Secrets Can Kill

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*Sequel To Looks Can Kill* “You need to listen. We can’t protect you if you keep doing shit like this!” Jax yelled “Maybe I don’t need protecting! Don’t forget that I’m the one who helped you! I’m the one who risked my own life to free you! I’m the one who proved your innocence!” I yell back, getting annoyed. “You’re right. You let us protect you, let us help you. You can’t always be the hero” Dax sighs “But- “No Atlas. How are we meant to help you and care for you if you keep pushing us away?” Max asks, interrupting me. “Please...let us save you this time” Brax finishes. Atlas is now a known writer/publisher along with her best friend, Rosie. Since her and the Quads became known in the business industry, life has been amazing and they’re living their dream. That was until a man shows up. Everyone has been keeping secrets, life isn’t what it seems for anyone. Rhett has escaped prison, he wants revenge and the truth. Now Atlas, Daxton, Jaxson, Maximus and Braxton have to figure out the truth before all the lies lead to death, is their love enough to save them? Will they manage to work through all the problems or will the truth and pressure break them? Lies like these are dangerous but Secrets like these Can Kill. *Languages other than English are from google translate, sorry it it’s wrong*

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: A Kiss

One year later...

“Rosie, have you published the Simons family report? It’s been cleared up, Killian was sentenced 7 years in prioson, 5 on good behaviour and 3 years of probation” I asked her and she nods. “The world knows the truth”

”Good, another story revealed” I smile.

It’s been a year and so much has happened. Rosie and I opened our own publishing/reporting business. We usually write about unsolved stories or cases and we always dig to find out the truth. With police help and we obviously don’t do anything dangerous. We take anything from bullying to crimes, we do old stories from years ago or recent stories. Our main focus is looking for the Truth and proving innocence. It helps that my father is a lawyer too.

The Quads have become quite the businessmen along with Kane. Luca and Zen mainly do the illegal work involving the weapons. We’ve become well known and popular to say the least, I guess they have me to thank for that.

On top of all this Rosie gave birth to her daughter about 5 months ago and she’s so cute. Kane is an amazing dad to Mae. Ada, the Quads sister just celebrated her 7th birthday and honestly things couldn’t be better right now.

As for my parents we’re still in a fixing stage but they’ve definitely improved, my mothers even gained some weight, she honestly looks so much healthier and happier. She also went to see a therapist and I can definitely see a better change and I’m happy for her. My dad seems to be happier too now that all the stress from my mum has gone. Everything’s working out for me for once in my life. The world still doesn’t know I’m dating 4 men, obviously, they just think Daxton and I are dating so in public we act more like a couple so nobody gets suspicious. I also think Luca’s found a girl but won’t admit it.

“Well, I think that’s all for today, ready to go home?” I ask and she nods.

“Yeah, I better get home. Kane took the day off to spend with Mae, god knows what’s happened” she sighs and I laugh. “You better get home, I’m going back to see my men, they have a big business meeting tomorrow and they’ve been stressing the whole damn week. I also have to pick Ada up from school. I’ll see you tomorrow” I smile and we give each other a quick hug before she leaves. I step out after her and lock the buildings door.

Before I went home I decided to get some food from the cafe next door. I got some food for each guy, myself and Ada. We live in a big house, with security, a pool/spa, a cinema room, enough bedrooms, a play room, a lounge, living area, kitchen, a maids area which isn’t big because we only have a coulple maids, a dining area and a huge block of land with a lovely garden. I remember when the boys first surprised Ada and I with the house. I was shocked to say the least but I couldn’t have been more excited to move in. It’s perfect for our little family and if it grows we’ll have enough room.

I pull up to the school, Ada is waiting with a teacher by the road and when I stop, she jumps in. I make sure she’s buckled and everything’s good before I wave to the teacher and drive off.

“Guess what I got you?” I say and she looks at me with a huge smile. “What?” She asks excitedly.

“Here” I say, quickly passing her a chocolate muffin and juice. She lets out a happy sequel which warms my heart and we continue driving. She tells me all about her day and what they’re learning, she told me all about the drama too. I pull up to the house, grabbing my purse and the food, helping Ada out of the car we head inside.

“We’re home!” I yell, Ada jumps for joy when Max walks in. “Guess what Auntie got me?!” She runs up to him, dropping her school bag. Max picks her up “What’d she get you?” He asks and she smiles.

“I got juice and muffin!”

Max chuckles at his sister. “How about you go eat it in the lounge room. I believe Sandra has already set up the TV with Tinker Bell playing” he responds, placing her down and she runs to the lounge. Tinker Bell is her favourite movie, although it changes every week.

“So you’re spoiling Ada?” He smiles coming over to me. I look him up and down, fuck he looks so good in a business suit. “She’s not the only one” I respond, passing him the bag of food. He shakes his head, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me towards him.

“What would we do without you?” He asks, pecking my lips. “Well for starters you’d still be in jail” I smirk.

“You’re never going to let that go are you?” I heard Brax ask, walking to us. I pull away from Max and shake my head, “Nope, you should thank me every day for getting your arses out” I reply, he hugs me and kisses my cheek, whispering in my ear.

“I could think of a few ways to thank you”

I roll my eyes and push him away. “I’m hungry and I bet Jax and Dax are too. They’re so serious when it comes to business, I don’t think they remember to eat” I say, taking the food from Max and walking upstairs. Them following close behind. I don’t doubt they’re checking me out from behind. I get upstairs and knock on their office door, I hear a faint ‘come in’ so I open the door and walk in.

“Your favourite person has got food!” I say, Daxton looks up from his work, Jax leaning against another desk, placing the papers he held down.

“You think very highly of yourself bella, what if you’re not my favourite person?” Jax asks as I place the food on his desk. I roll my eyes and place my hand on my hip.

“I better be” I say and he chuckles, lifting me up, placing me on the desk, standing between my legs. He kisses my lips and I get a whiff of his manly cologne. I deepen the kiss, pulling him in by his tie. His hands find their way to my hips, mine in his hair. I pull away, needing to breath. He groans as I get the food and start eating it.

“I said I was hungry, now there’s food for all of you too. So dig in” I shrug and they all get some food.

“How was work?” Daxton asks, “Good, I mean we have a couples more stories for this week. Brooklyn is a great help too” I reply. Brooklyn is someone we hired when we first opened, she’s a gorgeous light skinned woman with caramel hair and brown eyes, she’s also a mother of two and Rosie her and I have become pretty good friends.

“That’s good” he replies, taking another bite of his food.

“What about you guys?” I ask. “The usual, we’ve been preparing for that meeting tomorrow” Max responds and I nod, finishing my food.

“Well, I’m sure everything will be fine” I say.

“Hope so. Now, I didn’t get a kiss” Daxton smirks pulling me in for a kiss.

“Good morning Brooklyn” I smile, walking into the place. “Morning Atlas, there’s the papers for the next report on your desk” She says and I nod, thanking her. I walk into my office and see the papers. I sigh while reading them. Today’s gonna be a long day.

It’s about 1pm and I just got off my lunch break. I’ve been typing all day and it’s good to pause for a while. I sat back at my desk, ready to start work again when my phone rings.

“Hello Atlas speaking” I say, picking it up.

“Atlas, it’s Jax. Can you come to the business? It’s important” he says, rushed.

“Uhhh...yeah I’ll be there soon”

“Okay. Love you”

“Love you too” I hang up and sigh.

“Rosie! Brooklyn! I have to go meet the Quads at their business, it’s important. If I get any calls see if you can handle them if not tell them I’ll get back to them” I say, leaving my office.

“We’ve got it covered” Rosie smiles and I thank them before rushing out.

What the hell do they need to tell me?

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