Survival Of The Smartest

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Chapter 5

Both boys whined and protested as the 7-foot tall woman alien creature picked them up with ease. Both of their ego' trampled and their dignities squashed.

She had them both under each arm as they wrapped around their waists leaving them dangling at her sides as her paws carried her through the forest.

blake took note that as she walked it was as if she was on her tippy toes, but her bone structure had grown that way, so if he tried it he wouldn't be able to keep it for long as his foot was much flatter.

Hers only had a small surface area and he assumed that was to keep her movements light and fast.

Her legs reminded him of something of a deer, a bit slimmer but otherwise a pale skin tone like the rest of her, up from her knee caps. The rest was an inky black like she had stepped in black ash and it dusted her legs and up her hands.

He'd never seen anything like her, it was as if she was a mutated human, but he wouldn't push it that far. Though he could...her body had its same female human curves as his Penelope...

His thoughts got dark again.

'She's not gone. We're getting married next week. We are'

While Jonathan still grumbled in protest, Blake was silent.

Eva had noticed this almost immediately. She pondered whether it was because of the loss of his mother or for other reasons.

Maybe they were hungry she figured.

But she was too tired to fetch food at this hour, she had been taking her energy on rescuing them. She only had a short burst of ability to catch something so fast before she needed to recharge.

Speaking of which, it was too dark for her to be at a disadvantage, the moon was rising and she would need to have her senses high on alert for other predators larger than herself.

but she couldn't with the two in her arms. So finding a nearby tree and she made it her mission to climb it.

But with two injured she would take one at a time.

Placing Jonathan down he looked at her with wide eyes, fearing she was just going to leave him as she proceeded to climb with one hand. "w-wait! what about Jonathan!" Blake snapped back into reality.

She let out a gruff grunt of agitation, he did not trust she would go back and get him.

She carefully lifted him into the dipped out middle of the tree, just shallow enough that there was a place to sleep and peer over the ledge through the branches. So when Blake saw her disappear back down he poked his head out over top his eyes widening at the height she'd climbed as she scooped up Jonathan and placed him in with Blake.

She hauled herself up also and looked up with narrow eyes, the leaves sheltered them, yes but they could also be put to other use.

She reached up and grasped a handful the branch shuddering in the process as she seated herself nearby and they watched her scrunch the leaves and her nails retract into her fingers.

She scrunched them up and mashed them until they became a slimy turquoise paste in her hands.

She made eye contact with Blake and crawled over as he leered back still on edge. "Malfy" Blake didnt understand her native tongue.

"wha-" he stopped as she grabbed his calf and dragged him forward. She kneeled on his leg to stop him from squirming and inspected the piece in his thigh before letting out a noise of annoyance.

She got off and pulled down bigger leaves and shredded them elongating her nails again then letting them retract.

Then she leaned on him again.

This time a knee on his chest as he looked at Jonathan fearfully, who grimaced at her fingers touching the end of the shard sticking out from the muscle of Blake's leg.

She gave one last glance to Blake before using all force to tear the shard out as a strangled extremely loud cry ripped through Blake's body.

Instantly her hands went over his mouth as he whimpered under her hands, the blood was leaking fast as she threw the metal off to the side and crammed a leaf into his mouth to keep him quiet.

She instantly went to work smearing the past that was oddly freezing as she pressed it into the would making him flinch, jolt, and otherwise pull back to try and avoid the pain.

She used the other leaves to place over the top and the shredded now thin species to tie it on. She understood he would not walk for some time as healing needed to take place.

Moving him around would only result in the wound re-opening and taking even more time. Once finished she leaned off and glanced over to see he was passed out.

Worried she placed her ear over where she figured his heart to be in his chest, breathing out a sigh of relief when she heard the thundering beats.

She looked up to Jonathan who gave her wide eyes and shook his head "no-no! I can do it myself!"

When morn came the two men woke up after exhaustedly falling and asleep and passing out in some type of warmth surrounding them.

Unaware that she had cuddled with the two to contain the dropping body heat. But they never figured it out as when they woke she had already untangled herself and left.

Jonathan had done his best to protest about his cut last night only to have his mouth stuffed with a leaf and face smushed with her foot as she fixed him up.

They both looked around and noticed Eva had gone, "where'd she go?" Blake was the first to ask his voice groggy as he propped himself up "beats me" Jonathan shrugged picking at a leaf in bordem.
Blake grimaced as he scooted to the edge of the tree and peered down to be met with two obsidian pupils that made him yelp in surprise, met with a toothy grin.
She crawled upholding something furred in her mouth as she placed it in the center of the hollowing in the tree's stump. Both men edged away.
She glanced at the two with confused looks before sinking her teeth into what the dead creature was and ripping it apart, its blue blood and innards spilling into the bark.
Jonathan threw up over the edge and Blake gagged a hand covering his mouth.
Whereas Eva only cooed softly enjoying the catch and wondering why the other two would not touch it. She figured that perhaps they were ones to eat vegetation instead of the meat she ate.
Even though the men were starving they refused to touch the alien creature she had in her hands.
So chewing to the bones and a few moments later she returned with a tail curled and mouth filled with various plants and berries she came back into view and place them in the middle.
Jonathan was first to lean forward and pick up a berry sniffing it tentatively as Blake took one as well "what if they're poisonous?" he asked.
"what if they're not?" Jonathan's brows pinched in contemplation, "I dont think she's going to bring us back much else" Blake admitted and Jonathan nodded.
With that, they ate the berries despite how sour.
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