20 Questions

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Chapter One

It was the beginning of a storm. He wore black, like a shadow hiding in the dark, as he ran from screams of girls and women acting like girls. In these parts of New York City, it was hard to hide from anyone. They could see his face on every billboard, every retail store window, and they knew it was him. Chance Davis. Famous singer, actor, activist, the list went on. He didn’t mind all of the attention, except when he didn’t want it. Also when he felt like he was running for his life in a rainstorm in the dark streets of NYC. His feet were starting to get tired and his options to hide were limiting with every block. Chance quickly looked for a spot to hide, but before he had an opportunity to book it to the next alley, a pair of hands grabbed his jacket and pulled him inside an apartment complex. The warmth from inside slammed his frozen cheeks like he was standing close to a fire. A soft hand placed itself on his mouth and once he had a chance to notice what was going on, he saw bright green eyes staring at him intensely.

“If you want to escape, trust, and follow me”, a voice said.

Before he even had a chance to respond he was pulled into an apartment room. The door slammed behind them and they both turned to the door and put their ears to hear. A mad, chaotic stampede of footsteps echoed in the hall, murmurs of girls whispering, screaming, “Chance where are you?! “, “Do you live here?!”, “we should knock on the doors!” rang through every door in the complex. The only thing that could silence the mob was a loud booming voice that shook, “Shut the hell up before I call the cops!”

All that could be heard next was the disappointed footsteps shuffling back outside where the cold, viscously growing raindrops met them.

“Leave it up to Bern to set them straight”, the green-eyed person laughed.

The green eyes met Chance’s brown eyes and he finally got a good look at who his knight in shining armor was. It was a girl, soft featured, with caramel skin and dark brown hair that made her impossibly captivating eyes even more intense.

She walked away from the door and said, “I know this may seem weird, but I hope you’re okay”.

“Uh, yeah. Um I mean--- I am totally okay. Thank you.”, he exclaimed.

“Okay good, I just saw you struggling trying to get away from that hoard of people, I thought I could lend a hand.”

“I almost had it under control”, Chance replied smoothly.

She laughed as she wrung out her sopping hair, “Oh I’m sure you are used to that sort of thing, right?”

He froze. “Um why would you think that?”

“I know who you are, Chance Davis.”, she exclaimed with a conniving tone.

Chance backed away. Did he just run into a trap with a stalker? Killer? Psychotic fan? His mind raced with ways to get away, but his body just stood there, staring awkwardly. She looked at him and a wave of worry crossed her face.

“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! I shouldn’t joke like that when you’ve just had an adrenaline rush a few minutes ago. I know who you are because you are famous,” she shook her head. “I promise you, I am not some crazy fan that is going to hurt you, I mean I am a fan of you, I just don’t go psycho crazy for celebrities”, she said rushed. She started rambling, her words flooding together. Was she nervous? Her unsteadiness relaxed him a bit.

She stepped towards him, “I should probably introduce myself. My name is Analeigh, though I go by Ana.” She smiled at him and went to shake his hand. Chance grabbed her hand and the touch seemed to relax him the rest of the way. He felt safer than he had all night.

“It’s nice to meet you, Ana”, he said softly. “I really do appreciate you saving me from outside, I was starting to panic a little bit out there. Usually I can handle crowds, but add in darkness, unfamiliar territory and cold-ass rain…it’s a bit of a different story”.

Ana chuckled, “Sounds like a normal night in New York City! I’m glad I could help you; do you need to get somewhere? Call a cab maybe? I would do so soon before this rainstorm gets any worse”.

“Yeah I should probably call my agent, see if she can get me a ride to the hotel”, he fumbled around his pockets looking for his phone. While he was distracted, Ana got a chance to take a better look at him.

Chance was tall, with messy dark hair that had been tousled due to the rain, and eyes that were a creamy chocolate color. His face was about as defined and perfect as the billboards portrayed it as, and his skin a smooth, cream tone. She caught herself, mouth open, shook herself back to reality just as Chance sighed.

“Uh, I hate to bother you even more, but my phone is completely dead. Could I possibly borrow a charger for a few minutes, just enough for my phone to turn on?”

Ana nodded, “oh yeah, that’s fine. Let me just go and grab it. Do you want a change of clothes while you wait? You are pretty wet”, she giggled. He hadn’t noticed the puddle he had tracked in and was currently standing in until now. A change of clothes sounded nice, but he didn’t want to bother her with more inconveniences.

“Thank you, but I am okay,” he yelled into the other room where Ana had slipped in.

“Okay, well I am going to change really quickly, I’ll be out in a minute with the charger.” she exclaimed.

He took this moment to view his surroundings.

Ana’s apartment was modest and small, but with how expensive NYC was, it seemed to fit what she needed perfectly. It was modern and clean, timeless almost. Past the couches and TV was a wall entirely of glass windows where, on any other day that it wasn’t cloudy and pouring, a beautiful view of the city awaited. Chance looked around and felt right at home.

Then it went dark. Everything went dark.

He heard a slight scream of surprise and then thumps, “ouches’, and,

“Chance?” Ana quietly spoke.

“Yeah, yeah I’m right here.” He replied. He rolled his eyes at himself, like she could see me, you idiot.

The only thing lighting their way was the lightning from outside followed by loud, booming thunder. All he could see was Ana in flashes, but he could sense she was shaking.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Y-yeah, thunderstorms a-aren’t really my jam, “she laughed nervously. “Um, about your phone…”

Chance realized that with the power out, there would be no calling anyone for a ride. He was stuck there. In the dark. With a stranger.

He tried keeping his composure, “how long is this storm supposed to last? What about the power?”

“It’s not supposed to be over until around 3am tomorrow” she said. Chance looked at the clock on the wall. 7:30pm. It was going to be a long night.

“You know on second thought, Chance said, “I will take those change of clothes”.

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