants. And right now he wants me. Just the sound of his voice gives me the chills and not the good kind. "Boss" he took a deep breath and his body tensed and the sound of the big man on the other end. I couldn't hear what he was saying, but just the muffled sound coming through let you know he wasn't happy.

My body tensed up even more when I seen the man with the black eyes come to stand next to him. He put his hands into his pockets and stood waiting to here what the boss has to say. "yeah, we lost her." He paused and pulled he phone away from his ear when there was a roar through the phone. As the devil himself shouted down the other end of the phone. "Yes boss, I understand. We will head back to the car and keep looking. She can't have gone far. We will keep looking." The voice on the other end boomed louder making the line crackle on the other end of the line. Before going silent, The man slid the phone back into his pocket and turned back the way we came from.

The dark eyed man shook his head and followed behind him. I don't know for how long I sat there, straining my ears to hear it they were far enough away for me to move. The cold was starting to seep into my bones, making me shake even more. Minutes ticked by with no sign of them, so after taking a deep breath, I stood on shaking legs and peeked my head out to make sure they where gone. Pushing myself from the wall i stood next to I headed down the alley in the opposite direction as them. When I came the the next street I was greeted with the soft glow of a street lamp up ahead.

With every step that I took my body screamed at me in pain. When I was close enough to the light I looked down to inspect the damage the fence and gravel had cause. My shirt was torn down my shoulder and blood was pouring out soaking through the shirt. Staining it a dark red. Moving the torn fabric out of the way, I could see part of the fence sticking out of my arm. Blood was pouring out of it at a steady stream. I knew just by looking at it that if I didn't get it out soon I was suffer from to much blood loss.

Inspecting my hands further I winced at the sight there was gravel stuck in my cutts. Gritting my teeth I cradled my arm to my chest being mindful of my injuries. I didn't want to move it to much for fear of it causing more damage. Looking up I could see lights in the distance. Letting me know there was a chance I could find a place to clean up. I started in that direction. Scanning my surroundings for any sign of trouble. Looking back down the street behind making sure there were no car lights.

As I got closer to the light source I could make out it was a small gas station. One that was the kind that had the bathrooms on the outside. Just because the inside was to small for them. I sighed in half relief for that. Really not wanting to draw attention to state I was in at the moment. Just as I was nearing the door to the ladies room headlights swept across the was catching me b surprise.

Not wanting to stick around to find out if it was them I bolted to the other side of the building. Taking long strides and not stopping. God my everything hurt but I kept going until I was at least a good five or six blocks away. Weaving in and out of alleys. When I came to the last alley in was dark. Darker than the last dumpsters lined the walls with few gaps in between.

When I got to the end on the alley there was a door that was solid metal but what caught my eye the most was the huge window that was there. It was blacked out with black paint. I couldn't really tell if the building was abandoned or not. But It was the end of the alley blocking off any hope of escape.

My vision began to blur and my legs became weak. I knew I had lost to much blood by this point. My body deflated and my knees buckled. I hit the ground on my knees. Spotting a crevasse between and nearby and the corner of the alley I crawls across the cold wet ground. Pulling myself into the corner. My strength was waning and black spots was clouding my vision. By the time I pulled my weakened body into the corner darkness had over taken me. The last thing to reach my hearing was the sound of metal scrapping and rushed footsteps heading in my direction......

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