Survival Of The Smartest

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Chapter 4

Time seemed to slow down as Eva hurled herself out of the tree and barreled first toward the contraption, Yanking the small male out with insane speed.

Her legs then carried her to the right where the other male fell backward off of the log and she used the cloth to fist into her claws and throw him over her shoulder.

She didn't look back as the Merbivoure let out an aggressive and angry grunt.

Losing its meal.

She didn't stop until she was huffing for air and collapsed dropping the two before stumbling forward and falling into the leaves her chest rising and falling.

Her lungs burned and her toes twitched from using all her strength so suddenly.

When Blake opened his eyes he was surprised to find himself not in the belly of the beast.

But on the floor, hearing a very loud and heavy breathing a little ways away from him.

Jonathan let out a gasp and was looking at something in front of them now sitting upright on his ass.

He followed his eyes and they widened.

A woman was laying there. But she was far from normal. Midnight black hair ran over her head and strands blew over her cheek as she panted tiredly.

Her legs were long and scales patterned her body, covering those parts.

She had black cat-like paws for feet that fit her proportions, two small black horns protruded her head about 2 inches tall.

A black scaled tail lay outstretched behind her as obsidian eyes narrowed on the two.

"holy fuck..." Jonathan breathed attempting to back up as she forced herself up onto her hands.

Hands that had long black claws attached startling the two men.

But her skin tone was like theirs, she was almost human, despite her other features, she still had a human-like face, a button nose, pink lips, and rounded ears.


Her eyes flickered between the two before she stood to her full height. Both boy's necks craned, gaping. She looked about 7 feet tall and both knew she would be taller than them.

But they feared she was going to eat them.

"Please dont eat us!" Blake suddenly cried out, her head cocked to the side and she crouched.

Thinking they were scared of how tall she was.

"I eat no"

Both men looked at each other, was that English? Blake frowned, how did she know English? she looked otherworldly.

But it was definitely a lighter almost husky female voice that left her lips.

"you...speak English?" he decided to prompt, "I not know En-fish you speak"

"no, no, eng-lish"

her brow creased and he knew it wasn't worth it, "you saved us?"

To this, he received a nod. "Why?" Jonathan piped up as she glanced at him.

"helpless" was all she commented and Blake guffawed.

"We are not helpless!"

she narrowed her eyes at him and he swallowed thickly at how intimidating she looked. "Im not sure man, I mean, look at her, look at us, this is...uncharted territory, and definitely not earth" Jonathan looked at her nervously.

Blake took it in.

Though everything seemed harder now. They weren't on earth anymore.

That construct seemed to be setting in the longer they sat around too. "where mother?" She suddenly spoke and both boys frowned.

"well she's probably at home worried sick I-" Jonathan ranted folding his arms and Blake noticed she wasn't picking up what he meant.

"no mother" Blake spoke up and she glanced at him frowning "mother dead?"

He thought for a moment, saying she wasn't would only imply that she could find his mother and she wouldn't be able to, it was clear this wasn't earth. And explaining they weren't from wherever here was would become too difficult.

So he nodded. Though it hurt his chest to pretend his mother was deceased for the alien woman in front of him. Would he ever see his family again?

She seemed to take it in mimicking his nod a solemn look on her face. "what's your name?" Blake offered and she tilted her head.

"E-vah" Both men took note of her canines as her lips parted to announce her name.

He let a small tired smile curve his lip, happy he could get the basics. Maybe she can help them get out of here. He pointed to himself "Blake-"

then he pointed to Jonathan who looked as dumbfounded as ever with a risen brow at Blake begging for him to elaborate on if he really thought they could trust this creature "-Jonathan"

She pointed to Blake "Ache-"

Then to the co-pilot, "Onathan"

Jonathan let out a snort and Blake chuckled but stopped as she leered in close to him and dipped her face near his neck inhaling his scent sending a shudder down his spine feeling the hot breath tickle his ear.

She pulled back and her eyes flickered between each of his brown ones before she focused on his hair and tugged a strand out making him grunt in annoyance.

But he watched as she curiously looked and sniffed at it before she scooted back and picked up his uninjured leg sniffing at his boot. "haha-hey-yyawooh-" she plucked him off of the ground holding him up by his leg as he was face to face with Jonathan upside down who looked panicked.

"hey! careful!" Jonathan waved his hands about but she was uninterested, the boot slipped from Blake's foot and he fell onto his back with a groan.

He clenched his eyes shut for a moment before opening them and sitting up hearing Jonathan laugh, he was looking at Eva as she stuffed her face into the boot huffing the human scent like it was catnip.

When her face pulled back from the boot her pupils were large and she crawled back over to Blake who backed into a tree as she inspected his sock. "seems shes curious" Jonathan chuckled as Blake watched in curiosity as she picked off his sock and poked his toes carefully.

As if they were completely foreign, and to her, well they were.

he smiled awkwardly showing teeth to not offend her when she dove for him and her hands dug into his mouth, a complete invasion of privacy as she peered inside, his tongue was like hers but his teeth were blunt as she ran a finger over them in interest.

All the while Blake was gagging and spluttering as she allowed him no ability to be free from her curious mind.

"Okay okay, that's enough!" Jonathan touched her tail which only resulted in him being flicked in the nose which he scoffed at.

Eventually, she relented from his mouth and picked up his hands flipping them and even comparing the sizes placing the two together.

Ignoring how intimate the act was toward Blake as she intertwined their fingers and flexed each of his to see the working capabilities.

her eyes eventually traveled to the gash in his thigh that she had previously noted. She kneeled by it and sampled a small bit of his blood from his cut into her mouth making him grimace.

In both disgust and pain.

She nudged the small metal part that was visible as Blake ground his teeth and hissed out from the pain. Her eyes widened as they flickered from him to the metal.

She thought over what to do, then looked to Jonathan's wound.

"Pretty sure she just figured out we're injured" He commented and Blake nodded, "yeah..."

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