Survival Of The Smartest

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Chapter 2

The initial shock took a long time to wear off. After passing out it seemed his mind was only going to make things worse for him.

Memory, after memory, took him through the grief of all kinds until he woke up gasping, coughing, and faced with a pitch-black sky, the stars staring down at him with raised brows.

His eyes widened finally realizing how long he had been out for and that he wasn't saved. He was out here alone in the jungle, well, alone for a minute.

The clearing of a throat made him jolt and look over to the direction it came from, the co-pilot, Jonathan gave him a weak strained smile.

"you're up, I thought you were as good as dead" his laugh was forced and strained as Blake couldn't bring himself to return his smidge of humor.

His mind was too focused on processing that the woman he had so tenderly devoted his heart and soul to. The 5'5 Yoga instructor from Georgia had enraptured him.

And now, she was gone.

The blonde pilot rose a brow after realizing Blake had completely zoned out from him, He had found as nearby log and propped himself upon it.

"Hey, mate, look, I know its a big ask but if you're not too injured I'm sure there's a radio-"


The silence was harsh and unbearing for a moment.

"the girl, right?" The pilot's tone became much lighter, Blake simply sat up and fiddled with his fingers in his lap as he nodded meekly not having the words to reply.

The tears seemed unstopping as one flash of her giggling face seemed to set off a new round of tears. Tears he hasn't cried so much since his aunt had passed from lung cancer.

"Im sorry." Was all that the pilot could think of, he wasn't a big comforter but he could very well see Blake couldn't take it lightly.

It was clear when they were flying how much they laughed and flirted, conversed with energy, and love that the two were intertwined with one another.

Now he sat a fair distance away on his own, shuddering. Scared. Scared that he had really lost her. That he'd never hear her voice again.

The pilot was around his age, but 26, he didn't have a woman to love, so he couldn't sympathize. He had loved one before but she had gone and cheated on him, which broke his trust for any future relationship for him to stumble into.

But he could empathize.

He let out a long sigh, the cold air would surely eat them both alive if they continued to sit and grovel. He knew it would be hard for Blake, the man had just lost his fiance.

But if neither moved, in the thin clothes they were dressed in ready for the Hawaiian experience would surely result in their deaths.

He cleared his throat, Blakes glossy eyes moved up to him and Jonathan couldn't help but feel bad for the boy. "look, Im really sorry, but if we continue as we are right now, neither of us will live to get back" he gave it to him straight.

They did need to get back soon, but they would need to first test the radio, then build a shelter to keep them warm enough to wait.

Blake blinked a couple of times.

Jonathan was right, for the meantime at least he had to battle off the thoughts of her consuming his mind, at least enough to push him toward getting to safety.

He nodded and glanced to the plane again, the front was mostly intact.

"Should be in the cockpit, if the majority of it's still there, it'll be by the navigation controls by the Radar display" Jonathan told him grunting in annoyance as he went to put his foot down. A cut ran up the length of his calf he was sure a tendon had snapped when he woke.

Prohibiting him from walking as well as Blake could, despite his injury, Blake was lucky it hadn't paralyzed him if it cut the wrong nerve.

But he would need to tread carefully so the shard wouldn't shift and suddenly his legs would no longer function. Blake hissed and held onto his branch limping over, trying to wash over the wave of dizziness as his hands found the front of the plane holding it shakily to aid himself.

He made his way to the door that had been torn clean off its hinges, the bent metal emphasizing it.

He leaned in and saw the controls, some buttons were mashed, but glass littered the control box which he had to sweep away to read the letters.

He cursed and muttered to himself until a small green light flashed. "There's a flashing-green light!" He called, needing to cough to finish the sentence.

"where? above the radar display? the one with the dial and the heat signals, its not digital it should look like it is"

Blake's eyes narrowed in on it and he nodded "yeah" he called back and Jonathan felt a smile cross his face.

The radio, by some miracle, had survived the crash. "That's good! It's not broken then, Its-"

Blake frowned when Jonathan suddenly stopped speaking

"it's what?"

Blakes head poked up and looking through the shattered glass to see Jonathan as pale as ever his eyes locked onto something behind him.

Behind Blake.

Behind the plane.

He frowned, what was he looking at? When a ruff loud grunt sounded behind him Blake went rigid.

A loud frog-like croak sounded off like a megaphone right in his ear, when he turned a massive over 10 feet tall amphibian greeted him.

Its head turned to the side, white eyes writhing with some kind of white worm as its nostrils flared, its green slimy coated skin shining.

Blake's jaw dropped.

The creature looked like that of a giant frog. But it was far from remotely normal. it looked, mutated.

Purple spots pickled its coat like poisonous dots.

It let out another loud echoing croak, its chest inflating then deflating rumbling the floor as Blake fell back against the cockpit in shock.

A button blared a large alarm, destroying his chance of going unnoticed by the monstrous creature.

It seemed to notice him and within seconds it was charging full speed toward the plane. He let out a yell of terror and closed his eyes as he was sure it would immediately crush him.

It would be the end.

This is how he would die.

By a giant frog.

How humiliating.

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