A New Love A New Change

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Chapter 2

*Troy's POV*

Out of all the days in a year this just had to be the worst. Malik had called a council meeting about what I was going to do in the next few weeks. If I couldn't find my lifemate then I was going to have to forfeit my seat to him. As stupid as he was he had already found his lifemate and they had bore a heir. He had called dad, my younger brothers Sherman and Heath, and my sister Heather.

I sat there tapping my fingers on the table as they all discussed it. I had no clue what I was going to do. Malik was a stengy little shit and reminded me of a snake more than a pack's Alpha. I could always just let him have it, then again I could just let the entire pack die. Hell it would be about the same.

I shook my head and looked up catching my dad watching me.

Son you'd better do something. And quick, he remarked through our mind link.

I know dad. I know, I replied back.

If my dad didn't see it fit for Malik to have the Alpha's spot then he really didn't need it. Dad had been Alpha for a long time and could also see Malik just wanted the spot for power.

"Alright look. I didn't want to have to tell you all like this, but this shit is getting ridiculous Malik. I found my lifemate," I shouted.

Everyone's head snapped towards me and they all got quiet.

"Then where is she Troy? Because I think your bluffing," Malik laughed.

The lie was pretty out there, but something has to be done about these pointless meetings.

"She's human. I'm giving her the time she needs to come around. This is a whole new world and it will freak the hell out of her," I responded like it was the truth.

"You could always change her and then tell her," Malik still laughed.

"And you can always go to hell you unemotional fuck!" I yelled. His eyes got wide and his mouth shut instantly.

He knew I was telling the truth. He never even completed the bond with his lifemate. He just wanted a heir.

"Now if you all will excuse me I need to make a run into town. Thanks for the meeting," I stated and walked out of the room. Now I have to go find a suitable fake lifemate.

*Katherine's POV*

I don't know how long I had been sleeping but when I woke my arms were stiff. I tried pulling on them again but the loss of blood made it hard to even lift them. I just wanted to give up.

I woke again to the sound of footsteps. They were headed my way, but they were a bit heavy to be Caleb.

"Hello?" I croaked not realizing how much I needed water.

"It's okay baby. Caleb sent me out here to unhook you," a man said. He had a scruffy, deep voice that sent chills down my spine.

He groaned something inaudible and then I felt his hand touch my bare ass.

"Please no," I gasped trying to jerk away but I had a hard time even trying to move.

"Hey it's okay baby. I'm not going to fuck you. Caleb would kill me. I just want to touch that tiny body of yours. No harm here."

I whimpered and tried again to jerk away at his touch, but I couldn't get anywhere with him being right behind me and my arms still dead and cuffed. When I tried moving a second time he caught me off guard by pushing his leg between mine.

"No. No, please? Just let me go," I screamed.

"Shut the fuck up bitch," he yelled back. Grabbing my hair in his fist, he beat my head into the dresser until I almost blacked out.

He stopped and I tried focusing on my breathing to maintain consciousness. I felt a wetness coming from my head and I could only assume it was blood. I felt his fingers exploring. Opening my folds and entering my pussy. His finger grazed my clit and pushed on it sliding back to my pussy to dip inside once more.

"Please!" I screamed so loud my ears popped.

I bucked and tried kicking backwards. I was satisfied when I heard him groan in pain. My aim wasn't too bad. I felt him fall to the floor gasping for air.

"You dumb bitch," he gasped. "I see now why Caleb cuffed you. You'll pay for this."

I didn't have time to think. I stared pulling hard on the cuffs. They bit into my skin and the pain was overwhelming, but if I had to break my whole arm I was getting out of here. With the help of my blood and a snap from my hand that had me screaming in agony I managed to get my left hand free.

I turned around and the man had started to get up. I pulled with all my weight to get my right hand free and broke my wrist in the process. And with one last pull I got out of the cuff. With probably both wrists broke I turned completely on the man. The nerves in my hands made them shake and made my stomach roll, but I felt myself thinking clear.

The man I was looking at now was shocked. He was a big man and probably twenty times my age with white receding hair. He had a big nose and wrinkles everywhere.

"Now lets not do anything drastic little lady," he said as he tried lunging for me. I brought my leg up with another kick that landed him square in the nuts.

He crumpled to the floor again in pain. And I ran for the door of the bedroom. I didn't think about clothes or staying to try collecting anything. I clutched both my hands to my chest and took off out the front door. I stopped and looked around for my best escape and decided to take off around back and through the woods.

I wasn't very good at navigating, but I ran as fast as I could in the straightest possible way. The greenery passed me, I jumped over trees that laid on the ground I stumbled a few times but managed to keep going. Anything to get me as far and fast away from that awful house, that awful man, and my abusive husband as possible.

I don't know how far I ran or for how long, but I stopped when I slipped and fell into a creek down an embankment. I sat there and let the cold water caress me and numb my still shaking hands. I was fast coming down from the adrenalin rush when I moved over to the bank and threw up.

When I finally stopped I got up on shaky legs and started walking in the same direction. I didn't want to stop now. If Caleb found me he would beat me to death.

Everything around me looked the same. I felt as if I was getting dizzy and the world was turning. I ended up having to sit down before I fell down. I looked down at my hands and they were swollen passed the wrist. They were still bleeding and I could barely make out the bruises that were starting to appear. I looked up to see the sun was starting to set and it would be dark soon. I couldn't walk in the dark. I gazed up and watched the sky turn different shades of gold when sleep claimed me.

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