Shades of Revenge

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"Hey Tina. "Kyle shouted because of all the commotion in her dad's compound.

Christina immediately turned from the officer she was speaking with and hurried to his side.

"Hey you. " she murmured with a croaked voice evident from tears.

"Tina, what's going on here. it looks like the police has just moved their office over to your house. "Levity seemed to be all he got cos he knew the meaning of police swarming a house and well that seemed to work as she managed a smile but said nothing as tears welled up her eyes.

Mogbe!! Kiloshélè. He had no idea as to what was going on and her silence was making him more worried.

"Please say something. What's happening?" He pleaded.

She said nothing, Instead more tears flowed down her cheeks.

Damn questions. It wasn't getting him any answers. Damn actions and consequences. In a swift move he knew like knew his name, he pulled her into his arms, gently stroking her hair.

"It's okay. It's okay" He repeated again and again as he kept on stroking her hair while the tears flowed freely.

"Christina. " Immediately she pulled out of Kyle's arms to the familiar voice she recognized so well.

Detective Bonnie Lance.

Kyle suspected that the woman was nothing less than forty years old as she took Christina into her arms with all the motherly care in the world. Kyle heard her murmur some incoherrent words as she stroked Christina's hair again and again.

After what seemed liked forever the woman backed away and spoke, "Tina dear I think I should get back to my colleagues so I know what exactly is going on. Is it okay if I leave you with this young man? " she fixed her gaze to Kyle and shot him a glare. " o-o-or you know what? You could come with me" she stuttered.

"No. Please I will stay here. With him. You can tell me what you find out when you are done."

"Alright dear.", she turned to Kyle "if as much as a strand of hair leaves her head I will hold you responsible young man. "

He smiled and nodded as she walked away.

"What is up with everyone threatening me about you?"

"What do you mean" she asked, confused

"Nothing." He smiled, clearly she had no idea her friend had threatened him. "Do you want to take a walk from here? "he asked quietly.

"No. I don't think I can walk. "It was evident she was still trying to fight back the tears.

"I can carry you if you want. You know with my muscles your weight mean nothing. "he joked flexing his muscles.

She returned his smile but muttered a quiet no and he shocked her when he pulled her into his arms again. The tears that she had kept abay came down like a flood. She so much wanted to believe him when he said everything will be okay but she knew better than that. But in this moment she just reveled in how good his arms felt around her as he stroked her hair.

"Tina. " Bonnie called from behind her as she approached them again.

She turned to wipe the tears off her face, using the back of her palm. Kyle offered her his handkerchief which she gladly accepted and gave him a small smile.

"Did you find anything? Evidence that someone did this? That someone killed him?"

The woman took a deep breath and shook her head, " Its almost midnight so I asked them to come back tomorrow because it was a futile attempt. I'll be leaving some policemen here though and they will make sure nothing is tempered with. Okay?"


"Do you want me to drive you home? "Bonnie asked.

"I will take her home detective."Kyle offered from behind Christina.

Bonnie arched her brow and turned to Christina with a questioning look.

"I will be safe Bonnie. Just do me a favor and get home safely. "She said as she hugged the elderly woman.

"Alright. I will see you tomorrow. And young man I didn't catch a name. "

"Kyle. Kyle Mercer. "

"Alright Mr Mercer like I said before if as much as a strand of hair leaves my baby's hair you will be thrown into jail. She warned sternly.

"Noted detective. "

The two ladies hugged themselves again as Bonnie reluctantly turned on her heels and left.

"My car is down the street if you don't mind. "He said after they had both watched Bonnie drive past.

"It's okay. "She said as they both walked in silence to his car. Unconsciously he took her hand in his and gave her a reassuring squeeze. It was becoming like mission impossible with this woman as each day went by and this had never happened before cos he was damn too good at his job. He opened the door to the passenger door and voluntarily helped her with her seat belt as he saw her struggling with it.

Throughout the journey she kept on sobbing and the best he could do was drive with one hand and hold her hand with his free hand. She refused to say anything and the only time she said something was when he asked if she would want to stop at his house for a cup of tea or whiskey before he took her home. Yes was all she said as he took a rough bend into a narrow path to his house.

By the time he pulled up in front of his house she was already fast asleep. He wished he didn't have to wake her up so he let her sleep for awhile.

After about ten minutes of just staring at her beautiful features, he quietly came down from the car and opened her door.

"Christina. "He said softly as he tapped her.

"Huh? Where are we? " She asked looking very confused.

"My house.. "

"Your house? Why do you leave ....

He burst into a huge fit of laughter and she couldn't understand why he was laughing "Madam Lawyer u don start ooo."

She joined him in the laughter as he led her to his house holding the small of her back.

Damn it!! Those legs. Images of all the things he could do with those legs.


Now Mercer let's take a box, a very big box . Now put all the thoughts of the things you could do with those legs and put them in that box. Good. Now lock that box and throw the key into River Niger.

This were all the beautiful reasons why he loved conscience Kyle. He just was so good.

If he had his way things will go a dangerous direction with her in his house but he knew she needed a friend tonight and with the little bit of self control he had left, he was going to try to be just a friend.

Yeah Yeah. Conscience Kyle was the best.

The mission would have to wait a little longer

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