Shades of Revenge

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There was total darkness as he led her into the house so he had to use the torchlight from his Samsung Galaxy A51, which helped him navigate his way to the light switch by the door. When he switched on the light, she noticed that there was just basic furniture. Two plastic chairs, a sofa and a table. They were no pictures hung on the wall. It was nothing close to a comfortable home to live in. At the far end she noticed a punching bag which evidently looked like a work out space. Hmm no wonder he had such fine, yummy expanse of muscles.

"Welcome to my family house which is apparently my home now. "He said cutting off her train of thoughts.

"Your family lives in Benin?" she asked quietly.

"They used to live here but they moved before I was born. "

"Why? "

"Forgive my manners. Please make yourself comfortable." He said, evidently avoiding her question.

She didn't want to press further so she muttered a small "thank you " and moved to sit on the only available sofa.

"What can I offer you? Coffee? Brandy? Whiskey? Tea? Just name your choice." he said as he took a sit beside her.

She used to take tea or coffee alot when she was tensed but she had never felt like this so she knew tea nor coffee wont do the job,"I will take anything that will take the tension away." She unconsciously rubbed her fingers together in an awkward up and down motion.

He chuckled, "You are so tensed right now so I guess we will settle with whiskey. It does a good job at taking the tension away. Though there are other things that can easily take the tension away. "He winked at her, stood up and walked away.

Damn "I think I'll settle for the whiskey. "She murmured under her breath when the real meaning of what he was saying registered in her brain.

She turned around to study his living room. On the wall there was a painting of a pregnant woman with a baby on her back with a basket of fruits on her head. The wall was painted with a very dull shade of brown that looked very old. Evidently from the painting this was no new house. She noticed a few cracks in the wall too which confirmed her suspicion.

"That's my mum's favorite painting. " he announced when he caught her staring at the painting on the wall. He then paused like he was thinking of the next to say before he handed her a glass of whiskey.

"Thank you. "she said and took a sip, "Mmm. Strong stuff." she said as the strong effect spread through her. She raised her head and him looking at her and watching her intently.

"I need to get out of these clothes so f-f-feel at home" he stuttered and quickly left.

It had been confirmed. Something was definitely wrong with him. He was supposed to be doing something else but here he was getting intrigued by her. Damnit she was the prettiest woman he had ever met and he couldn't help but stare at her pretty face. The way her nose scrunched up when she took a sip of the whiskey was out of this world kinda cute but she had caught him staring and had looked uncomfortable so he had made up the quickest excuse that came into his mind and here he was in his bedroom-thinking about her.

Perfect move, Conscience Kyle.

She didn't know how long he was gone but she was sure it was a pretty long time because she zoned out until his hoarse voice brought her back to reality, "you are clenching my glass way too hard, you will hurt yourselfif you keep that up."he said,with a lot of concern lacing his voice.

"Oh I'm s-s-sorry. I was just t-t-thinking. "she stuttered.

He turned toward her and cocked his head. Then his eyes that shade of brown that electrified her, narrowed, "You are scared. "

It sure wasn't a question.

Christina stiffened at the accusation. True accusation, "I'm a little shaken. I found a dead body. My dad's corpse. Don't you think I get to be a little shaken and scared? "

He bent to his knee level in front of her, "I'm sorry you had to see him like that. "

"Yes. Well I'm sorry that my dad is dead too. Everyone is sorry that my dad is dead but maybe if I had just met him earlier or called him earlier he-"

"Then you might be dead too." he said cutting right through her words.

He took her hand, laced them with his and tilted her face till she was facing him.

Awareness pulsed through her as she tried so hard not to stare into his mesmerising brown eyes.

"I know a thing or two about adrenaline rushes," he paused and smiled at her ,"Fine maybe more than a thing or two but with my job I know a lot about adrenaline rushes. I can help you ride it out. "

Job? What Job? Wait a minute!! He didn't mean that sexually, did he? Because they were no where close to having anything sexual tonight.

At all. Though she couldn't help but let her eyes slide to his lips and then to his muscles that were popping out of the black T-shirt he wore.

"Hey don't. It doesn't do any good to keep picturing the dead especially when the dead man is your father."

Only if he had any idea that she was picturing things she could do with a particular man on the floor which didn't involve the sight of her father. Kyle stood up and sat next to her with his thighs brushing against hers. "Turn around. "

"W-w-what." Now this whole situation was so sad. He was making her nervous to the point she was actually stuttering. Christina Osakwe barely stutters. So what the hell was happening with her.

"You are so stiff, it's driving me crazy. I just want to help and make you feel better if you will let me. " his quiet voice sounding huskier than she could ever imagine.

She turned around. Slowly. His hands immediately reached for her shoulders and his fingers began to knead her flesh. Slowly kneading each strand of muscle. Slowly making her feel good.

Christina's eyes nearly rolled to the back of her head at how good it felt. His fingers felt like Harry Potter's magic, undoing and doing her slowly. Better than any spell or magic put together. She didn't know if that was a good thing or bad thing cos her mind was going blank.

"I can help you relax. Just breathe. Don't picture him. Let the image out of your head. Okay??"

This man was way too good with his fingers, "i-i-is this the way you deal with adrenaline rush?" Another stuttering.

There was a soft laugh from behind her, "No. I use sex. "

It was simple three words but it brought back all the tension.

"Relax. "Kyle ordered. "that wasn't an offer or an invitation. It was only an answer to your question. "


"Unless you want it to be more....." Kyle teased.

Holy shit. She'd known that the guy was serious trouble from day one but right now!!

"So what cases are you working on? "He asked before she could do more than suck in a shocked grasp of air. "I suspect a smart lawyer like you would be more interested in cases than involve murder, rape and their likes."

"Hope you know I'm not supposed to talk about my cases outside the court room but for the record they are so many I can't even remember most of them right now. " the image of her dad's body tried to push into her mind again but she shoved it back.

He kept rubbing her shoulders. His broad and rough fingers were sliding down her back. The guy sure had dexterous fingers made for this kind of stuff. He should go ahead and be a masseuse, she thought. Shamelessly her own thighs shifted restlessly. Damn. This feeling was so strange.

Her eyes drifted close as he kept caressing her skin. His fingers skimmed over the edge of her arms. Then he returned his attention to her shoulders, started working down. Down.

He pushed lightly against her lower back.

Christina had to fight back the moan that threatened to erupt out of her mouth cos dammmmnn that felt too good.

Hold on. Was a massage supposed to feel this good? Was it supposed to turn a girl on? She didn't know much about been turned on so she didn't know what could turn a girl on better still she didn't know what could turn her on.

His hands felt like heaven. The tension was gone but another tension was building up.

Sexual tension. Oh yeah.

She could feel the sexual tension build up between them.


His hands automatically stiffened.

Author's note

Please tell me we are all feeling the tension here cos I am feeling it🙈🙈

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