In The Shadows

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Ch. 8: Shit show

I didn’t bother to turn around when I heard gasps of surprise when I pulled out the suitcase hidden below my bed. They already knew who I was, I didn’t bother to hide it anymore. I opened it and picked one of the magazines of my gun, making sure to keep it full as I placed it in the gun and wrapped it again around my holster. There were two guns around my legs and others were different types of blades for safety precautions. There were also some in my boots that I changed into when I finally got up to my room.

Not bothering to change into the sundress that had specs of blood on them from the kill I made just hours ago, I just hid it with a trenchcoat. It was easier than having to change into jeans and a shirt when my family were in my room, staring at me while I moved faster than they could even blink. It was also easy to hide weapons in my sleeves. It wasn’t really like I was flash, it was more of a frantic pack up--grab all the things that I needed and go.

The Russian mafia were gone for a while, also packing up their things to leave. We were going to their homebase, and while it was a stupid decision on my part, it was all that I could think of. It would be harder for assassins to get to him if he was surrounded by his people twenty-four seven. While I didn’t trust any of them, I knew that leaving was the best option rather than stay here and get everyone hurt.

“Alessia, slow down!”

I hadn’t even noticed that they were calling my name and ordering me around until Caio grabbed my wrist and pulled me to face him. My eyes widened, staring at my family who looked like they were seeing a stranger. My heart ached but I didn’t have time to be emotional. If one could bypass security, what’s to say that others wouldn’t be able to do so?

The longer we stayed here was the moment that we were giving them more time to find us here.

Shaking my hand, I jerked my hand away and turned to both of my suitcases, zipping them all up. “I don’t have time to explain. Like I said, we’re running out of time and just because I hid this from all of you doesn’t mean that I’m still not me.”

“You’re acting crazy, Alessia,” Dante spoke. “Are you sure you’re a Nightkiss because—”

I cocked a brow at him and pulled the handle on my suitcases. “Really, D? I just killed someone in front of you without blinking, I escaped the ropes they had me in, and so far, you’ve just seen my own personal collection of weapons. Are you really sure that’s the right question to ask me?” I turned to all of them and shook my head. “Again, I don’t have time. We have to leave. I can’t risk them going here.”

Releasing my grip on the suitcases, I did what my instinct told me to do. Walking to my parents, I hugged both of them. The height difference between the three of us made it painfully awkward but I couldn’t do long goodbyes. It needed to be fast and quick. “I’m going to need you to vet all of the people you hire personally now. One assassin managed to give you all the slip up and who knows what he did with this place. Check the place if you’ve been bugged, okay? It might not be working anymore because he’s dead but if somebody bypasses the security on those things, they could easily listen in to everything.”

Without waiting for their response, I walked over to my brother and hugged him. He hugged me back. “Don’t tell them that you knew,” I whispered to him. “It’s better if they’re only mad at me. Tell Fletcher, okay? Take care of them.”

“Okay,” he whispered back.

Facing all of them, I smiled sadly. “Since Nightkiss hasn’t known of me being compromised, I can’t have you contacting me. If it’s an emergency, you’re friends with Roman for a reason and he’ll relay the message. Do business as usual as to not get suspicion. If somebody contacts you all to give their condolences, you reply as you normally would.”

Condolences…” my father repeated, his brows furrowed. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Just go with it, dad.” I told him, glancing at my watch to look at the time. “Keeping up with the appearance that your daughter died is easier than having to tell everyone that she ran away. And they’ll know that I was still alive and be suspicious Have a funeral, say nice things, be sad, cry, whatever it is you do in those stupid things. Just do it.”

“Are you coming back?” Aunt Lina finally spoke, her eyes filling with tears. It wasn’t a surprise. She was more emotional than everybody else and we loved her for it. It wasn’t as if she was innocent to our world, it only accentuated the fact that she was a woman of morals and we needed that to keep us grounded.

Shaking my head, I told them the honest truth. “It’s dangerous to even try. For the first time, I don’t know. As far as we’re making it out to be, I am dead. It’s easier that way considering people didn’t even know about me being part of the family. You’ll only have a secret gathering funeral for the sake of Nightkiss. There’s no doubt that they’ll check if it’s true. You’ll do it in two days and then, you’ll go back to work like you usually do.”


Holding my ground, I gave a smile to my father. The man that protected me from everything that the dark side of the world had to offer. While I felt bad for making it known to him that he, along with everyone, failed to do that, I didn’t feel bad for deceiving them into thinking so. It was for their own safety whether or not they would be mad at me for keeping it from them.

Walking up to my dad, I tiptoed and gave him a kiss on his cheek. A sign that I was still his little girl no matter how much I’ve changed in his eyes in mere seconds. “I’m going to be fine, dad. I have to do this.”

This was for Sapphire. I had to do it.

I only hoped that whatever she was thinking of happening, it was going to work.

A throat clearing caught our attention, making us turn to the Russian Adonis that stood in front of the doorway with his men, holding their own suitcases. My own stoic expression came back as he cocked a brow at me.


Nodding, I didn’t bother to wait for anyone to stop me. I practically sprinted away from them, walking to our parking lot and spotting the unfamiliar car that didn’t belong to us. It wasn’t long until the six men stood in front of me and Roman, Nolan, and Abbas held their own car keys. It was typical. Of course the boss would have to ride by himself along with his right-hand man.

Levi grabbed Roman’s and my suitcases, placing them on the trunk of the black camaro. I waited until they were finished and I called them over. It was obvious that they didn’t trust me because the second my voice left my lips, Abbas gripped the gun he had on his waistband and everyone else tensed except for the bastard who seemed too cocky to even realize how much of a threat I was.

When this was all done, I was going to make sure he suffers.

“We have to stop by Zeus Nightclub,” I told them. “I need to do something.”

“What?” Nolan’s seemingly cheery personality disappeared as he scoffed. “You just said we have to hurry.”

“Yes and that’s why we’re leaving as soon as I get something from the place.” I replied, keeping my cool. Though I could be temperamental at times, I knew how to place it. If I was working, I didn’t get angry easily and this was nothing but a job.

A dangerous job.

But hey, nobody said becoming an assassin was easy.

Roman soon nodded, those golden eyes of his trained on mine. I matched his stare, not cowering under whatever powerful aura he had. Who the fuck cared? The man just made me expose myself to my family, leave them, and make them have a funeral as to say that their only daughter, sister, girl cousin, and niece had just died.

“Fine,” he stated. “But if this is a trap, зайка--”

“Oh go fuck yourself, Roman Kozlov.” I had hissed. Apparently, I was wrong about not being temperamental. This man was infuriating, especially when he just called me bunny, knowing damn well that he said that before I saved his fucking life. “If I wanted you dead, you and your friends would have been already. Let’s just fucking go, yeah?”

Brooks mumbled something under his breath as we all dispersed, me getting placed with Roman in the car. Nobody heard it but I did.

“She’s even scarier than Roman.”

At least something good came out of this shit show, then.

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