Shades of Revenge

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She immediately jumped up, clearly startled by his arrival. For a split second he felt bad for intruding,thinking perhaps she'd overheard the gossip and had come out here to get a short break from the party.

But then she spoke,"You again."

"Me again " Kyle drawled in return. Wow, the V-neckline of that dress dipped enticingly lower than he'd realized.

Focus Mercer.

"I was just leaving."he said.

"Yeah I noticed. " her gaze fell on the jacket that was thrown casually on his arm. She had to consciously stop herself from thinking how good he looked with those buttons opened, and focus on the pain that was eating deep.

"Are you okay? " he asked, and he immediately regretted it.

"Yes I am. " she said quickly

"Are you sure.......

"I said I'm okay. " she snapped

"I was just checking on you and you are getting vexed? " Kyle asked, more surprised than annoyed.

"I didn't ask you to do that. You said something about leaving. " she stated

"You have got to be kidding me. Does a simple question deserve such hostility? " his voice was slowly filling up with anger.

"And I didn't ask you to ask simple questions or to care. If you are done you can leave me in peace. "She said raising her voice.

"Ooh!! I see what this all about. " he pushed further.

"What? "

"You heard the gossip from those women and you decided to throw a pity party for yourself and now you are lashing out on me." He spat out.

"That is none of your business. I thought you said something about leaving. " she said dryly.

"Yes I was. When you are done with throwing yourself a pity party you can join the rest of the fun party. "

And he turned on his heel and walked away.

How could he??

She said between her teeth as she saw him walk away. He was right but he had no right to be right and it only angered her the more. So he had heard the gossip. Could this night get any worse?

She saw her parents talking with another couple that were roughly their age. She watched as her mum wrapped her hands on her dad's shoulder and she couldn't help the bile that rose to her throat. They were both very good at acting she would give them that. She still had no idea how touches from her mum didn't repel her dad. She would hand it to them though. They deserved accolades for their performance though. It was perfect.

Tonight had not ended the way she planned and she felt really pained. She had imagined a good time with Kyle, him making her laugh in his usual manner but she had been so busy with her father's guest and at the end the little opportunity she had gotten with him she succeeded him chasing him away.

She was feeling all shades of lonely and miserable tonight and needed to talk to Nessa but she was busy with her boyfriend so that was a no go. She was happy for Nessa. Her life had turned out the way she always dreamt. Her dream job. Dream boyfriend. Everything was going according to plan for her but she couldn't say same for herself.

It's the curse.

She walked back to the lawn to bade people good bye even as she wished she could hurriedly sneak to her room and just lock herself away from the world.

"Tina! " Chukwuma and Nessa called out to her from across the lawn.

"Where have you been the whole night? "Nessa queried.

"Everywhere. I..... "

"Tina we need to go now but let's grab dinner together tomorrow. "Chukwuma smiled, as he played with his fingers thus showing his nervousness.

She still had no idea why the guy was always nervous around her.

"Oh I don't think that's a good idea."She said trying to sound embarrassed. She didn't want to be the third wheel and end up feeling horny after a night with both of them.

"Tina girl we'll see you tomorrow at 7. I will text you the address. Love you girl. "Nessa said as she hurried away with Chukwuma.

"Love you too. "She shouted as she made her way back to the house. She was too tired to drive home tonight so she would spend the night here, at her father's house.

By the time she hit the bed, she was off to fantasy world in no time. Dreaming of Prince Charming and a world were everything was perfect.


For approximately a week, Christina didn't hear from Kyle or see him. She didn't run into him at the cafeteria or at the grocery store. He didn't call her or send any text like he usually did. It seemed like after the incident at her dad's party he had disappeared into thin air.

To the best of her knowledge he lived around the vicinity meaning she was supposed to have run into him once or twice.She knew almost everyone around and ran into almost everyone at least once a week.

Except Kyle.

At least she had been enjoying her sanity for this past week. The guy had a way of making her nerves hyperactive once she was around him. And she wasn't ready to be hyper anything around anyone-not yet or maybe never.

As she prepared to go to church that Sunday morning the thought of Ben slipped into her mind as she saw the black designer gown that he had bought for her on their one year anniversary. She'd burnt everything he'd bought for her except this gown. At that time she had thought the gown was too beautiful to turn into ash. Now it turns out her insight paid off.

She took a deep breath and sat on her bed. Maybe it was time to move on and put Ben behind and move on for real. Today felt like a good day to wear such a pretty gown out. She made up her mind to grow a spine and call Kyle after attending church and apologize about her terrible behavior the other day. He deserved at least an apology for taking out her anger on him. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, to just shout at him for poke nosing but she had been feeling really guilty since that night and it was time to move on from the guilt. Move on from every negative emotion.

At least that was a better reason for calling. To apologise. Not that she missed his voice or just wanted to hear him say her name again in that husky voice that made her insides do a back flip.


She was calling to apologise and nothing more. She justified herself .

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