Shades of Revenge

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Christina Osakwe is a renowned lawyer from Benin city but what happens when love and tragedy strikes her at the same time. He had one mission- to take her down at any cost. What happens when his heart gets in the way? Will his heart lead or will his brain takeover? Find out in Shades of Revenge.

Romance / Mystery
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Christina Osakwe smiled as she looked outside the biggest cafeteria window of Benin City, The Morning Cafe. The opulent sun from the dry season always reminded her of how much she longed for a relive of her beautiful childhood days. Throughout her childhood years, her favorite of all seasons had always been the dry season. During the dry season she was allowed to visit the zoo, the park and a billion other places that she wasn't allowed to visit during rainy season when she had to stay indoors most of the time. Thinking of all the fun she had throughout her childhood she realized one thing- its always been her dad all the way. He was the best lawyer in town which made him a very busy man, he would still make out time to still good care of her. He would bath her, prepare breakfast, lunch, drop her off at school and still be home in time to prepare dinner. Most people wondered if her mum was still alive but yeah, her mum was hale and hearty but was a work freak who put her Consulting job in front of everything and everyone. She still couldn’t understand why her mum cared less about her family not even her or her dad. Few times she had heard them arguing about sex and her mum insisting that she was stressed out so he should have sex outside and she didn’t care. What kind of wife says such a thing? What kind of wife asks her husband to cheat and doesn’t care?

"Tina girl, your eyebrows are knitted together meaning say u dey think hard about something anyways have you met the newest hottie around? " Vanessa Martins her best friend, sister, beauty queen coupled with her billion other smart qualities had a way of just popping out of no where which was both annoying and a little bit cute. Vanessa had saved her from some nasty bullies in kindergarten and their journey to sisterhood had began from that very day.

"Not really Nessa. " She said managing a smile.

“Girl you really need to get a very close look at this guy" Vanessa said in a rush, her eyes twinkling with the excitement.

Christina couldn't help but laugh at the excitement in her eyes, "Nessa in as much as I love you, I love Chukwuma more so don't let him hear this, it will break his heart. "She said trying to control her laughter.

"Baby Girl I'm offended that you think I’ll leave Chukwuma but Tina!! "She exclaimed excitedly "I have a hot and smoky boyfriend who I'm head over heels in love with but you my friend are as single as hell and I'm damn serious about this guy. For crying out loud he is hotter than Ben in every way ". Nessa said trying to contain her excitement and clearly unaware that she had stimulated her pain center.


At the thought of Ben, fresh pain squeezed through her chest reminding her that she was still damn hurt after what that bastard had put her through.

" Nessa you don’t do that. You don’t go about matchmaking people in your head. It’s not right” she queried

“Why can’t I? You know I’m good at it. You cant deny it.” She winked.

She quietly conceded to defeat, knowing Nessa, she wont give it up till she had her way, “Fine. Let's see, how hot is he? "

"Perfect!! I mean very hot" Nessa

"Perfect?? Nessa for crying out loud how can someone be perfect on planet earth”

"Fine!! I mean perfect in literary terms. He has a arranged set of white teeth against small kissable lips. He has a well defined face with a perfect smile. Evidently he is about 6 ft tall or there about. In summary he is hottt" she concluded in a sing song voice.

"Wow and how did you get the details" She said though she knew Nessa was exaggerating which was one of her many qualities but if what she described was true then he matched the physical description of the Prince Charming of her dreams. At least the physical qualities matched the man who had been stalking her dreams since she was nine. "Nevermind I don’t want to know how that happened because I’m not really interested in a man right now.." the last time she had given love a chance she had been terribly hurt and disappointed at the end. A relationship that was meant to end up in marriage had ended up leaving her as a mockery to all her friends. Not all though but she knew what most of them said behind her which was no surprise. She clearly deserved it. She couldn’t explain why Ben had called off the marriage weeks before the D-day. Even after she begged and begged that the money they had spent in preparation will all go to waste, he didn’t waver in his decision. He kept on saying his mind was made and he couldn’t marry her. She had to convince herself so many times that it wasn’t her fault that the marriage didn’t pull through but well she still couldn’t help but wonder if their break-up was her fault.

“Well well speaking of the devil" Nessa whispered.

They both turned to the doorway of the cafeteria and evidently they weren't the only ones staring blankly at him.

"Wow!! Christina murmured.

Wow!! " She couldn’t help but murmur again. Nessa had given the almost exact description of him even leaving some important details. He had short black hair that was neatly cut to suit his lean face. His hair color complemented his eyes that reflected both brown and black from afar. He smiled and waved at a boy at the other end of the cafe and her heart almost stopped His lips!! His smile!!


It was the exact definition of a perfect smile. The Superman T-shirt he wore clung to his body like a second skin and showed off his big muscles. He clearly spent most of his time at the gym. She tried to mentally calculate his height but then she saw him moving towards their table. "Oh my God.” She exclaimed. “No please don’t be on your way here" she murmmured as she tried to falsify her concentration on the book on the table. She had read Americanah by Chimamanda Adiche, a million times but she forced herself to concentrate on the words.

Obinze's eyes met Ifemelu's again.

“Aren’t you hot in that jacket?” Ifemelu asked. The question came out before she could restrain herself, so used was she to sharpening her words, to watching the terror in the eyes of boys. But he was smiling. He looked amused. He was not afraid of her.

"Hello ladies. I hope I'm not interrupting. " He spoke with confidence of someone who was accustomed to intruding into discussions.

“Oh no.” she muttered under her breath.

“Hmm. Not really I was just about to take my leave before you walked in. " Nessa said, failing terribly at her attempt to play matchmaker.

"Oh that's bad. I'm Kyle by the way. " His voice was calm. Too calm for Tina's liking. She had been expecting something thicker. Maybe something with a little more bass. She didn’t expect his voice to calm her insides. She didn’t expect something so soothing.

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