A New Love A New Change

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Katherine Dotson has had a rough life. The situation she's in is messed up and she just wants a way out. When she gets her break will she end up in the arms of another man who will cherish and protect her, or back in the same situation that's killing her on the inside? Troy Summers has waited years to find his lifemate, but time is running out to find her and take up his role as Alpha. He knows she's out there he can feel it. But will he find her in time, or will he hold her while she suffers the unimaginable? WARNING*** VERY GRAPHIC SEXUAL AND SEXUAL ASSUALT SCENES!!!!

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

*Katherine's POV*

This morning was like any other morning. I had to get up before my husband did. This life wasn't what I had pictured it to be when I was younger. It was a hard and painful one. I jumped into marriage with my best friend. It was either that or marry the suitor my father had lined up for me.

Even though I had chosen the wrong person to jump too, I still didn't regret the fact that my father would have made millions if I would have married Malik Summers. I didn't want him to reap the benefits of my marriage. It was wrong but my entire life had always been.

Caleb Dotson on the other hand wasn't a basket full of roses either. When we were friends we were close. We did everything together and he was the greatest friend anyone could've had. We had been married for two years now though, and I honestly wanted to hide or run away.

He was not the same person I had once knew. I played a very serious role when it came to being his wife. Everything had to go his way. Everything had to be perfect. If not there were major consequences. I flinched at the thought while slipping my rob on and quietly exiting the bedroom.

Going into the kitchen I prepared a simple breakfast for him, buttered toast with eggs on the side. Looking at the clock I noticed I had fifteen minutes left until he got up to get ready for work. I quickly went into the bathroom and laid out a towel and wash rag for him. I went into the closet that separated the bedroom and bathroom and grabbed him some clothes laying them out on the vanity.

I looked around rechecking if I had missed anything. My head constantly screaming 'perfect, perfect, perfect'. I went to the vanity turning the water on and washing my face, and then quickly brushing my teeth. My shower always had to wait until after he left because I used all the hot water. I went back into the kitchen and poured him a glass of milk and his alarm started blaring. I set everything up on the table and took my place behind the chair he would be sitting at.

My heart fluttered as I heard the bed squeak. Only thirty more minutes and he would be gone for hours, I thought.

"Katherine," he stated as he sat down at the table.

"Good morning Caleb."

He didn't talk to me much anymore. Whatever we had had before died when we got married. This wasn't the same man I was best friends with. This was a monster. I knew to stay quiet. He liked enjoying his meals in peace.

I stood there gazing at his blonde hair and his average sized shoulders that were bare. His skin a very tan caramel color. I knew his brown eyes would be looking for the slightest mistake. His ears on alert for me to speak. I watched him eat without even asking me for a bite. Not caring how I felt Not thanking me for the meal I cooked for him.

After he ate he got up and went into the bedroom. I went to grab his plate and cup and set it in the sink.

"Now come here before I shower," he barked.

I took a deep breath and went into the bedroom. I stood there facing him wanting him to leave already. I just wanted this to be over.

"You're going to make me late for work. If I have to be late I'll make this worth being late. We do this every morning bitch so strip."

I flinched and started unhooking my rob and then taking my pjs off. I went over to the dresser and laid my upper body flat on it arms stretched out on either side of me. I never knew why he kept the dresser cleaned off until I moved in with him.

He cuffed my hands and then brought my knees up and tucked them under me.

"Please be easy," I whimpered. He grabbed my hair real sharply and shushed me. I relaxed the best I could knowing it was going to hurt either way. Time seemed to slow down as I waited for him to fuck me. And then his cock roughly entered me. I felt his cock slide in and out of me and then disappeared, reappearing in my ass. I took a sharp breath and bit my lip trying to keep from screaming.

He didn't take it easy as he crammed himself into me. Tears pooled up in my eyes and I tried to keep him from seeing that. I had learned my lesson before about crying and this wasn't even the worst thing that's ever happened to me.

I felt his cock jerk as he came and heard him sigh. He backed up and went into the bathroom closing the door. I laid there for a moment trying to compose myself before I tried sliding my legs back to the floor. I pulled on the cuffs but he had tightened them to the point they were digging in my skin. I laid my head back down and just listened to the water running.

Everyday was the same and one step out of line and it got worse. The sex didn't drive me as crazy as The Room did.

Once I had missed my alarm and I hadn't gotten up to help him get ready for work. When his alarm went off I remember waking up to a sharp pain on my scalp. He had drug me by the hair to a small bath tub sized closest and locked me in from the outside. Threatening the entire way that I wouldn't get to eat or drink, and that I would be in there for a while until I learned. I had learned all right. I never slept in again, and that wasn't the first or the last time in that room.

I hadn't heard the shower turn off and he stepped out into the room with his work clothes on. He grabbed all of his necessities off of the night stand and started putting them in different pockets; wallet, pocket knife, cigarettes, and a lighter. He turned towards me and bent to my level looking at me.

"I don't know why you thought it would be a good idea to beg, but that's just your stupidity. You can sit there cuffed to the dresser until I either send someone or get home from work. And you'd better not dare piss in my floor or I'll knock your teeth to the back of your throat."

I nodded my head and watched him leave without another word. Once I knew he was gone I cried. I felt disgusting and desperately needed a bath. My arms would be asleep in the next hour, and if I couldn't move that meant I wouldn't be able to lay dinner out. Which would mean he would be angry at me. I was ready. I was ready to leave and put this behind me.

Run away to a better place or just end it here, because I couldn't take this too much longer.

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