Shades of Revenge

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Blood, blood and death

She stayed behind after the church service to greet one or two or people as was her normal routine after church. While she was talking to a couple about the welfare of the church, her eye caught the guy on a black vintage shirt standing next to a 2016 model of a black crosstour. Just the man she'd been wanting to see.


She politely excused herself from her company.

"Kyle. Hello. "She said with a pleasant smile.

"Hey you. "He said returning her smile.

She didn't know where to start from but at least saying sorry was better than just staring at his beautifully sculptured face. Dammn the guy was fine.

"I-i-i'm sorry about the other day."She stuttered

"Which day? "He asked still maintaining his perfect smile.

"OH! "

He was purposely making this hard for her. He had to hand it to her though. He had placed a bet on himself that she wouldn't apologise and well he was a few minutes away from losing that bet. "I'm sorry I cant really remember what you are talking about but you can explain better though." He smiled

He caught her looking down at her feet probably she was considering backing down but he wasn't going to back down either. He needed to hear her apologize properly. He had nothing against her though. He couldn't even stay angry at her for even one night because that same night his traitorous appendage had risen up at the mere thought of her.


He felt the strain in his zipper and mentally cursed. He was trying to at least pretend to be angry and here the traitor was getting excited unnecessarily. He couldn't help wondering if it had a mind of his own.

"Kyle I'm sorry for snapping at you and saying horrible things to you that night. There is no good enough excuse for what I said that night so I'm sorry." She concluded.

Kyle couldn't help the smile that graced his face. Yes he always smiled and he had come to the realisation that it was just a reflex action but this was different. This felt different. He just lost his bet and yet he was smiling sheepishly. This woman had a way of proving him wrong. She had proven that everything he thought he knew about her was wrong. At every single turn she proven him wrong.

"I'm sorry about that day too. I shouldn't have said somethings I said so I'm sorry. "He said politely.

"Really? I knew you were sorry. " she smiled.

"Now dont get cocky ma'am" he laughed and she chuckled.

"Now let's not get the body parts mixed up."

"Right ma'am. I'm not sure I have the right adjective for your body parts." He winked and he caught her smiling uncomfortably.

"Enough with the body parts." She paused, "I'm really sorry Kyle."

E don do ooo. Shuo.This was getting too genuine for his liking ooo.

"Its okay but I'm here to play Dr Phil if you want to talk about it though. "He added with a smile.

"No but you what you can do?"

"What can I do?"

"You can come over to my place for a proper apology dinner with my dad and Nessa and we can talk about why you are in Benin in the first place and why you disappeared for the past one-week with no calls. " she said smiling.

"I see someone as been on the look out for me this past week. "

"No I wasn't. " She denied quickly

"I believe you. " he said with a smirk on his face that said otherwise.

" I was out of town for a job in a remote village in South Africa and I really hate to break this to you but I will be very busy tonight. "

"Oooh. That's okay." she murmured trying to hide the sadness in her voice.

"But if I can make it over I will give you a call. Free dinner and few hours with you will do me no harm. " He said with a wink.

" it's fine if you can't.... "

" I'll try to clear my schedule if I can and give u a call " but she had already turned on her heels as the pastor beckoned on her.

Long black hair, brown skin, brown eyes with that beautiful dark sparkle... And a body that sure made him want to sin. With those killer legs.

Truly Killer.

He smiled wickedly as he thought of all the wicked things a man-He - could do with those legs. The thought of it alone caused his lower body to tighten.

Damn you traitor.

Staying around her meant trouble. Real trouble. He had come back from South Africa at about 2 this morning and she was the first person he thought of calling. His mum was the one who occupied that position and now here was Christina Osakwe trying to occupy that position.

He had to fulfil his mission and move back to Lagos. He was sure his sane mind will return to him as soon as he stepped out of Benin and as soon as he fulfilled his mission with Christina Summers.


Christina entered her dad's house to check on him. He was supposed to meet her at her house since 8 and glancing at her wrist watch she realised its been an hour past 8 but there was no call or text message from him which was strange. He wasn't picking his calls either.

He had been having issues with his heart for the past two years and she just needed to certify that he was okay. Maybe he had fallen asleep after too many meetings but something didn't seem right tonight. She called out his name but there was no answer. Evidently her mum wasn't back home as usual. Her instinct called out to her, whispering that something was wrong tonight.

His room was dark so she put on the light but the sight of what she saw proved all her fears had come true.

Everything was wrong.

She rushed to her dad who was soaked in his own blood. There was so much blood. She tried to stop it but it was too much. She tried finding a pulse. She had to save him but there was nothing. No pulse.

Uncontrollable tears rolled down her cheeks as she called 911 and gave them directions to her father's house. She knew her dad had many enemies but she never thought any of them will stoop so low to murder him in his own house. She never thought any of them will stoop so low as stabbing him with a knife. Realisation dawned on, her dad was dead and there was nothing she could do.


The very moment he had been waiting for. Jack Osakwe had gone down for good. He knew the police would be flooding the house soon, trying to find evidence. A professional killer like him couldn't be caught. From his binoculars he saw the tears that filled Christina's eyes, he was almost moved to pity but then he knew that very soon he will have to take her down too. And that thought alone brought a wide smile to his face.

I honestly feel sad but thank you so much for reading and sticking with the story. I really appreciate everyone.

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