Shades of Revenge

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Night Stand

"Kyle. " she moaned softly.

He stiffened again. Every part of his body heard the sensual invitation behind those words. So he paused and waited for a direct invitation. An invitation he would gladly accept once again.

"Thanks Kyle I feel alot better now." She said softly and shifted away from the touch.

"Anytime. " he murmured. He tried to hide the disappointment from his voice but damn it he had been expecting an entanglement in the sheets.

What was he thinking? The woman just lost her dad an entanglement would be the last thing on her mind.

He stood up and carefully arranged his shorts hopefully she didn't notice the growing bulge down there.

She glanced at the old looking clock on the wall and realized it was a few minutes after 2 in the morning and she didn't think she had the nerve to go back to her house at this time with her dad's killer on the loose. So she asked Kyle if she could spend the night and he quickly shrugged her off that it was no problem.

"You could just take my bedroom. I don't think any of the guest rooms is in a good shape for anyone right now. " it was partially true. Though it wasn't because of the cobwebs that she thought were there but it was his most holy ground actually his work space and he didn't need her finding out the truth- not yet though. So he'd rather sacrifice his bed than the secrets in those rooms.

"No thank you. Kyle that's very nice of you but I think I will be more comfortable on your sofa.

He paused,"Well if you insist it's fine but I don't think I will feel too good sleeping on my soft fluffy bed while you are here so I will sleep a few feet away from you."

"Kyle there's really no need for that. "she said quietly.

"But I insist. I will be right back with a pillow and blanket for you. "And with that he went off, down the hallway were he had disappeared earlier.

Some minutes later he was back with two pillows and two blankets. He handed over one blanket and a pillow to her. Then he moved the table from the center rug and lay down there.

Comfortable silence enveloped the room and only the identical sound of their breathing could be heard. In the midst of the silence Kyle thought he heard her say something so he lifted up his head and then he heard her again

"Why? "

"Bad things happen...

"I mean why are you been so nice to me? I cant seem to understand. "

She was greeted with empty silence and after a long time he simply said "Good night " and turned away from her. His breathing had still not evened out so she knew he was apparently not asleep but she didn't alter a word and pretended she was asleep too.


He woke up to hear her breathing so slowly and he couldn't help thinking about how vulnerable she looked while asleep. She was so different from the fierce vixen he was getting used to. Last night he had fought the urge to hold her in his arms and keep her that way.

It had taken every nerve in his body not to do something stupid. It was ironic that he wanted the woman he was going to hurt.

Man That was fifty shades of fucked up.

He could hear his mum's voice scolding him about treating women right but c'mon there was nothing he could do in this situation. It was his job and if his job asked him to hurt a woman then he was going to do just that. Yeah. Call him a jerk but how else would he pay his bills.

He didn't want to wake her up so he quietly padded to his almost empty kitchen. He needed a cup of coffee badly. It never failed to keep him alert and he sure as hell would be needing alot of that around her. He needed something to take off the edge he had been feeling all night and coffee was the ready solution. And speaking of solutions he needed to find a solution to what he was feeling around her. He thought about calling his boss but he knew the man would rain down hell on him for getting his feelings involved in a job that was meant to be a simple in and out.

Wait a minute. Did he just say feelings?

He rubbed his face between his palm and took a deep breath as he thought about her for the umpteenth time that morning.

Yeah. He was definitely feeling something. Something he didn't want to feel.

She was strong, beautiful, hardheaded, independent, calm, had the sweetest smile that could make even Thanos melt and not to talk about all the amazing qualities he needed in a woman. She had it all. The mere thought that he was going to lose her made his heart constrict with pain. He could only guess all these emotions were going to lead to retirement very soon. Or he just needed a vacation and wild sex. Maybe that will help get his head back in the game.

He didn't know how she liked her coffee so he resolved to plain black so she could mix it to her taste.

Trying his best not to wake her up, he carefully carried the two cups of coffee to the sitting room. But when he got there, he noticed her troubled expression.

He could hear her quietly saying "Dad, dad, dad please don't go. Dad wake up please wake up."

"Hey. Hey Tina. " Kyle rushed over to her side.

"Dad please dont leave me. Dad please I'm all alone without you. Please dont leave me. I promise to take good care of you from now onwards. I promise dad but please dont let me be alone."

Is that what she thought? Kyle thought. That she was alone without her dad?. There was so much pain in her voice and he could only imagine what exactly she was dreaming of.

"Hey Tina, c'mon I'm here with you. You are not alone. " he chided as he stroked her hair.

"w-what's going on?" She finally opened her eyes,her face flushed and her breathing still reflecting the effect the dream had on her

"Calm down. Take in deep breaths. Nice and slow" he repeated as he watched her breathing finally return back to normal.

"What happened?

"You were having a bad dream." he said quietly


"I'm so sorry. Did I wake you? What time is it? I need to get to the office ASAP"

"Calm down. Your secretary called and she promised to take care of everything. " he said casually.

"You answered my calls? "she asked looking puzzled.

"Don't look at me like that. It was just your secretary. Your phone kept on ringing and won't stop and I didn't want to wake you up. You looked so peaceful so I had no other choice. "

She smiled and quietly muttered a thank you.

"Here's your cup of coffee. Didn't know how you like your coffee so I just made it plain black so you can mix it to your taste."

"Hmm. She took a sip, "Your guess was just right. Thank you. "

Strange woman. How many women like their coffee plain black?

He nodded and they drank their coffee in a comfortable silence until she broke the silence "I need to get back to my house and at least call my mum and Nessa and tell them my dad is d-d-dead" she stuttered the last part

"Has she always been like that? Unconcerned?" Kyle asked quietly.

She smiled sadly, "What gave her away?"

"You barely talk about her and she was no where around last night and you didn't think about calling her either."

"As long as I can remember she has always been like that. You know growing up I always wished she was dead rather than absent. I'm over her nonchalant attitude now though. Anyways how's your mum like? "

Kyle couldn't help the smile that crept to his face before answering, "My mum is loving, caring, super nice. In simple terms I don't know what I will do without her. "

"Wow. She sounds amazing. What about your dad? I can bet he is amazing too. "

She watched his face harden,"My dad is dead to me. "He is in prison" he further explained when he saw the confusion written all over her face.

"Ooh. I'm so sorry. "

"It's fine now. Shit happens all the time." She saw anger flicker through his eyes and she wanted to say something but decided against it.

"Can we leave now? "

"Sure." He took her cup from her and headed to the kitchen. By the time he was back he had changed into jean shorts and a black tee that exposed some fine expanse of muscles.


He led the way, opened the door for her as she stepped outside taking a view of her surroundings while he locked the door

" I didn't know you had a second car??"

"I bought the crosstour myself while my brother bought the Benz as a gift last year. "

"Brother?? "

""Yeah. Rich and successful twin brother. Now are we going to get going or you are going to keep asking me questions? " evidently avoiding further questions.

She rolled her eyes at him. She noticed he didn't like talking about his family so she decided not to probe him further. They drove out with the crosstour.

"So you and Detective... "

"Detective Lance?? "

"Yes. You both seem very close. "

"Yeah. She was my dad's closest friends. They met even before I was born. Wonder why they didn't end up together. They seemed very attached to each other. "

He smiled and said nothing.

Fate had a twisted sense of humor and if Christina ever found out. If she ever found out the real reason why he was there, she would definitely hate him.

"Turn right. "

He spared a glance at her and she smiled, "Your GPS said turn right and you looked like you had traveled 100miles away from here and you were going to take the wrong turn. "


Few minutes later, they were at her doorstep. She fumbled through her purse and opened the door. She reached for the alarm and turned the normal beeping sound off. Stepping inside she was taken aback by the sight of what she saw.

Oh my God!

Her place had been trashed.

What the fuck happened here!!!

If Kyle was with her the whole night then who trashed her house? Or did he sneak out during the night to trash her house??? Let's find out in the upcoming chapters🙂 I really cant wait to end the suspense.

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