Survival Of The Smartest

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Chapter 6

Over the course of three days the pattern continued, Eva would leave early hours and return midday when the sky got grey.

She would leave again and return with dinner.

In between, she would return with fresh water.

Well, not entirely fresh. It would be carried in her mouth, which she would give to both of the humans through pouring it into leaves she curved into bowls with her hands.

At first, they both wanted to throw up again, nearly emptying every ounce of what was in their stomachs.

But alas they couldn't ignore the thirst they both had and had to drink the water as Eva watched.

Both men would share stories and when she would come up to rest Blake would try his best to explain that he had to figure out a way to get them out of this place.

She never quite understood where they were from, Unfamiliar with the term "earth"

Where they were now was "Thrae"

Occasionally she would bring back berries that weren't purple but orange.

These ones carried more flavor and both of the men preferred them. She picked it up as they always pushed away from the leaves and found them.

So she brought them back more frequently despite that they were more difficult to locate.

She always grabbed her own meat meal despite the scrunched faces the two gave her as she tore out the small beast's heart and livers.

Tonight was the third night and Eva grew restless. She wanted to be back with her tribe and new Vocca would be contemplating searching for her around now.

Blake was awake too and he carefully and subtly observed her from the side-lying against the branch.

He watched as the wind blew her dark locks around her face as she looked down.

it was dark but he could roughly see her, "are you alright?" he suddenly blurted out.

Her head whipped toward him and he started regretting asking, she was clearly thinking about something.

She seemed to process it before nodding. "Eva is okay"

That was another thing, she tended to speak in 3rd person from time to time, despite her broken English.

"Ache okay?"

Blake couldn't help but smile at her mispronunciation as he nodded "Blake okay" he confirmed.

Her lip tugged for the first time and his eyes widened a fraction but she only looked away again.

He decided to prod a little further "what are you worried about?" He inquired, she didnt look at him but her scaled tail flicked a little, Jonathan's snore filling the air.

"Worry for others. Search when I gone too long"

Blake felt a panic rising in him. Others.

Would they be as considerate?

Or would they tear the two apart?


she let out a hum of agreement then a small click "Vocca, Gruk and Krix"

Three more of them.

If Blake wasn't mistaken the last to could definitely pass as some sort of male name, unless they happened to be female.

If he was right, the males could lack more sympathy. Blake was still trying to figure out why she had rescued them from the creature.

Little did he know, she was wondering the same thing.

He decided not to push it. If he could get on her good side before trying and escape with Jonathan it would be best.

That way if she went back to wherever she came from with the others she wouldn't put out the worst word about them and maybe they'd leave Scott free.

But they would need to plan things.

When she leaves, arrives, and how they would reach the floor without much commotion.

And soon he fell asleep.

Eva glanced at him after waiting a few moments and slowly crawled over, she scooped his limp body up slowly to not wake him.

Then she approached Jonathan and nestled them in the middle before spooning the two, her tail curling around to pull Jonathan in as Blake was closest his back to her chest.

She let out a soft purr in the comfort of another life form nearby. Her small amount of separation anxiety easing being around another.

She hadn't realized Blake wasn't fully asleep just yet and could feel the rumbles and heat in her on his back because he kept his heart calm.

In the morning Eva had yet again vanished, yet Blake was trying to figure why she was purring like a cat all night last night.

It had been the most comfortable sleep of his entire life. He'd of course never admit that. But it had been.
But half of him was missing.
He began to grow angry at himself for not being able to prevent her end. If he hadn't suggested the damn plane ride it never would have happened!
He mashed his teeth, "Blake? Are you okay?"
"no" he ground out and Jonathan frowned "if you want to talk I-"
"Its all my fucking fault"
Jonathan only silently watched, agreeing on the idea that he needed to let off the steam for the grieving.
"If I hadn't suggested it! if-if you hadn't been there to take us-" his eyes shifted to Jonathan as the Co-Pilots widened immediately shocked that Blake was trying to shift some sort of blame.
Jonathan threw up his hands in a mock surrender ready to defend himself "Hey son, dont blame me on this one, I understand your hurting-"
the two stopped.
A loud crack below the tree setting them both in silence.
It was heavy. The sound of heavy sniffing and huffing below made them both look at each other asking one another the silent question.
What the hell is down there.
Jonathan swallowed thickly mouthing 'what was that'
Blake mouthed back 'that didnt sound like her'
They both nodded at one another's responses. When a loud hiss a little off in the distance sounded both men tensed.
They had no weapons on them and jolted as a loud screech came from something below followed by a series of growls and eventually a yowl to the point they had to cover their ears it was so loud.
Then silence.
As they unplugged their ears hesitantly they listened to only one breathing sound out below.
Then the sound of claws hacking the tree side.
Both instantly shuffled away from the direction the clawing was coming from but breathed a sigh of releif and clutched their hearts as Eva's eyes scanned over the two.
She let out a weak grunt before stumbling forward a little and flopping down curling up. Blakes eyes went wide as he noticed her tail.
It had been cleanly sliced from a little lower than its joint. A thick black substance leaked from it trailing up from where she'd climbed and he'd realized.
She had fought whatever was down there.
"holy fuck..." Jonathan breathed as Blake scampered over despite his throbbing leg. His hands hovered over the amputated limb and his mind whirled.
He couldn't process the scream that ripped through Penelope's throat as her hand was disconnected, it made him sick.
But for now, he had to do something.
She had saved them and kept them alive for days.
He wasn't one to just let the kindness go unpaid for. He was selfish like that.
Her lone black iris followed him as he reached up with all his might to pluck some leaves. After seeing what Blake was doing Jonathan tried to lend a hand offering to help mash them up.
The two did just that and Blake carefully smeared the teal substance over the black stub as Evah groaned and growled even grabbing his wrist to stop him because it hurt so bad.
He worriedly glanced at her and she stared hard into his eyes before carefully loosening her grip and allowing him to continue knowing he wouldn't try anything.
Once done Jonathan told him how she wrapped the wounds because Blake had passed out and didnt see.
When it came to needing something to tie the large spread out leaves over the wound he leaned down near her and asked her softly.
"can I use your claws please? to cut them?" he held up the leaves and she held her hand out with the black claws curled enough to cut the strips.
Once done it flopped down by her side again.
Once the two had finished they awkwardly sat around. Eva was only glad the red-feathered Porgan had only managed to get her tail which would grow back in time.
She had successfully gotten its throat but it was only moments away from tearing its way up the tree to the small males and devouring them whole.
She had barely managed to get back in time.
If it had taken a leg out she would have been in deep trouble and would not only die herself but the other two would die without her help.
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