Survival Of The Smartest

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Chapter 3

The world seemed to slow for Eva. She had been chasing her newest meal when she had been completely caught off guard by cries and yells she had never heard before.

She had forced herself into the other direction making the exception to find food later when she was able.

For now. She was going to find the source of the cries.

She surprisingly wasn’t too far from them, so she didn’t have to get far before using her claw-like fingers to shred her way up a nearby tree and perch on a branch.

There was now clearing, A metal contraption lay broken and ruined ‘previous thrived’ items she had deciphered.

Similar to those in the broken ‘Cit Ee’ back near her tribe’s location. Though what happened to catch her eye was the sight and smell of something rancid.

It was squirming on the floor looking distraught and on its back, its eyes closed as it made struggling noises from its mouth.

Perhaps it was another’s offspring, she considered.

She should not touch it.

For if it were belonging to another species its mother would surely have her head for going near it. So she sat and watched.

It made strained weak noises curling into a ball, she waited. And waited. Its breathing slowed and it stopped shaking.

Where was its mother?

Another movement came from a little further away, her obsidian eyes darted in its direction, this one wore some type of heavier cloth.

A groan and grunt came from it as it propped itself upon its elbows looking around with squinted eyes seeming confused.

They both looked similar, fleshy skin like her own, but their legs... different.

No scales. Not like the ones that circled over her breasts and the sides of her torso connecting in the middle shimmering an inky black.

No two small horns that protruded their heads like hers. Though they were not standing she could tell the two were not very tall. In reality, the two were similar around 6'3-6'5.

Unlike her 7-foot self,

their legs weren’t slightly curved and bent for fast speed and they certainly didn’t bear the feline-like paws on the ends of them, with the black pigment that faded from the toes to her thighs as if someone took a spray can over them.

She narrowed her eyes, clearly, they weren’t of her species, they both lacked tail growth as well unless perhaps a deformity?

No, by this age they should have at least one sign of development. But Eva could decipher none.

It was growing cold as she observed the other creature push itself onto a nearby wood log, her eyes flickered between the two then to the sky.

It was growing dark as well, she did not know why the mother had left her offspring out in the open like this.

Maybe she had perished?

But if she hadn’t could Eva take that risk? to go too near?

She ground her canines together in thought her nail tapping the wood. She certainly didn’t need another scar to show the males back home.

But she couldn’t drag her eyes from the scene no matter how hard she tried. They had nothing but cloth protecting them, but it clearly was not enough.

Her ears perked when the movement came from the one curled closest to her. It appeared it hadn’t shriveled and died like she had presumed.

A noise came from the man on the log who had been fiddling with a nearby stick for the past hour and the other one on the floor flinched.

The man on the log's lips stretched into some sort of smile and Eva leaned in, her eyes flickering to both of them.

“up, thought as dead”

Oddly enough Eva could make out some of the words he was speaking to the other creature in, but it was choppy and hard to pinpoint what he meant.

A laugh made her tilt her head, she had remembered the sound from the others back at camp.

The other offspring looked confused and dazed laying on the floor, some type of liquid stained his cheeks like water.

“mate, know ask but if not injured sure radio-”

At this, her eyes widened, mates? Maybe they weren't as young nor related as she had thought. They were in a relationship.


At this Eva frowned, who was dead?

The two were silent for a little while as Eva tried to piece together where the two had come from.

“the girl, right?” The blonde man spoke softer.

The one with darker hair sat up and fidgeted with his fingers, similar to hers but lacking the claws and black pigment.

The water began to leak from his eyes again and Eva couldn't pinpoint why it was happening. Where does this water come from? why does it come from the eyes?


The two groveled in silence for some more, she waited for something else to happen aside from using only sections of her language.

Another noise came from the man on the log and Eva waited her fingers itching to grab one of them and force them to explain who and what they were and how they knew her tribe's language in small sections.

“look, Im, if we continue we right now, neither us will live to get back” She was annoyed that they only spoke in snippets, she knew they were speaking more than that but she couldn't understand the other words in between.

The one on the floor glanced at the large broken metal piece.

“Should in, if of it’s still there, it’ll be by the by the”

Eva's interest spiked further as her eyes focused on a gash ran up the length of the lighter haired one's calf, blood weeping from the wound. But that was red.

Not black in color. Further proving they were from different species groups

She had noticed the one on the floor also seeped red, but from his thigh, Eva could definitely tell something was wedged into the muscle.

The darker haired one on the floor grasped a nearby branch and with effort managed to steady himself upright.

His much smaller hands than her own felt against the side of the hard destroyed object.

She carefully observed him she decided they were most likely male, sharing short hair and broad bodies like others at camp.

“There’s a green!” He called, needing to cough to finish the sentence. Eva could hear his excitement in the odd news she didn't understand the use of.

“where? above the? the one with the and the heat, it should look like it is”

“yeah” The blonde ones face lit up.

“Good! not broken, Its-”

She had noticed the blonde ones stopping of speech and she followed his line of sight to the trees which swayed and shuddered behind the wreckage.

“it’s what?”

The darker haired one called out unaware of the danger.

A gruff grunt sounded

A loud booming went off from the creature, A merbavore. She cursed in her native tongue.

Its head turned to the side, white eyes writhing with some kind of white worm as its nostrils flared, its green slimy coated skin shining as disgusting as ever.

The males jaw dropped and she instantly knew both were too small and weak to survive.

She contemplated going back and turning around.

She really did.

But it let out another loud echoing screech, its chest inflating then deflating rumbling the floor shaking the tree Eva was in as Blake fell back against the cockpit in shock.

A button blared a large alarm, destroying the boy's chance of going unnoticed by the monstrous creature.

Eva's eyes widened and she hissed at the invasive angry noise protruding from the broken thing.

It noticed him and within seconds it was charging full speed toward him.

A yell of terror and closing his eyes was Evas go signal.

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