Sparkling Iridescent

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Iszhanah Fabela never freed her wings as she soars up high. Isha did not ever try to cross the line and revealed her real identity for her family’s opinion means so much to her. She didn’t know if they could accept her or not…she did not want to know. Even if ever since then she knew who she really is, whom she really wants. She just closed her eyes and all she sees was pitch black, which was also the color of her curtain she used to hide. Her days were rolling like that until she met Kielandré Pedragoza. She became attracted at first and that attraction grew deeper. She tried to shrug the feelings off; thinking her feelings will easily fade and vanish just like what she felt for others but it was different. On her 25th birthday she just wanted to celebrate with Kiela but the emotions she has been containing burst. And she wished she could turn the time back and never did that.

Romance / Other
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by: skylarphic

This story is a work of fiction. Characters and plot are based from the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner; any resemblance is purely coincidental.

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Hiding on the dark for so long,

Wondering what’s wrong?

Was it I or they?

Don’t doubt yourself, there’s nothing wrong with you.

And it will never be wrong to be who you really are.

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