Shades of Revenge

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Parte after parte-2

"Kyle. Hello. "She said with a pleasant smile.

"Christina... Good to see you again. You look great. " Kyle replied ever so politely

"Thank you." She blushed. It had been a battle on what dress she would wear because according to Nessa everything looked good on her, both the ones screaming sex ,some screaming decent, even the ones screaming Reverend sister. At last they were able to narrow it down to a black strapless gown which ended mid thigh, showing off her curves and a blue gown which cut assymetrically across her legs showing a little of her thighs enough to catch the eyes but still covered enough to be called decent. Finally the blue gown worn sexiest gown of the night award.

"I'm glad you could make it tonight." She glanced at him and caught him watching her.

"I'm glad I could make it and I couldn't turn down a chance to be with you or free drinks either."

Damn you Kyle. Go easy on the charm tonight.

She smiled.

They walked down the stairs together....... In silence. Before he broke the comfortable silence,

"I never knew your dad was a lawyer by profession."he stated quietly.

"Oh. He owns Osakwe's chambers very close to the shopping mall along the road. He is my role model" she beamed, evidently proud of the piece of information she just dished out.

A woman passed them on the wide staircase, heading in the opposite direction. She grinned seeing them side by side, "Well, don't you two look so lovely together? When are we expecting wedding bells, Tina."

"We are not together " Kyle and Christina said almost at the same time.

"Oh I'm sorry " The woman said as she hurried away looking very embarrassed.

"Please excuse me," Christina smiled at him as she turned to the left to meet someone who was beckoning on her.

He quickly turned right to the direction of the gardens. Having no one to talk to at the moment, he decided to do some light reconnaissance. Walking from the gardens he decided to take a tour to admire the house. His cousin who was an architect would have definitely loved this house. At least from the little he knew about houses, It was old probably dating back to the 80s or 90s yet it was so beautiful. After a while he finally moved back to the garden.

While pretending to admire the gardens he found a vantage point that allowed him to watch Vanessa and the guy he guessed was her boyfriend from all the touching and kissing they were doing. He hadnt noticed a ring in her hand the other day so he was definitely her boyfriend and Nessa was clearly in love with him.


It was something he knew he couldn't find, something he knew he didn't deserve. He had been foolish as a teenager to believe that Aghogho had loved him. He had been more foolish to believe Laura had loved him too. But after their brutal break up he had sworn that no lady will ever make him feel so useless. So helpless.

"Kyle how far nau. You just abandoned me oo" Nessa greeted as she approached him.

"I am fine oo. You abandoned me first na. Shuo." Kyle played along

"Ahhh. Where is Christina?? I have been asking of you and I have been telling her to greet you too" Nessa defended

"She didn't tell me anything oo. She needs query."

They both laughed.

"How are you doing joor?" Kyle asked.

"I am doing fine oo. Hope you are having a great time here?"

"Of course I am." Kyle smiled.

"Good. What are your intentions about my friend? Nessa asked bluntly, with her no bullshit, if you misbehave I will beat the shit out of you face.

Kyle was forced to cough. Definitely not the line of conversation he was expecting. "She is a nice person and fun to be with."

"Hmm." Nessa was scanning his face, waiting for more.

Kyle didn't know what to say. He didn't want to say the wrong thing to blow his cover because he knew girls and he knew whatever he said now, Christina was going to hear every single word.

"So you dont find her sexy or beautiful?"

"W-what?" He stuttered.

"Kyle do you find my friend beautiful or sexy or are you attracted to her?"

Bloody hell!!

"Yes. She is a very sexy and beautiful woman and attractive too." He paused, and then continued when saw Nessa was not satisfied with all he had said, "I am also attracted to her."

Nessa beamed, "That's good to know Kyle. Very good to know. Can I leave a piece of information with you?"

"Sure." Kyle answered, confused.

"I am a medical doctor with great knowledge about the Male reproductive anatomy and I'm very good at orchiectomy." She noticed his confusion and further explained, " it's the removal of the testicles. Okay?" She winked at him.

She had the guts to wink after threatening me? What the hell? Who the hell is this woman?" Kyle thought.


"Good. Have you met Mr Matthews? He runs the HR team of the biggest consulting firm in Nigeria. "

And the next thing he knew Nessa was introducing him to a whole new set of people.

By eleven' oclock', Kyle was ready to call it a night. He'd pretty much exhausted his ability to make a good and polite chit chat with a bunch of people he didn't know and wasn't interested in knowing.

Tired from all the conversing, he decided to grab something to drink before getting on the road. He made his way to the bar that had been set up on one end of the terrace. He had a no alcohol policy when he was driving so he ordered a club soda.

Drink in hand, he leaned against the terrace while watching people. He was on his last sip when something caught his eye. A flash of blue caught his eye.

Truth be told, this wasn't the first time this particular flash of blue had caught his eye. Christina had been everywhere at the party. Laughing, smiling, chatting and mingling with almost everyone. It seemed she was very popular and always in his line of sight with her beautiful long legs and that damn dress that fell of her shoulder. It made a man think things. Made a man think-


Things a man definitely had no business thinking about a woman who wasn't his wife, a woman he'd gone out of his way to avoid throughout the night. He had accepted her invitation because he needed to be close to her. His mission was important and right now so much was on the line. He thought it was going to be easy- get in and get out, but from the first day he met her, seen her smile and laugh, the way her eyes shone when she laughed, since that day he knew his mission was at stake. Like the fuck he was having constant wet dreams about her.

Brushing those thoughts aside, Kyle set his empty glass on the tray next to the bar. Just then, his ear caught the conversation of the group standing in front of him.

"...... heard they have started planning the wedding."said a woman.

"Wasn't that the exact time last year that Christina was supposed to get married to that young successful engineer? I think it was Bennett or Ben. I cant remember his name again." asked the second woman standing beside her.

"Yes. Probably she is cursed. I know she has always had a bad history with relationships right from her university days."the first woman snickered

A third woman jumped in, shushing the first two, "ssshh. Christina's standing right there." She whispered.

Kyle looked over his shoulder and saw Christina in a mid conversation with two men who if he recalled correctly from the whirlwind of introductions,were her colleagues. She stood closest to the gossiping women, so it was certainly possible she'd heard their gossip about her. But her expression gave nothing away as she carried on, smiling like she had done throughout the night.

He found himself consciously saying it was time to call it a night. He found Nessa and Chukwuma and had every intention of a saying a quick goodbye. But unluckily for him, guy Chukwuma seemed to like him alot knowing that he was a reporter and worked in the newspaper company thrilled him the more. Chukwuma introduced him to yet more people -People who were as fascinated to hear that he was a reporter. They immediately hit him with a standard litany of questions. So you are a reporter? (Yes). How is that like? (Fun. So much fun). Do you love your job? (Yes. I really do.)

And so on.

Finally, he made his getaway thirty minutes later. He decided to walk around the house instead of going back inside,thinking it will be his quickest escape route from his new fans. He hung his jacket on his arm because he was sweating as he followed the narrow walkway past the swimming pool into a more secluded garden he hadn't noticed earlier.

Sitting on a bench tucked away from the rest of the party, was Christina.

The one woman he wanted to avoid tonight yet he inwardly craved to spend time with.

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