Shades of Revenge

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Couch cushions were cut. Furnitures overturned. Files scattered across the floor. Her expensive television was bashed on the floor.

"Get back!" Kyle's low snarl drew her in. He didn't wait for her to comply. He grabbed her shoulder and pushed her back behind him. While he pushed her back, Kyle stepped gradually inside her house.

"No." She grabbed his arm. "He could still be here" she said in a whisper.

"I hope he is so I teach him a lesson never to break into a woman's home and turn her house upside down. " Kyle whispered back.

Then he advanced inside her house.

She could feel her insides twist and turn, fear twisted within her but she wasn't about to succumb to what she was feeling. She wasn't going to stand waiting for him in the balcony by herself. So when Kyle stalked forward, she leapt right after him. Her hands fisted around her bag. Having her own weapon- her bag made her feel a little bit better even though the bag will do nothing against a full grown man but it was something which was better than nothing.

Kyle turned to look at her when she followed but he saw the reserve in her eyes that told him dude I'm coming with you whether you like it or not so he nodded his approval. They advanced into the house gradually. Moving from her living room which was a mess to her kitchen which was another mess. All kitchen drawers were opened. Utensils on the floor. Plates in pieces. Every single thing was in a mess.

They advanced slowly until they got to her bedroom.

It was a replica of the mess in other parts of the house. She saw her clothing had been torn. Her bed sheets torn into shreds. Her shoes scattered all over the place. Her computer was broken.

Her pillows had been slit open. Feathers covered the floor. Her sheets were cut, her mattresses sliced.

Her dresser mirror was smashed into tiny bits and pieces.

All her drawers had been yanked out and tossed.

The sitting room had looked like someone was searching for something but this was pure destruction.

Her breath heaved in at the sight.

This was pure anger.

Pure Rage.

She could feel all those emotions in the room. She had dealt with people with these kind of emotions for years but she had never been a victim of their devices.

Kyle's body stiffened but he didn't speak. He advanced further and kept searching her home- checking her closets, the bathroom.

But no one was there. The intruder was long gone.

Christina found herself standing in the living room, gazing at the mess with dazed eyes. Almost everything she valued in her home was in a mess.

Kyle was on his phone. Probably calling the police for her. Again.

The intruder of her home was long gone. No way he would still be around.

She rubbed her chilled arms. The cold she felt right now wasn't just on the surface, she could feel it in her bones.

Kyle shoved his phone back into his pocket and stared at her.

She wanted to run to him and just hold him but Christina was afraid. Afraid that if she did, she would never be able to hold herself back again. Scared that if she went into the safety of those arms she would never let go.

"Who did you call?"she found herself asking instead.

"I called Detective Bonnie.We exchanged contacts last night." He clarified when he read the question in her eyes.

'A day after my dad's death my place is torn upside down from an unknown intruder. Isn't his death enough for me to deal with? ' she was desperately trying to hide the tears from her voice now. She needed a break from all this drama going on.

Kyle swore loudly and tugged her closer to him, pressing light kisses into her hair.

The sound of sirens announced the supposed arrival of Bonnie and the police. Her saving grace from his arms. She pulled out of his arms and ran to the door in time to see Bonnie stepping out of the car.

'Baby girl, Kyle explained what happened over the phone and I came as soon as I could. 'Bonnie said in a rush.

'I don't know. I got home this morning to see my place in a mess. ' it was at that point it dawned on her that what if the intruder was after her and had torn her place upside down because she wasn't home. "Oh my God! Bonnie what if the person... "

'Thank God you weren't home last night. I'm so sorry all of this is happening." A police officer came in and signaled to talk with Bonnie so she excused herself and walked out.

"Christina I need to speak with you. Do you mind or do you want us to talk alone?"

"Bonnie what is it? You are scaring me. Go ahead" she glanced at Kyle and he nodded.

Christina had a feeling that whatever she was going to say wasn't going to be good.

Bonnie threw a glance at Kyle and then she continued, "Last night I sent one of our detectives, Detective Jerry Everton, to your house to keep watch.. "


Bonnie took in a deep breath, "I wanted to make sure you were safe last night because I have no idea what we are dealing with here. I had a gut feeling the bastard will come here. So last night when Kyle called that you weren't going to make it home I was going to call him to leave but I slept off. " she paused, "Dear to cut down to the chase, just now I was informed that Jerry's body was found at the back of your house. He is dead."

"Oh my..."Christina exclaimed. She fought to hold back the coffee that was threatening to find it's way back to her mouth.

Two deaths in less than two full days.

"I'm not sure what's going on yet but I know we are dealing with the same person here because the paramedics say Jerry was stabbed with a knife probably the same one used on your dad."

Christina spared a glance at Kyle because he was awkwardly quiet but she could barely care about that at this point. She was two seconds from exploding in anger.

"I need to find this nonentity and kill him with his own knife. E dey mad ni. If I catch am he don die"she growled.

'Tina girl, I need you to calm down. We are working on finding him before he does anymore damage. Do you know if he took anything from here?"

She was more angry than scared at this point and she was struggling to keep her anger in check. She took in a deep breath, "I don't know Bonnie. It doesn't look like he was searching for something in particular. This looks more like a threat."

"Its fine. I will send a team down here to see if they could get fingerprints or hair or anything to get this bastard's DNA and put him down. Do you mind staying at Nessa's for a while?"

'That's another problem too. Nessa is out of town and won't be back for the next three months. I can't even contact her now. She's in village in Kenyan with terrible reception for some sort of medical research. I haven't been able to reach her yet"

"Oh. So what do we do now?"

"You can stay with me for the main time."Kyle offered.

"No I will stay at the lodge. It will be alot better I'm not in the mood to cause some inconveniences."

'But.. '

"No Kyle."

"Fine. You can come and stay at my place. You can have Gabriela's room for time being. You know she wont mind."

"No. I insist and my decision is final" She said firmly and walked away leaving Bonnie and Kyle shocked.

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