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Amy was a typical teenage girl looking forward to enjoying her summer poolside with her best friend Meg. However, those plans were all ruined with an attack that turned her life upside down. Now she must learn to adapt to a whole new way of life without her friends or family there to help her.

Romance / Fantasy
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The Attack

Amy leaned back comfortably in her seat in English as she listened to her teacher, Ms. Charles give a very interesting lecture of creatures in mythology and particularly how those creatures are depicted in literature.

Today was the last day of school before summer vacation and all of the teachers had taken votes from their classes about what ‘fun’ topics or activities they would like on the final day. Ms. Charles’s class had unanimously voted for a lesson on mythology which included a lecture of creatures in mythology before Ms. Charles stuck in a DVD of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban for the class to enjoy.

Ms. Charles concluded her lecture with a rare smile. Amy couldn’t help but chuckle, the teachers it appeared were looking forward to summer vacation as much if not more than the students. “Well, class that concludes my lecture on creatures in mythology. Now, without any further ado the movie.” Ms. Charles declared before she cued up the DVD.

Amy leaned a little bit further as she enjoyed watching the opening scenes of Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban before the movie was interrupted just as Harry enjoyed his flight on Buckbeak by the school bell, signaling it was time for Amy to head to final class of her sophomore year, which in this case was math.

Amy slung her practically empty school bag over her shoulder and headed for the door, soon joined by her best friend since childhood Meg Brown. “Hey, ready for math?” Meg asked with a bright smile on her face.

Amy nodded, “Sure am. I still can’t believe we were able to convince Mr. Smith to take our class bowling for the last day.” Amy exclaimed.

Meg nodded, “It’ll definitely be fun, even if the old fart did declare we had to do our scoring by hand.” Meg agreed.

“Exactly, and then after that we are officially home free for the summer.” Amy declared.

“Exactly, and I for one know two girls that are going to spending practically that entire summer poolside working on our tans.” Meg replied, slinging her arm around Amy’s shoulder as she spoke.

Amy chuckled, “Well, I don’t know about everyday but yes, I definitely plan to spend a lot of time lounging by the pool your family just had put in Meg.” Amy replied.

“Great, but first we have some serious butt to kick in bowling.” Meg declared, his violet eyes shining with competitive mirth. Amy just laughed as the pair joined the remainder of their classmates waiting to head to the bowling alley.

The class was able to play two full games of bowling, which Amy managed to win both games much to her classmates bemusement.

“Well, class it looks like it’s time to be heading back to the school, I’ll let you go a few minutes early so you’ll be able to start clearing out your lockers and I hope to see all you back here next school year.” Mr. Smith called out.

Amy was grinning broadly when fifteen minutes later her and Meg were officially on their way home from school and were school free for two whole amazing months.

“So, what do you want to do first ?” Meg inquired.

Amy shrugged, “Well, first thing I’d like to do is run home and drop my bag off. Maybe check in with my grandfather. Other than that, I have no idea. Any thought on your end?” Amy asked.

“You mean other than maybe going to the mall to pick out our new bikini’s for the pool? Its summer now and we need to accessorize .” Meg declared.

Amy nodded, “Okay, fine. I’ll drop my bag off than you and I can catch the bus to the mall.” Amy agreed.

The pair made it to Amy’s house with no incident and both walked right into the Comic and Game Shop that Amy’s grandfather owned to see him eagerly talking to a group of young teens who had decided to start their own summer vacations off with a brand new game.

“Hey Grandpa!” Amy called out over the noise. Her Grandfather, Solomon, looked up briefly, smiling brightly.

“Now, there’s my beautiful granddaughter. And her almost equally beautiful friend. How was your last day of school girls?” Solomon called out.

“School was good Grandpa. Meg and me are going to be heading to the mall. We want to do some swimsuit shopping.” Amy replied.

“Have fun girls, and be safe. Amy, just please try to be home before dark. You know I don’t like you girls wandering around after dark.” Solomon called out.

“Hey, I could go with them. The girls would be perfectly safe with a big strong guy like me to protect them from harm.” A teenager named Travis called out.

Amy and Meg both rolled their eyes, “Travis, its guys like you that Meg and I would need protection from. We’ll pass, but thanks for the offer. And don’t worry Grandpa, I’ll be home before dark, promise.” Amy called out.

Solomon nodded before he turned his attention back onto his customers while Amy ran upstairs to drop off her bag.

“Do you mind if I change before we go? I’d rather not go shopping in my school uniform if we don’t have to.” Amy asked.

Meg shook her head, “Nope, not at all. I’ll change too.” Meg replied as both girls headed over to Amy’s closet. Meg spent the night so often at Amy’s house that she had left several outfits here just in case she needed a change of clothes, just like Amy also had several of her own outfits at Meg’s place.

Meg changed into a pair of short light blue jean shorts that were tie died purple in an almost galaxy pattern and a white tank top with said #SOS and below it the phrase Save Our Summer. The purple looked great with her long blonde hair. Amy changed into a simple pair of short darkwash denim shorts and a red tank top before she pulled back her long black hair with red highlighted streaks into a pony tail.

“Alright, let’s go. The mall awaits.” Amy declared.

And with that both girls were off. The bus stop was only a couple hundred feet from Amy’s grandfather’s shop, which both girls were happy about since they’d had to catch the bus in the downpour rain on multiple occasions and were happy they didn’t have to sprint too far in the rain.

Meg and Amy plopped down at the bus stop to wait for the next bus to arrive. According to the bus schedule the bus should be here in about ten minutes, give or take.

“So, anything else we want to do this summer other than sunbathing?” Amy asked.

Meg shrugged, “The usual I guess, shopping, going to the movies. Stuff like that I guess.” Meg replied.

Amy nodded, “Yeah that sounds about right to me. Maybe next summer I’ll think about getting a summer job. Gotta start saving up some pocket money for when we go off and take the college world by storm.” Amy replied.

Meg sighed, “Yeah, which means that this is probably going to be one of the last summers we can spend just relaxing and having a good time. Not only will both of us have to get jobs next summer we’ll more than likely have picked up a few boyfriends along the way as well. “Meg replied.

Amy snorted, “Boyfriends? Really, and when pray tell do you think we’d have picked up a couple of boyfriends? It’s not like they sell them at the mall Meg.” Amy teased.

Meg rolled her eyes, “At school of course. Hopefully over the summer a couple of those boys who love to whistle at us will finally have grown into some decent men and you and I might deign to actually begin to date them.” Meg replied, her cheeks flushing the faintest shade of red.

Amy rose a mocking brow, “Anyone you’ve got your eye on Meg to see if they’ve matured? Hmmm?” Amy teased.

Meg flushed, “Maybe a couple. Valon for one is very attractive, now if only his brain could catch up with his hot body he might be boyfriend material.” Meg replied.

Amy chuckled, “Valon? Really? Isn’t he kind of childish?” Amy replied, “I mean, don’t get me wrong he is very nice to look at, but I don’t know. Sometimes him just kind of grates on my nerves.” Amy said.

Meg nodded, “Don’t I know it? That’s why I said I hoped that he would mature a little bit…okay a LOT over the summer before I’d actually consider going out with him on a date. Not that he’s asked me or anything because he hasn’t but still. We are going to be juniors next year.”

By this point the bus at arrived and both girls quickly boarded, swiping their bus passes before they took their seats near the middle of the bus. There were four stops before the bus would arrive at Springfield Mall.

Springfield as a city had certainly blossomed within the ten years she had lived here with her Grandfather after her parent’s very messy divorce and both wanting a completely clean slate to start anew. Her Grandfather had been the parental figure she had needed growing up and she loved him dearly and a part of her thought that she got the better deal living with her grandfather than continuing to live with either her mother or father who nowadays she only really heard from in the event they remembered to send her a card on her birthday.

But, growing up she had certainly noticed what had once been a relatively busy town had grown into a bustling city. This growth had no doubt been further spurred by Amazon selecting Springfield as the site of one of its big distribution centers.

And with the addition of Amazon the population and in turn businesses coming to Springfield had skyrocketed before he officially became Springfield the city, instead of just Springfield.

Amy and Meg both counted themselves lucky that they lived on the edge of the city which meant they were not constantly surrounded by honking cars and speeding traffic. Her grandfather’s property even had a wooded tree line behind it that Meg and Amy had loved exploring in their youth.

The bus finally came to a stop in front of Springfield Mall and the two girls exited, heading into Macys to see what swimwear they could find. The two girls had a blast trying on different bikinis. Amy selected a plain black one which Meg said looked absolutely amazing on her. She also picked out a ruby red bikini and then a more traditional navy bikini with some flowers adoring it. Meg selected three different purple bikini’s all with slightly different cuts which accentuated her friends ample sized chest. The girls also picked up a couple of sun hats, some sunglasses, a cover-up as well as several new tops before they finally decided their parents/guardian’s wallets had taken enough of a beating so they decided to check out before heading to the food court to grab a quick snack before heading back home.

“Well, that was certainly fun.” Meg declared as they plopped down on the crowded mall food court, resting their shopping bags on the floor.

Amy nodded, “Agreed. So, we should definitely be all set for this summer.” Amy agreed.

“Yup. Now would you like to celebrate our successful shopping venture with a burger and a smoothie before we head on home?” Meg inquired.

Amy chuckled, “Make it a milkshake and you’ve got yourself a deal.” Amy replied.

Meg chuckled, “Strawberry, Vanilla or Chocolate?” Meg asked.

“Strawberry.” Amy replied.

The Meg got up and headed over to the Burger King window and placed the order while Amy sat at the table guarding their purchases. Amy’s gaze idly drifted around the food court as she waited for Meg to return. It was about 530 now, but the plan was that after they ate her and Meg were going to go and catch the 615 bus heading back home.


Amy jumped at the sudden, unexpected voice and glanced up to lock gazes with a boy with narrow bright green eyes and shoulder length black hair which he had pulled back in a ponytail. His eyes were lined with eyeliner.

Amy frowned slightly, “Can I help you with something Mr….” Amy asked trailing off at the name. She’d never seen this boy before in her entire life and there was a part of him that made her nervous. As a general rule she didn’t associate too much with strangers. Especially not strangers like this one who gave off an almost dangerous vibe.

“The name is Drake. Drake Anderson, and how would a pretty little bi…lady like you like to join me for a bite to eat?” Drake offered.

Amy shook her head, “Actually I’m not interested Drake, I’m here with a friend of my mine and after we grab a quick bite the two of us are heading back home. You’ll have to find someone else.” Amy said, her tone taking on a slightly sharper tone as she finished.

Drake frowned, “Listen here you…”

“Is everything alight over here Amy? Who’s the primadonna?” Meg asked as she made her way back over to the table carrying the tray of food.

“Yeah, I’m fine Meg. And he’s no one and he’s just leaving.” Amy said as Meg took her seat across from Amy who was still frowning.

“Who do you think you’re calling a Primadonna?” Drake growled, literally growled.

Meg however, it seemed was more at ease with this loser than she was. Something about him just really was putting Amy on edge. “I only call it how I see it . And you, standing there like you’re trying to intimidate Amy while wearing almost as much makeup as I am your whole imagine screams ‘I have an overinflated sense of self-importance’, hence why I called you a primadonna. As I often say, if the shoe fits.” Meg said calmly as she unwrapped her burger. Amy shakily grabbed her own burger as well as her shake.

“Now, what were we talking about?” Meg asked, purposely trying to start a conversation with Amy and ignoring the idiot who had approached them. Amy unwrapped her own burger before taking a bite, doing her best to keep her gaze firmly locked on the table top. This guy was making her nervous and the fact that he still hadn’t taken a hint was really freaking her out. She felt Meg’s hand give her thigh a reassuring squeeze from under the table. Clearly Meg wasn’t comfortable with this creep either but was doing her best not to let her discomfort show.

Amy knew it would be for the best if she just played along, “We were talking about my hot boyfriend about the date that we were going to be going on this Saturday.” Amy said.

Meg smiled at Amy, “Yes, that’s right. Where did you say he was going to take you? Out on his fancy yacht right?” Meg said.

Amy couldn’t help but smile as the ridiculous story Meg had just come up with, “Yeah that’s right. We’re going to spend the day out on his families Yacht. Probably won’t be back until late. I love looking at the stars from the deck of the ship while resting my head on my boyfriend’s chest.” Amy replied.

Finally the creep seemed to take a hint and stalked off. Once he was gone both girls gave a visible sigh of relief.

“Now that the creep is gone, what did he want Amy?” Meg inquired.

Amy shrugged as she took a long drink of her strawberry milkshake. “To be perfectly honest I have no idea what the creep wanted. It was almost like he was trying to ask me out…but he didn’t really ask. It was almost like he was declaring that I was going out with him. Very weird. And I don’t know something about him screamed ‘stranger danger’. Or was that just me going crazy?” Amy asked.

Meg shook her head, “No, it wasn’t just you. The guy was a creep, plain and simple. Good news is he ran off with his proverbial tail between his legs.” Meg said.

Amy nodded and her and Meg finished their meals in relative silence before they gathered up their belongings. “Come on Meg, let’s head back home.” Amy said. Meg nodded.

“Right behind ya.” Meg replied as the two girls grabbed their purchases and headed out of the mall. They passed the creep loitering near the mall entrance but both girls purposely pretended that they didn’t see him as they quickly boarded the bus heading home. For a tense moment the girls worried that the creep would also board the bus, but thankfully he did not and the bus pulled away from the curb heading back home.

Amy leaned back against the seat, letting out a loud sigh of relief, “I don’t know about you Meg, but I have never been more relieved to be heading back home from the mall.” Amy declared.

Meg chuckled, “I hear ya. Believe me, I hear ya.” Meg replied.

Forty-five minutes later the bus came to a stop by the Comic and Game Shop and the girls quickly disembarked before heading inside, where Solomon appeared to be in the process of beginning to tidy up before he closed at 8.

“Successful shopping trip, I take it girls?” Solomon asked as he set his broom aside for a moment.

Amy nodded, “Yup, it sure was. I got a couple of nice bikini’s as well as some other stuff. I’m all set for spending this summer beside the pool.” Amy declared.

Solomon chuckled, “Oh to be young. Then again, if this summer is as hot as the last one was I’ll probably join you girls at the pool a few times as well. Old men need to tan too.” Solomon teased which made both girls laugh.

“You know you’re always welcome over at my house Solomon.” Meg said.

Solomon nodded, “That I do my dear. That I do. Now, unfortunately this shop isn’t going to clean itself up and I figured I’d take advantage of the slight lull in customers to begin cleaning up. Amy would you mind terribly helping me out?” Solomon asked.

Amy shook her head, “No, not at all Grandpa. Just let me go and put my stuff away and I’ll be right down to help you clean up.” Amy said.

Meg chuckled, as she fished her phone out of her pocket, “And this is my cue to head on home. I’ll see you tomorrow Amy, bright and early.” Meg replied.

Amy nodded, “Yup. Bright and early and ready to sunbathe.” Amy replied.

Meg nodded before she turned and headed out the door, “Good night Hall family. And Amy I’ll text you when I get home.” Meg called out.

“Sounds good Meg. Good night.” Amy replied once Meg had left Amy turned to her Grandfather, “I’ll just run these bags upstairs quick, then I’ll be right back down to help.” Amy vowed.

Solomon nodded, “That sounds fine to me.” Solomon replied before Amy turned and jogged up the stairs, just as the shop door opened revealing a batch of last minute customer who needed to buy some booster packs before closing.

Amy headed back down the stairs to see her Grandfather behind the counter assisting a couple of teens who were arguing over whose new card was better. Since her Grandpa was clearly busy Amy picked up his abandoned broom and began to finish sweeping the floor. The two teens bickered at the counter for about 30 minutes before Solomon was forced to gently remind them that it was time for him to close up and they headed out.

Solomon sighed as Amy watched the two teens walk out before flipping the sign to closed behind them. “Thank you very much for helping me out tonight Amy.” Grandpa said.

Amy just shrugged, “No problem Grandpa. I’m glad to help you.”

Solomon nodded, “And between the two of us we should be able to get everything done before 9 o’clock.” Solomon said.

Amy grinned, “Which means you’re not going to miss you television show on the history channel. Amazing Archaeological Finds.” Amy replied.

Solomon just chuckled, “Exactly my girl. Now, let’s get a move on so we can call it a night.” Solomon chided.

Amy gave her grandfather a mock salute before she began straightening some of the shelves while her Grandfather busied himself with counting the register. Solomon sighed as he stretched about 45 minutes later, rising to his feet from the glass display he’d been restocking and straightening. “Well, my girl that should just about do it. All that’s left is to take out the garbage and we’re all closed up for the night.” Grandpa said.

Amy nodded, “You head on upstairs Grandpa, I’ll take out the trash and then I’ll join you, okay?” Amy said.

Solomon nodded, “That sounds great. See you in a few minutes.” Solomon said before he turned and began to make his way up the stairs.

Amy shook her head fondly as she began to gather up the trash. Her grandfather was like a little kid when it came to archaeology. Amy tied up the two bags before she headed out the side door and around to the backside of the house where the dumpsters were located. The sun had finally set and a beautiful half-moon was shining brightly overhead. The night was seasonably warm, yet still comfortable, probably about 70 degrees.

Amy opened the dumpster and tossed the two bags of trash in before allowing the lid to slam shut intending to head right back inside. She had taken a couple of steps when she froze. It sounded like she’d heard a twig snap. Amy turned back to look at the woods that weren’t far from the ’s back door, maybe fifty feet.

“Someone out there?” Amy called out. Silence was Amy’s only answer. Amy shrugged, figuring she’d just been hearing things and turned to head back inside when she heard a twig snap once again. Amy turned back around and this time she could make out a set of eyes just beyond the tree line starring at her.

For a moment Amy was frozen as her eyes locked with those of whatever she’d seen however the creature moved and soon what appeared to be a massive black wolf left the tree line, heading right for her, growling as it did.

Amy knew that she should stay completely still and not make any sudden movements but she was scared. She only had about ten feet before she made it back to the door. So, she turned her back on the wolf and ran.

“Grandpa! HELP!” Amy called out as she sprinted as fast as she could, she could hear the pads of the wolf’s feet as he raced after her. The door was literally feet from her, she could almost reach out and grasp the door when she was suddenly slammed forward down into the dirt by the weight of the creature tackling her. She hit the ground with such force Amy was mildly surprised she hadn’t been knocked unconscious.

She could feel the wolf’s claws digging into her skin and she couldn’t help but let out a pained whimper as she subconsciously attempted to shift to make her situation more comfortable. It didn’t matter, everything still hurt.

Although that pain seemed like nothing to the feeling of the wolf sinking his powerful jaws into her shoulder blade. Amy couldn’t help but scream. The only thing she could think about was that she was going to die, laying right here on the ground mere feet from her door.

Then suddenly without warning the wolf was knocked off her back. Amy was afraid to move less she draw the wolf’s attention back onto her bleeding form. But she was able to hear multiple growls this time.

She glanced over her shoulder briefly and saw there were now four wolves in her yard and they appeared to be fighting, no doubt fighting over the prey. Amy did not intend to continue to lay on the ground until the victor decided to eat her, so as quickly as she was able to Amy rose to her feet and headed back into the house.

Once she was inside and the door was firmly locked behind her Amy sank to the floor sobbing as she clutched her bloody shoulder.

“Amy? Amy are you alright? What happened?” Solomon called out.

“I-I got attacked. By a wolf out back. It hurts Grandpa.” Amy sobbed.

Amy could hear her Grandpa quickly making his way down the stairs to where she was sitting. He briefly glanced out the window, no doubt looking for the beast that had mauled his granddaughter, but it was gone. The wolves were long gone.

Solomon then slowly crouched down so he was eye level with Amy, “Can I see it Amy?” Solomon asked.

Amy nodded before she slowly released her own grip on her shoulder blade to allow her grandfather to see the bloody wound. “Shit. That’s deep. Amy I know it hurts but we’re going to have to get you to the hospital. That would will more than likely need stitches, plus we’ll have to have you tested for rabies.” Solomon said as he shakily got back to his feet.

Amy nodded as she too slowly stood. Solomon grabbed a cloth and instructed Amy to hold the cloth on her wound while he got her to the hospital.

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