Shades of Revenge

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Alpha Male?

It was a brightly colored day as Christina walked out of the door of her Father's Law chambers as she headed to the park.

It was a typical busy day in Benin city. Men and women were trying to hustle to put food on their tables. Men trying to fend for their families in more ways than one. Some women who didn't have the opportunity to be housewives where found on the streets trying to make ends meet.

The Nigerian government wasn't getting any better. The economy was getting worse with each changing regime and Christina could only think

where was the change the forefathers talked about? How far were they from the change men like Fela Kuti sang about decades ago?

The park was around the corner of her office so she decided to walk down. She couldn't keep up with all those unnecessary gym routines so walking was unfortunately her only form of exercise. Unlike Nessa who believed going to the gym was her only way to get a big butt and a flat stomach. She personally believed if you were born with a big stomach and flat butt you will stay that way no matter how many times you hit the gym. Between the both of them, Nessa had always been the flat one and She was lucky to have a reasonable size of butt with a flat stomach no matter the amount of junk food she ate. She could hear Nessa with her usual complaints

we that are taking care of our body we will not see the result ooo but people like una wen go just eat anyhow food una go dey get fine shape. Anyway God nor go shame us oo las las we go dey alright.

Christina could only always roll her eyes thinking nowadays sef the crave for big butt and flat stomach is now bigger than the crave for salvation.

She was to meet Nessa at noon for lunch but in her usual way she knew Nessa would not arrive for at least the next 10 minutes. Lateness had always been her style. She could vividly remember how many times she had almost missed her exams because she was always late. Christina has had no choice but to put up with her terrible way of life.

Christina took in a deep breath in as she inhaled the clean fresh air of the park. The park has always had a way of calming and relaxing her nerves in a way she couldn't understand. Every time she came at loggerheads with a case, coming to the park always had a way of opening up her mind to the case. Her phone buzzed and she couldn't help but smile at the text message from Kyle which read

'Hello Sunshine. Hope you're having a great day. Take care of yourself. "

She smiled again at his sweetness and thoughtfulness. Between yesterday and today she had received more text messages from him than she ever received from Ben.

Damn it!

She was thinking of Ben again. She had been comparing the both of them all morning and had scolded herself to stop.

He just kept on sending random messages which some may say was weird but she found it extremely sweet.

"Baby girl, You seemed miles away."Nessa greeted.

"Maybe I was continents away. Wow this gown is niceeeee" she squealed. "Can I have it...pleaaasseee" she pouted.

Nessa smirked, "Chukwuma got me the gown yesterday. " she turned ,"I look sexy right? "

"Girl, you look more than sexy. The president could get the cops on you for looking this hot and sexy."

"Awwwn. Thanks girl. Gimme gist joor" she giggled. "How did the meeting with the alpha male go? I want details, I mean every single detail. "

Alpha male??

Christina couldn't agree less, it would seem the perfect name to attribute to him. His presence alone seemed to dominate everyone at the cafeteria.

Dominate her!!

"Well nothing much happened in the 3 hours that we talked " it was half truth and half lie. They talked a lot but nothing happened in the context she knew her best friend was thinking of.

"What do you mean?? You spent 3 hours with a hot guy and you tell me nothing happened?Baby girl you should know that I won't take that as an answer so spill I want every hot and cold detail."

"Fine!! We talked about authors, books, the country. Just mundane things."

"Hmm." Nessa murmured evidently still waiting for more.

"Well when I was leaving he asked for my number "

"Damn girl!! How did you know that's the part I've waiting for "Nessa said laughing.

She laughed and continued, "We have been in constant communication since yesterday."

"Now that's a really bad sign" Nessa frowned.

Christina watched all the colour drain from her face, "What do you mean bad sign? "

"Tina, you remember my list of 50 things to know a good relationship?"

"Nessa you have got to be kidding me? I thought you dropped the idea of the list on the day we graduated from the university." She was laughing really hard now. She stood up and dramatically waved her hand across her face,"The list is what you make it"

"Stop laughing joor..The list is actually what I make it. And well I did drop it but that doesn't make it null. Does it?" she said arching her brows.

"Fine. Fine. Miss Vanessa Martins what rule is applicable here out of your 50 life saving wonderful rules. "Sarcasm evidently dripping from her voice.

"It's simple. When a guy rushes into a relationship too fast, he will take the exit door too fast. " Nessa explained.

"Nessa!! Who said anything about a relationship? Who said Kyle is in for a relationship? Who said I'm in for a relationship? She said, slightly raising her voice.

"Baby girl, Relax. Please tell me you find him attractive at least"Nessa asked bluntly.

"I'm really not in for a relationship and he is okay." She said smoothly.

"Tina I've known you all my life so I know when you are lying" She said laughing.

"What do you mean? "She asked with wide eyes

"Whenever you are lying or saying something you don't mean your eyes start to twitch. I saw the way you looked at him."

"Okay f-fine" She stuttered. "I can't deny the fact that I admire him.Nessa for crying out loud he is the walking definition of Zeus but with the bad boy personality of Hades and.. " she was smiling

"Okay let's take a break from Greek mythology cause knowing you, you would go on and on comparing him with all the gods but at least that's a step forward in the right direction "

She beamed, "Nessa I don't want to rush into anything not after what happened.."

"With Ben? "she asked

"Yes with Ben. I don't want that to happen ever again. You know how terrible I felt for months and just maybe according to Saint Paul, I'm meant to be single. " she said forcing a smile.

"You must be joking. Ben was a total jerk so all that happened between the both of you wasn't your fault." She paused, "and I'm so sorry I was away when all that stuff went down but I'm here now and we are going to stick with the list, it's what I make it." She mimicked Christina's hand show

"I'm not liking this already but do I have a choice in this?"

"No you dont."

"Fine, What's the plan?"

"Yes" she pumped her fist in the air. "I will come up with a plan before the day runs out. " she said triumphantly

"I should say thank you but I will save it till I hear that crazy plan of yours."

"Calm down. You know I got your back always. I will call you tonight. I need to get back to the clinic."

They hugged and Nessa hurried out of the park.


Later that evening Nessa called her about the plan and as Christina guessed it was an extremely crazy plan but she had no choice. She really just wanted to find out if he was worth the trouble of letting her heart out again.

Her dad was having a party next week and Nessa felt that was the best opportunity to invite Kyle over and scare him away if he was trouble but according to her if he had good intentions he would stay put after that night.

When he called, she invited him to the party and was surprised that he agreed to show up. She was excited and instead of going to bed, danced to Joeboy's Call as she worked on a sad rape case that had been given her a hard time.

🎶Call on me

Call on me

You know say I go pull up for you🎶

Until she fell asleep.

She dreamt of Kyle promising to pull up for her in her time of need.

How pathetic, she thought.

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