20 Questions

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A stormy night in NYC brings two people together. A journey of discovery, trust, love and healing await Analeigh and the ever so famous Chance Davis.

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Chapter Two

Ana was rummaging through her cabinets trying to find candles when Chance stepped out from the bathroom from changing. A few had been lit so there was some soft ambience, and he watched her struggling to reach the last bit of candles in the cabinet. She looked comfortable, with some baggy sweats and a black crop top shirt that was now showing her stomach from her reaching so high. She was about to climb onto the countertop when Chance snapped out of his daze and came to help her, he had the height.

“Oh, thanks.” Ana said as she came off of her tippy toes. “I knew you were good for something other than just good company.”

Chance laughed as he brought the candles down with ease. Ana looked at the clothes she had given him…fit like a glove.

“I’m glad I kept my ex’s clothes, they are finally useful at some point! They look great on you.”

Chance shrugged. It was definitely better than those sopping wet ones. Ana had finished lighting the candles and turned to look at him.

“There. Now I can see you, and not stub my toe every time I take a step. It’s a win-win.” She said proudly. There was another loud boom and she jumped. “Gosh, this storm is a terror.” She hugged herself as she looked around nervously. He had the instinct to go over and comfort her, put an arm on her shoulder, something. Instead, he stood still and said,

“I get like that too sometimes. I usually just try and distract myself”.

“Hmm…distractions. Food! Do you want any? I can’t make anything, but I’m sure I have some snacks you can munch on.” She started heading toward the kitchen. Chance hadn’t noticed how hungry he actually was until she said something.

“Okay” she said with her head in the fridge. “With what I can see, I have fruit, veggies, cheese…gosh this sounds like I’m hosting a freaking soiree. Or in the pantry I think there are some chips and a bag of popcorn.”

Chance rummaged through the pantry and found the popcorn and said, “I’m good with this and some fruit, if you are”. Ana smiled and grabbed the strawberries.

“Good choice, Chance”.

She sat down on the couch and motioned for him to sit with her. He sat down and opened the popcorn. There was a few minutes of silence and dead air.

“So…we need something to take up our time while we wait for this storm to pass. Any ideas?” Ana asked.

Chance replied after he swallowed his bite, “None, I am honestly just so happy to be eating right now”. They both laughed as Ana grabbed a handful of popcorn and put it to her mouth.

“I’m glad I’m with someone that loves food as much as I do” she spoke. She stopped and stared at him. Those eyes. He could tell she was searching for something in his. His heart started beating faster, he had to glance away, scared she would find whatever she was looking for.

Ana stood up quickly and said excitingly, “I have an idea! Have you ever played 20 Questions?”

“Uh, no”.

“Well, we should play it! It’ll give us a chance to get to know each other if we’re going to be hanging out here for a few hours anyway. The thing is, you HAVE to answer the question, no passing or ignoring. Sounds like fun?” she said with a raised eyebrow. Ana searched his face for a glimmer of hope that he would be into something like that. A celebrity like him, would he think that was childish and stupid? Ana suddenly felt self-conscious. Just as she was about to go back on her word, Chance replied.

“That sounds pretty fun. I mean, I feel like you already know everything about me, given my whole life is out there for everyone…”

Ana beamed, “Well, I guess we’ll just have to make the questions more interesting then, will we?”

Ana jumped with excitement and ran toward her room. “I’ll be right back; I’m going to grab a blanket and then we can start”.

Chance laughed at himself. He couldn’t help but smile at her and her want to get to know him. He had been to dozens of interviews before where they attacked him with questions about his career and his latest movies. Something told him that this game was going to be a bit different. Maybe he’d be able to feel normal; like a real person.

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