Shades of Revenge

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Suspect 1

"Bonnie you are scaring me. Tell me what is going on now." she asked impatiently.

"Kyle please can you excuse us for a minute."Bonnie said turning to face Kyle.

"Whatever you have to say can be said in front of Kyle right?"Christina challenged.

"Tina do you trust him that much? " raising her voice a little above normal, clearly exasperated with Tina.

"Hey Tina its okay. I might just as well go home. It's been a very long day." Kyle said and walked out of the door immediately.

"Bonnie what the hell? Now I need you to come out clean. What the fuck is going on?"

"Young lady stop with the profanities. Your dad's house was searched again today and a letter was found under his bed. "She paused, then continued, "The letter was from your mum."

"What did it say? Is she okay?"

"Do you want to read it yourself tomorrow or you want the summary tonight?"

"Bonnie I love you and all but stop this bullshit of stalling and tell me what happened. Now." she was getting agitated by each passing second.

"In the letter she said she is sorry she will be gone for a long time. She is leaving town and not coming back anytime soon."

"What do you mean she is leaving town?"

"She said a guy threatened to kill you and your dad if she didn't leave town and she was warned not to involve the police." Bonnie said quietly.

"B-but." Christina was confused. If her mum had left town why was her dad killed? Something wasn't adding up and it was killing her.

"The insane bastard still killed your dad. The killer threatened you also in your mum's letter so we have every cause to believe that your life is in danger. "

"Is that the reason you chased Kyle who had been nothing but helpful to me?"

"Tina girl, Do you trust Kyle? Like how well do you know this guy? His past? Where he lived? Why he shows up all of a sudden?" Bonnie asked quietly.

"I don't know but he has given me no reason to doubt him. Wait a minute. Are you saying he could be the threat against my life?"

"There's one more thing. "Bonnie paused, then continued, "In your mum's letter she talked about a guy that you were close to with brown eyes. That you shouldn't trust him. At all. It was a vague clue though. "

"Wow Bonnie. You have got to be kidding me. And when you thought about all the guys I'm close to, with brown eyes and shouldn't trust, you thought about no other person than Kyle Mercer?"

"Tina I don't know who or what to think. But Kyle? Do you think you really trust him?"

"Bonnie for crying out loud, I'm close to a couple of guys with brown eyes. Chukwuma has lovely brown eyes and we are pretty close. My colleague, Micah Rotimi, has brown eyes and I'm so close to him. So why Kyle?"She said the last part so quietly Bonnie almost missed it.

"Tina do you think I just go around suspecting people? You think going around suspecting people is what made me good at what I do? I'm trained to lay down evidence, find facts and proof and assess them to catch the right culprit." Bonnie yelled.

"So what are your facts and evidence? "

"Do you think I don't know Chukwuma has brown eyes and you are close to him, FYI I do but Chukwuma has been out of town since the night of your dad's party. He is out of the country on a business trip. Don't forget that I know that Evans traveled on a vacation with his wife, Jillian for the past two months and Anthony James has been in South Africa for the past one week for his daughter's graduation. You want me to tell you why I don't think its Olumide, the former gateman at your office. Or your colleague Micah? They all have brown eyes and at one point or the other you have been close to them. So? "

"It all brings us down to one man? "

"Yes. Kyle Mercer. "

"Bonnie this sounds crazy. All of this is crazy. Really crazy." Tina said as she walked to the window. Her head was spinning. She didn't know what to believe right now.

Kyle Mercer??

"Girl with everything going on I think we have more than crazy to deal with now"

"Bonnie I trust you so much but I don't know what to think right now. I just know its not Kyle. You want to know why I'm a good lawyer? You want to know why I'm good at differentiating the good guys from the bad guys and keeping the bad guys locked up." she asked.

"Why? " she was bewildered at how much Tina trusted this guy. It was fucking unbelievable. She saw trust and something she didn't want to see.


If the guy was the killer, then love was the opposite of what she should be feeling at the moment.

"Why? " Bonnie asked again.

"Its simple. I follow my guts and instincts and right now my instincts are looking at a very different person here who is definitely not Kyle."

Bonnie took in a deep breath. "Fine. If you say so but Detective Walters is not leaving your side because right now he is the only one I trust."

"Thank you Bonnie." she was trying to hide the tears that were about to find their way from her tears duct down her face.

"Come here girl. " Bonnie threw her hands around her, "I got you girl. I got your back. "

After moments that seemed like eternity, Christina coughed and redrew, "Its getting really late I think you should be on your way now "

"Sure I'll be heading back to the station and girl you look like hell right now so get some sleep and I'm guessing Kyle left the food he brought with Detective Walters. So eat and get some sleep."

"Sure." She hesitated, "Bonnie I'll need to see the letter to know if its my mum wrote that letter or it's a forged letter. "

"Sure. We will do that tomorrow. "

"Thanks again. Goodnight."

"Goodnight dear." Bonnie was already strolling out of the room.

The woman wasn't getting any younger yet she decided to be a loner. She lost her husband three years ago to the dreadful hands of prostrate cancer and since then she had decided to be alone. Not really alone though. She had a daughter who was an undercover agent and was barely at home. Gabriela Lance was the kind of hard hearted woman who didn't give a shit about anyone. Not even her mum.

In summary though, the woman saw her daughter thrice a year. Bonnie needed someone around but well she guessed the woman had her reasons for been alone.

As she too had her reasons after Ben.

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