Survival Of The Smartest

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Blake had no idea what would happen after the crash, the crash that changed everything. His fiance was dead, the co pilot had survived, but where the two had ended up? was far from earthly. But one thing was for sure, there was something lurking in the shadows, wondering what on earth had just crashed into her world. And she was determined to find out.

Romance / Fantasy
After Dark
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Chapter 1

He didnt know what was waiting for him when the plane crashed.

He didn’t know that his girlfriend would die in the crash leaving him and the co-pilot.

And he sure as hell didn’t know where they’d ended up.

But one thing was for sure.

They were far from earth.

Warnings: Mature read, Gore, grief/sensitive topics, please keep these in mind if you continue onward into the book.

I dont and won't tolerate plagiarism.

Taking the idea, plot, characters, scenes, or purposefully taking their names for your own, will not get you anywhere but in trouble. This is an original creation and hours of work have gone into it.

Before you do something like take someone's work, think about if you were the original writer?

would you appreciate someone taking your work and countless hours? no.

So dont do it, its common sense not to be a dick <3

My Wattpad username is PricklePeach if for whatever reason you see the same book on there under that user dont be alarmed! that’s me! just posting a less mature version for Wattpad readers to view.

If you see any books that are similar to mine please alert me through pm so I can take action incase!

Without further ado, let us continue~

The ringing in his ears drove him insane, as he crawled weakly from the co-pilot seat and onto some damp foliage, the dirt smearing his hands and clothes as he grunted.

The world and his mind were whirling fighting to understand what had just happened and where he was. As he rolled onto his back sucking in a sharp gasp of air and spluttering like a mad man he managed to blink his vision clear to be treated with a blue sky.

His arm instantly threw over his eyes from the brightness even though his muscles and joints ached, he stung and burned all over and a particularly painful feeling set into his left thigh.


His heart began to beat like crazy, his ears held a faint hum from the crash now.

When the plane had lost control.

When both the pilot that had been instructed to go with the couple had gone into panic as well as himself after the plane seemed to hit some extreme turbulence out of nowhere and send the crew into an unstoppable free fall.

He forced himself onto his elbows to see what lay in front of him grinding his teeth until he blanched, his face draining of any existing color.

The entire back end of the plane was gone. As if a knife came down the back and cut it in half leaving ruin all over what looked to be a jungle around him.

backpacks, papers, the leather from the seats, everywhere.

His girlfriend, Penelope, had been situated in the back seat of the small plane.

His heart sunk to the bottom of his stomach as he coughed and attempted to stand to no avail, only panicked as he crawled on all fours back toward the wreckage that had been their start to a vacation in Hawaii.

“PENEL-OPE!” His voice broke and sounded beyond unrecognizable, raspy and hoarse as his dreaded cry ripped through the atmosphere.

He heard no reply.

His eyes flickered to where the other pilot had been sitting,

the windscreen of the plane had shattered, The man lay on his stomach back to Blake, unmoving, in front of the ruined aircraft.

He couldn’t be- Blake swallowed thickly as he attempted to crawl over, he was scared. He may be a 23-year-old grown man with dark rich chocolate brown hair and matching eyes but that didn’t mean he had guts of steel.

Would the pilot have died? it seemed as though it were extremely likely.

But when Blake flipped him onto his back and he let out a grunt his insides flipped with relief. But not enough to settle him.

His girlfriend had to have survived.

At least, that’s what he frantically told himself to keep his losing sanity.

“hey,” his voice was gruff as he shook the pilot’s arm and he only groaned in reply “hey can you hear me?” Blake said a little louder.

The pilot was unresponsive but alive. At least he was that.

Blake allowed reality to set in, his eyes lingered around the two hoping to lock eyes on the woman he’d been with for a year and a half of his life.

he searched desperately to find her head of dark brown hair pop up somewhere, or for her soft melodic voice to ring out an ‘Im here!’

But nothing.

There was no cheery voice that rang out.

A stray ‘Caw’ sounded off in the distance made him flinch and let out a breath as some bright purple bird flew overhead.

“PENELO-PE!” His voice refused to come out clear and unbroken his throat screaming for some sort of water after the amount of smoke he'd inhaled.

He crawled toward the nearest tree that was being strangled by lush green vines which he used to prop himself up wincing as the sharp firey pain spread up his left leg into his hip.

Finally realizing a shard of metal from the plane had wedged itself into his thigh causing a dark red to seep into the navy jeans he'd had on when they first got on the plane.

He could try and find a radio once he'd found Penelope.

With a determined glint in his eye, he ripped off a low branch though he had to swing on it a little to get it to snap.

Unfortunately, it resulted in him falling on his injured leg and letting out a strangled cry of pain. "Fuck" he huffed getting the branch and propping it under his arm once the pain had subsided enough.

He limped his way around the wreckage.

His heart and body froze.

Her arm. Layout strewed amongst the glossy leaves from some sort of morning dew.

Her engagement ring circled her ring finger that he had gifted her only four days prior. Her baby sky blue nails painted with blood.

He bent over and threw up. Amongst emptying his stomach of its contents he began to choke and sob hopelessly falling to his knees grimacing wildly but not even caring anymore.

His hands fisted around the dirt on the ground as he let out a painful and pitiful cry escape his lungs sizzling his throat.

As he spits out the remainder of the chunks with disgust and sorrow.

He didn't even have the strength to hold himself up anymore as he collapsed next to his spew, his eyes inline with his finances amputated limb.

Tormenting him.

Not being able to bear the sickening sight of it. He rolled over and sobbed softly losing hope in his sanity. Suddenly, getting home didn't seem so great knowing the love of his life was gone.

He didn't need to find the rest of the body to know.

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