I want to but can't

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Sumarises all the feelings i felt after seeing you and wishes i want to get fulfilled

Romance / Poetry
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I want to but can't

I regret, not looking at you

In your absence;

I go nervous around you

Without any reason;

I want to talk to you,

But with words unvoiced;

I want to look into your eyes

And say that "i love you"

But with emotions unexpressed;

But, each time,

I try to take a step forward,

Feelings of nervousness and rejection holds me back,

Back to the place i started;

Back to the stress i'll face after your rejection;

Back to the reality of my life;

Back to all those things i wish not to remember,

Not to instil in my thoughts ever again;

Back to feeling dejected over the thought of you.

When you're not there, i wished you were,

When you were,

I wish i had the courage to face you,

I rush

To feel my heart whisper your name,

To feel the sound of your footsteps approaching me;

But, each time, i take my steps back,

Back every time when needed to be put forward.

Back to the standstill feeling

Which leaves me no option other than, Dropping those ideas and wishes which i once wanted to get fulfilled, But, not all wishes are meant to come true, some are meant to be left unturned

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