Shades of Revenge

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Parte after parte-1

Kyle realised he was extremely nervous as he walked into the Osakwe's compound. He tried to look as simple as possible wearing a tie-less white shirt leaving the first two buttons open with a navy blue jacket, a faded Jean and a black sneaker. He greeted one or two people he had met around as he tried to scan the area for Christina.

The invitation to her father's party had been as unexpected as seeing a heavy rain in March and he had gladly accepted it. Before coming tonight, he had sworn to stay away from her no matter what because of the aphrodisiac effect she had on him.

Dammn!!he cursed.

When he agreed to this mission, he never thought it would be this hard. He was in a constant state of dilemma. She had this strange effect on him when he got close but how was he to carry out his mission without getting close to her.

A waiter stopped to offer him a glass of champagne which he declined . But while he turned down the offer his eyes landed on someone talking in a group.


Since she wasn't looking, Kyle let his eyes linger for a moment. Admittedly he didn't know alot about women's fashion, but he assumed that her blue dress sported some fancy designer label. And whatever she'd spent, it was worth every damn penny. The dress cut asymmetrically across her legs and one ruffled sleeve draped teasingly off her right shoulder with a combination of black heels she had on. The look was both classy, hot and sexy as hell.

She kept her hand on the right side of her small but beautifully shaped hips as she talked to a couple who looked old enough to be her parents. The couple were engrossed in what she was saying.

Shit. He was doing it again. Thinking about her in ways he shouldn't. Now stop it.....she has such beautiful neck. Very beautiful collar bones.

As if sensing Kyle's gaze, she looked over and caught his eye.

There was something about her eyes. The glitter in it seemed to change in the twinkle of an eye. One moment there was this glitter of happiness and spark of joy but in the twinkle of an eye it was all gone. He tried his best not to care, he had just one mission to complete and slip away as easily as he had slipped into town. She smiled at him and quickly turned to continue her discussion.

For the next half hour, he did the rounds introducing himself to those who cared to listen, making polite conversations. There was a particular couple who kept on insisting they had come across him during one of their visits to a Northern state in Nigeria. He had to tell them it was probably a doppelganger which was half truth. It had to be his goddamn twin brother who was always touring from one place to another in the name of adventure.

Then there was a clinking of glasses as a man he guessed as Christina's father moved to the center of the terrace to make a toast. The people who'd been mingling out on the lawn came closer.

It seems he had gathered the whole country in his lawn. Kyle thought

"Caroline and I want to thank everyone of you for coming out tonight," He began, with the air of confidence of a man used to speaking in front of others. "It's wonderful and amazing that so many of you could join me and my family on this occasion, I feel like I've gathered the whole town"

The crowd broke out in laughter.

Just what I was thinking.

"When I was first given the Nwachukwu case, the man who haunted our dreams for so many years, the man who raped and murdered our daughters and destroyed the lives of our sons. He was finally caught but" he paused, then continued, " But I hesitated in taking the case because he hired one of the best lawyers in town to defend him but on a second thought this town deserved some justice after what he had put so many families through."

"So much pain sir." Someone shouted from the crowd.

"That's what I thought too. We needed justice for Folake. We needed justice for Edith. We needed justice for Rachel. We needed justice for Raphael. We needed justice for Janet and all the other kids he took from us."

"Yes sir. Justice for Ebere" another person shouted.

A few more Yes' and Justice's came from the crowd.

He took a deep breath, " I was threatened to drop the case on so many occasions but here we are. With all your help we won the case and Nwachukwu as been put behind bars"

The whole crowd began clapping. He continued after the crowd had quieted, "so for that I want to thank you all for your support. Drink till you are drunk, there's enough room in my house for y'all.

The crowd laughed again, "I hope there are also pretty ladies for us too,."Somebody shouted from the crowd.

The crowd laughed again.

Jack lifted his glass,"So with that I'd like to toast to success".

"To success " Everyone shouted as they clinked their glasses of champagne.

Just in time, the DJ started playing the party song in vogue 'parte after parte', and the chorus erupted from the crowd.

🎶parte after parte

Oh yeah

Parte after parte

Oh yeah

Parte after parte

After parte after parte🎶🎶

The crowd broke off into various groups, some singing, others chatting and mingling. Seeing that he had no one else to talk to, he decided to check out the gardens. He headed for the stairs and as fate would have it, he met the one lady he was both trying to avoid yet his mind craved for her


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