A New Love A New Change

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Chapter 9

*Katherine's POV*

After Troy helped me with my bath and with dressing we went downstairs. He told me to go sit in the den that he would be there shortly he needed to clean the kitchen up. As I was entering the den I heard the television playing that I hadn't seen in there yesterday, and I noticed someone sitting in one of the chairs. I stopped going through the dinning room and into the foyer. I quietly opened the door careful with my hands and went outside to get some fresh air.

I started walking towards the old red chevy truck. The shoes I had borrowed were a little tight but they did the job. I looked into the cab of the truck and noticed the interior was brand new. The black leather seats didn't have a scratch anywhere. The radio looked up to date and there wasn't a lick of trash in it. She sun was close to setting but I could still see with enough light that was provided.

I walked a little further down the drive enjoying the breeze and the silence of the woods. It was peaceful here. I walked a way down and found a blackberry bush. I went up too it noticing some were ready and some were not. It took me back to my childhood when my mother and I would pick them and eat them. Sometimes she would even cook me blackberry cobbler.

I sighed. I didn't remember too much about her, but I could never forget how sweet she was. My father had said she had ran off when I was about eight and didn't ever want me to bring it up so I really didn't know.

I picked a few and sat down eating them. They were good. I tried to enjoy anything nature provided, but I didn't get to have that opportunity often. I looked up and the sky had started turning a dark orange. I needed to be headed back to the cabin before I couldn't see. When I tried standing up and hand pulled me back down and went around my mouth.

"Shhh, I need you to be really quite. Someone is at the cabin talking to Troy. He sent me to find you," a voice whispered.

I nodded and he let my mouth go. I stayed seated and looked around me to find an unfamiliar face. He was crouched down to the ground and he was alert. I listened for a moment and heard nothing. Suddenly a loud voice came from a distance and I noticed it was Caleb's.

"Fuck you! Katherine? If your here please come out of the cabin so we can talk. I've been worried about you baby."

I pushed myself up on one knee with the help of my elbow and then stood up stepping backwards. The man Troy had supposedly sent got up and came to my side.

"Please don't make another sound or movement. We think there is another man in the woods and your making the gravel crunch."

"Katherine," I heard Caleb call louder.

In terror I took another step back unconsciously, a growl came from the man in front of me and I looked at him. He was looking to the left of me inside the tree line. When I looked I saw a man with his gun pointed at us.

The man was the same one that had been there to uncuff me the other day at the house. I noticed his rounded belly and his old wrinkly face.

"Don't move an inch or I'll shoot the both of you," he said.

I froze not knowing what to do, and before my brain could register what I had seen. The man was down and quiet, and there was a huge grey and brown wolf in front of me. I stumbled back and fell. I was in so much shock I couldn't scream or move. The wolf slowly walked towards me and laid down in front of me whimpering. I looked over to where the man that Troy sent had been standing and noticed ripped clothes. I looked back at the wolf and he nudged closer still whimpering.

There was no realistic way this man had just changed into a wolf. Right? He came a bit closer and I raised my arm up stopping him.

"Please don't hurt me?" I tried. The wolf laid his head on his front legs and looked away glancing constantly at me every few seconds.

I watched him carefully and tried listening for anymore screaming coming from the cabin. I heard nothing though.

*Troy's POV*

I watched Caleb walk off my property and back into the woods with a gun thrown over his shoulder.

Harley did you find Katherine? I asked mindlinking him.

Yes but we have a problem.

My heart stopped. Every possibility of whether she had been hurt again or worse went through my head.

What happened? Where is she? Is she okay? I demanded.

She's fine Troy. She's sitting right in front of me.

Then what is the problem? I shouted through the link.

There was another guy. He threatened to shoot both of us, and I kind of changed in front of her and knocked him out. I'll take the guy to the cellars on the rez, I just need you to come get her before her heart bursts out of her chest. She's scared Troy. Harley said.

Fuck! I looked to the tree line again not seeing Caleb or sensing him and then took off running down the drive. It didn't take but a minute and I made it to Katherine. She was sitting on the ground feet from Harley. I could smell the fear all over her as she watched him cautiously. I looked behind Harley at an older man lying on the ground.

There is a change of clothes passed the tree line behind the man. Change, put them on and take care of him," I ordered.

Harley got up slowly and turned trotting into the woods. I tired helping Katherine up but she shook her head not wanting help. She was still looking into the woods when Harley came back out.

"No fucking way," she whispered.

I squatted in front of her and tilted her chin so she would look at me.

"Baby girl let's go back to the cabin and get inside before Caleb realizes his friend is missing."

"Is h-he dead?" She asked.

I shook my head. "No but we have to go. Harley will take care of this."

She shook her head still stunned and asked, "How did you know his name? I don't remember telling you his name. And how did he do that?"

She pointed at Harley. I looked up at Harley and he just gave me a look that said good luck. He turned with the other man over his shoulder and started walking down the do e towards the reservation.

"Come on love. Let's get inside and we will talk about all of this okay?" I grabbed her elbow and helped her up off the ground. I held on to her as we walked back up the drive. I looked and listened for any signs of Caleb in the woods but didn't feel he was there. We walked up the steps and into the cabin. She walked towards the den and sat down on the couch still looking stunned.

"I think I'll have a drink now. Something strong please," she muttered.

I nodded and headed to the bar. I grabbed a straw, two glasses, and the bottle of whiskey I had bought the other night. I sat the glasses down pouring whiskey in them and placing the straw in her cup. She took a big sip and shuddered. Taking the straw out she awkwardly used both hands and downed the drink. I refilled it for her and took a swig myself feeling the burn slide from the back of my throat into my stomach.

"I will answer any questions you have as honestly as I can love, and explain everything that's going on. I would like to know a few things from you too as well though."

She nodded and finished her glass off and then turned to me. "Did your friend turn into a wolf tonight?"

I downed my glass and refilled both her's and mine before answering.

"Yes he did."

"What is he?"

I rubbed the back of my head and responded, "He is a Lycan or a werewolf as you've probably read in books before."

"Can you change?"

I nodded and she took a deep breath taking another swallow of the whiskey.

"How did you know my husbands name was Caleb?"

She didn't hold back on her questions, and she asked them bluntly. I respected her for that and the fact she was being so calm about it.

"I had Blake look you and him up to figure out who you both were. I needed to get a feel of your situation when I found you in the woods," I answered sitting back on the couch sipping my drink.

"You seemed to know about Malik too. Did he also figure that out looking me up?"

I nodded again.

"You said earlier you would explain why we had a strong connection. Can you tell me about that?"

I was shocked when she went straight to that question. "Every Lycan has a lifemate. The moon Gods that protect us and gave us life created one for every Lycan that was born. You are mine. The tingles, and the fire, the feeling that you don't want to ever be away from me, I feel it too. The only thing I can't figure out is why you feel them. Most human lifemate's can't feel the connection like you can. Which leads me to my question. What is your maiden name?"


I shook my head still confused. "What about your mother's maiden name?"

Her eyes got wide. "I'm not a werewolf! I've never even changed. Neither did my parents."

"The only theory I can come up with is that one of your parents are. It could be a cause for your wolf being dormant. Plus I've noticed you using your hands a bit more. Do they still hurt?"

She looked down at them and wiggled her fingers on her left hand. She jumped up gasping and I smiled to myself.


"That's what I need to find out love. I would like both of your parent's full names so I can figure it out."

She nodded, "John Lee Thompson and Maryln Becca Mullen."

I quickly mindlinked the names to Blake and asked him to look into their lives now and their past lives. Anything to get me to understand Katherine a little better.

"Where are your mother and father now," I asked.

She looked down at her hands and then replied, "My father told me my mother had ran off when I was eight. My father lives in town. I never really had a close relationship with my father after my mother left. He always seemed like he didn't want me around."

She finished off her drink and turned her whole body my way and looked at me.

"So I'm your lifemate?"

I smiled at her. "Yes you are."

"And what exactly does that mean for us? What if I can't handle it?"

"Well baby girl, it means that our bond and feelings will grown for one another. I will always put you before myself. I will take care of you, protect you, love you with all my heart, and be here for you no matter what." I looked down saddened by the what if, but answered her question. "If you ever decide you don't want me all you have to do is reject me, and the connection we have will vanish."

She sat there quietly trying to absorb everything. She got up and walked through the dinning room and I watched her. I was so nervous it wasn't funny. In the middle of a deep conversation she just walked off. I downed the rest of my cup and refilled it.

Hey Troy, Blake entered my mind.

What's up?

I looked up her parents like you asked me too. Her dad is human. Her mom though is Lycan. She disappeared when Katherine was eight and there isn't any trace of her anywhere. She does have a sister though. She lives in North Georgia among the Blue Ridge Pack. I can give you her number? It wouldn't be a bad idea for Katherine to call her. Her name is Cecila Mullen Archer.

I sighed as Katherine walked back in the room.

Let me talk to Katherine and I'll get back with you on that.

Sounds good.

I cut the mindlink short questions still racing through my head.

"Sorry I had to use the restroom," Katherine said.

"That's alright love. I do have a quick question for you though.

"Okay shoot."

I cleared my throat not quiet ready on how to bring something like this up, but I tried anyways. "Did you know your mom had a sister?"

A look of shock crossed her face and she shook her head slowly. "I was never told about any family on my mother's side. How would you know about it?"

"Blake just told me."

She looked around and then looked back at me confused. "How could he have told you if he's not here?"

"This one's going to be confusing, but when your in a pack you can use a thing called mindlinking."

"Do what?"

I laughed at the expression on her face and she furrowed her brows in frustration.

"I'm sorry love. I know it's not funny but the expression on your face was just priceless." I stopped laughing and continued, "Mindlinking is a form of communication. Only Lycans that are in a pack can do it. It's like talking on the phone but through your mind."

"Okay? So what about my mother's sister? Where is she at?"

"She's in North Georgia among the Blue Ridge Pack," I said.

"Pack? Like a werewolf pack?"

I nodded my head killing the rest of my drink and setting the glass down.

"She, just like your mother, is a Lycan. We also dug up so information on your mother as well."

"Where is she?"

I sighed not knowing how to tell her this, "We don't know. When she disappeared there was no trace of her anywhere. I was kind of hoping your aunt could give us a little insight on that."

She nodded tears forming in her eyes. I went into the kitchen and found a pen and a piece of paper. Blake linked me the number and I went back to Katherine handing it to her. She looked at it like it was a piece of old jewelry. I set my cell on the coffee table, "Whenever your ready love."

I walked away giving her the space she needed. Everything I had just told her could be life changing, and I knew she was going to need too make this step by herself.

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