Shades of Revenge

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Hold me

Bonnie threw a glance at Christina, then back at Kyle and then back at Christina and smiled, "Okay if you insist but there would be an officer at your door twenty four hours a day. You understand? "

"You mean like a bodyguard? "Christina asked frowning.

"Exactly. Like a bodyguard. He will go where you go and stay where you stay"

"I hate the idea but do I have a choice? "

"No you don't. I will send one of our best detectives to be your bodyguard till all this blows away. "

"Who?" Kyle quickly asked.

"Detective Sean James. He is one of the most effective and efficient men we have got"

"Thanks alot Bonnie. I don't know what I would have done without you."

"Baby girl trust me when I say I wish I could do more right now. Can I trust Mr Mercer to take you to your lodge? "Bonnie raised her eyebrows at both of them.

Christina looked up at Kyle and then back at Bonnie and quietly said "Sure. Yes you can. "

"Good. Sean James will be sent to you in the next hour or two so I got to go now to make the necessary arrangements. "She hugged Christina long and hard before she turned on her heels and left.

Christina heard the loud wail of the sirens fade and knew she was gone. Kyle walked up to her and tilted her chin upward to look at him and quietly whispered, "Cara mia believe me I want to keep you safe, and I'll do everythingin my power to keep you away from harm." Lies.

Her lips trembled. She didn't want him to see how much she wanted to hold on to him.

Just hold it together a little longer.

Her dad, Jerry Everton- these last terrible moments had stirred up some memories of her own past that she had tried to shut out for a very long time. There was a reason she took the cold cases. Cases that people had given up on. Cases that families couldn't find retribution. There was a reason she tried so hard to find justice for the ones who had been forgotten for so long.

"I'm here for you Tina." he told her again.

She found herself nodding. She believed him. "Then come. Come with me. " she whispered. "Don't let go of my hands. Hold me till all these pain is gone. Till all I feel is you."She linked their hands together and held on to him.

Together they walked through the door to his car and for the first time Christina felt like she could conquer whatever was thrown her way.

Christina held his hands like it was her lifeline.. Like her life depended on it. And she had a feeling what she was feeling wasn't one sided - at least she hoped she wasn't wrong.

"Hurry. "Kyle urged her along as the dark cloud indicated an upcoming storm.


The dark clouds had turned into heavy rain by the time they had gotten to the lodge. The rain pelted them hard and fast as they ran into the lodge.

Kyle opened the small wooden door of the lodge and a small bell jingled overhead.

No one was inside. No one was waiting behind the small, narrow counter which caused him to frown. How safe is this place?

Tina shoved back her wet hair. Her shirt clung to her like a second skin and -

"Good thing you two are here. "A woman's voice came from the back corner of a small room with a small tag written 'office' as she slowly walked to the counter. "No one should be out in a weather like this. Oh Christina dear, Daniel told me what happened yesterday. I'm so sorry."

"Thank..... "

"Hi ma'am" Kyle flashed the woman his most charming smile. "My girlfriend needs a room." He pushed some cash across the counter. More than a enough cash to cover a small room.

And enough to stop any unnecessary conversations and questions

"And she needs some privacy. "Kyle added with another smile.

And just like that, the woman's face cleared of pity and surprise. She handed kyle a room key, "Room eight. Last room on the right. " She turned around and headed into the back room.

Tina blinked, "What was that about? I don't need you going about paying my bills." She queried.

Kyle reached for Christina's hand. His finger stroked her wrist, "Nothing that you should worry about. I wont ask you to pay back. In any way. " he added the last part with a wink.

They had to run back into the rain to get the few things they had brought on their way to the lodge. Less than five minutes later, they were inside room eight. The place was small but clean which was good enough for now.

Lightening flashed outside the window, thunder rumbled and she trembled.

Kyle locked the door. Tina wrapped her hands around her stomach. He turned toward the window, watching as the rain pummeled down from the open sky. "Why don't you go shower. "It was a question which sounded more like a command. "You will feel better after..”

"After I wash the memories away? "Tina finished, sounding more paranoid than she intended.

Yes, maybe she would feel better after she took a shower like he had suggested or commanded. If the supposed bodyguard was coming to watch her every minute, then there might be no alone time between them and there was more she had to say to him so she started with the basics, "Thank you. For everything. "

He turned toward her.

Another bolt of lightening flashed, illuminating his features in the dimly lit room. Thunder rumbled a moment later causing her to tremble. She hated thunders.

He took extremely slow gliding steps toward her. She tilted her head back;shivered as the water from the rain began to dry on her skin.

His eyes raked her body like he was trying to etch this moment into his memory. His fingers found her face as he stroked her chin. "I'm not going to let anyone else hurt you. That's a promise." The words sounded like lies in his own ears.

Well he had to keep up with the lies in other to succeed with Christina Summers. It was getting harder to keep track of his real mission - to get her squirming and begging under him or to....

Christina nodded and tried to pull herself together, "I'm glad you are here. "Then she swept around him before she did something crazy. Like throw her hands around him and kiss him senseless.

Or point out the fact that the bed behind them appeared very white and clean and there were so many nasty things that could go down between them on the bed.

She opened the bathroom door and rushed gratefully inside. Before she shut the door, she heard him mutter, "I will be right back."


She opened her eyes to realize that she had drifted off to dream world while waiting for Kyle. She didn't realize she had slept so long until she glanced at the clock on the bedside table showing 21:07 in its red neon digits. Where was Kyle? She rolled her eyes. Sure he was the first person that came to her mind.

She tried to get the image of his body out of her mind. When they had run out of the rain together his shirt had climbed to him like a second skin. His fine muscles had spread out so beautifully as he carried her bags out of the car.


She had more sane things to worry about. Like calling Nancy and her mum to let them know what happened. Nancy was a beautiful Yoruba girl with her beautiful long hair and sassy attitude straight from the gutter. She completed their trio but she was private investigator so her job took her everywhere. She decided to call Nancy first before calling her mum because she knew how much the conversation with her mum will drain her mentally.

Nancy picked on the second ring "Hey girl. I dey vex for you oo. You nor tell me about Mr handsome. Na Nessa tell me. Ehn. How you and Mr handsome na."Her voice rang out from the phone.

Christina couldn't help rolling her eyes. Why did she have such dramatic friends. Nancy had always had the terrible habit of naming all the men she dated. Ben was Mr Douche now Kyle was Mr handsome?? "How's Lagos joor? Wait please tell me you have finally gotten an apartment and left that witch?"

"Girl I have finally gotten an apartment and I have left that witch's house. That girl wanted to kill me because I was managing to stay with her. Anyways this my house is amaaaazing. There is even free WIFI all the time. "She crooned. "You and Nessa gat to come and spend the weekend when she gets back. Anyways girl how are you? What's happening over there? "

Christina took a deep breath. All her friends were very fond of her dad so she didn't know the right way to break the news to her. "Daddy is dead." and after that there was a long pause and she had to check if the call was still connected "Nancy are you there? "

"Tina girl you are joking right? Please tell me you are joking. "Nancy cried.

"No. Unfortunately I'm a hundred percent serious."

"Oh my God. What happened? Was he sick? Was it an accident?" and Christina went ahead to narrate the gruesome details of every thing that had happened from the time she saw her father dead on the floor till now.

"Oh my God. Girl I'm so sorry. I wish I could make it down there first thing tomorrow but there's a case I'm on to and I just got a very good lead after so many months of nothing. So I'll make it soon. I promise."

"Take your time and just come when you are done." The conversation went on for a few more minutes and ended with Nancy promising to show up soon.

She tried calling her mum for the second time today and it went straight to voicemail. She wasn't picking her calls nor returning the calls which was very unlike her mum. Though she was a workaholic she always picked her calls.

She heard a knock on her door. Peeping through the peephole on the door, she saw Kyle so she opened up.

Kyle strode in followed closely by Bonnie. The looks on thier face was all she needed to know that something was wrong.

"Kyle. Bonnie. What's going on?" She asked quietly. Scared of thier answers.

"Christina we need to talk. " she said with a straight face.

Not again.

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