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What would you do if the entire world was chasing you? Well, you'd do what I do. RUN!!

Romance / Humor
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Sweet tooth

I wake up at 7 and try mentally preparing myself for a long day of job searching. I shower quickly then put on a pair of grey jeans, a beige blouse and my trusty ankle boots. They just might have seen better days. I ransack the cabinets thinking that I'd find some food even a snack to no avail. Well, first on the list is breakfast.

I lock the door and walk out of the building into the bright rays of the morning sun. I look around and see that there aren't many people on the street this morning so I forego on driving. I don't walk too far from the hotel before I spot a cafe' with a sign that reads 'Sweet tooth'.

I push the door open and walk in to be greeted by the most amazing smells. Me loves baked goods. Yum! There are several tables with chairs shaped like cookies. They have huge windows that allow sunlight to stream in and a small 'donate for me' table behind the door with a container which I'm guessing people put money in. I walk over to the table, take out five bucks and put it inside the container. I'm a sucker for donating.

I turn around and almost bump into a cute short old lady.

"Shit sorry. Didn't see you there," I say. She looks to be about 4'10 with a nice figure. But man, what is currently blinding me is the huge smile on her face. It rivals that of a Cheshire cat. And it's pointed at me. Ok.

"Hi. Sorry didn't mean to scare you." She replies. "You're not from around here." It comes out more of a statement than a question.

"Yeah, just staying for a couple of days. Thought a change of scenery would help." She smiles even bigger if that is possible.

"So, I saw you donated. Not many folks do that these days. I put that there to help those in the shelter a town over." That shocks me a little because the next town is like 500 miles away. Give or take. I'm not good with distances.

"I love helping whenever I can. I'm Milan by the way." I introduce myself.

"Hi Milan. I'm Mrs. Picket but you can call me Grace. I own this fine establishment here. Would you like some breakfast sweetie?" Right after she says that, my stomach decides to make it's presence known. I smile sheepishly at her and just nod.

"Well, how about you have a seat and I'll be right with you in a moment." She leaves and I take a seat near one of the windows. I get a clear view of the town. Grace reminds me so much of my mum. Has the same hair color as she did. Strawberry blonde.

I inherited mom's hair though that changed when I was ten and we were in a car accident. We were going on a school trip when the bus lost control and we hit the side of a building. Thankfully, no one died but many kids got injured. I was a different case all together. I hit my head pretty had and collapsed. I woke up a week later and I had a full head of white hair.

My eyebrows and eyelashes had turned white as well as my hair. The doctors could not explain why. A couple of months later, my eyelashes and eyebrows turn black again but my hair just didn't like the transition. Since then, I became the 'ice princess'. Why you ask? Because of the white hair and sea blue eyes. My dad's eyes.

I'm pulled out if my reverie by Grace when she places a cup of hot cocoa and cinnamon buns on the table.

"They smell divine. Thank you," I say to her before it dig in with reverence. She just chuckles and leaves me.

Minutes later, I'm done and just sitting back with my cocoa in my hand. She walk on over and takes the plate. I finish my drink and hand her the cup. I follow her to the counter to pay her.

As I pull out the cash I ask, "Do you know where I could find a job? I know I said that I'm just staying for a couple of days but I do need money for my upkeep."

"You looking for a job? Well you are in luck. I'm hiring," she says while taking the money. "I had an employee but she's out on maternity leave. Has a baby coming out any day now. The place might look small but we tend to have many customers. My husband has another job some place else so he can't work here. My frail bones can barely manage the rush."

I look at her at take pity. I know how had it can be to work alone during a rush hour. So she hired me on the spot and I get to start right now. Didn't think it would take me a couple of minutes to get a job.

She leads me back to the kitchen, gives me an apron and shows me the workings of the place. But for today, I sit back and observe what she does.

"Hey Grace, you remember you told me that you'd bake me a cake for my birthday? Well since my birthday is too far away, how about you do it tomorrow or now?" Comes a voice from the door all the way to the kitchen. In walks a very handsome man. He is gorgeous with a killer smile.

He pivots his eyes towards me when he notices that there's someone else in the room. And that glorious smile is pointed at me.

"Hi there, short stuff. I'm Grey."

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