A New Love A New Change

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Chapter 5

*Caleb's POV*

"Your such a dumbass. Now the stupid bitch is gone and the fucking sheriff can't even find her!" I yelled at Tucker.

I looked him over. Disgusted by how he had handled things. Disgusted that he touched my wife and freaked her out to the point of running off. She never ran off and she hadn't come back. It had been almost seven hours and my blood was pumping so loud I thought I was going to snap.

"Look man I'm sorry. She kicked me in the balls though. Can't I have some credit for that? I mean the shit really hurts," the fat fucker asked.

I jumped at him hitting him square in the jaw.

"Fuck no! Fuck you and your credit. She was handcuffed for Christ's sake! She should have never gotten the upper hand you sick minded fuck! Had you did what I asked she'd still be here. Instead you wanted to play fairy tales and touch her. She's mine though! I'm the only one who should ever touch her. To do with as I see fit," I yelled swinging at him again and landing another hit to his jaw.

It wasn't the fact he touched her that made me so furious. It was the fact that she got away. She disobeyed me. She was never supposed to leave this house. I called and asked Tucker to do one simple thing, uncuff her and put her in The Room, but he had to fuck that up too. I grabbed my glass of scotch and downed it. That girl was going to get it. She knew better, and now she was going to learn her lesson.

There was a knock at the door and I went to it throwing it open to find Dick Mathers the sheriff.

"Well Caleb, I've gone around asking everyone that knew her or might have seen her and no one has. I even went to the reservation outside of town in the woods and they have no clue," he stated.

I balled my fist up and hit the door frame. "Then where the fuck is she Dick?"

He shook his head and rubbed a hand through his hair in frustration. "Caleb there's not much to go on. She's either lying in the woods or someone is helping her. We can do anything for another seventeen hours though. You have to give it twenty-four hours to file a missing person's report, once we do that we can get search warrants and dogs and go looking for her."

"I can't file a report Dick! This can't go any further than us and you know that," I commented. "Just do the best you can for now. Keep asking around. I'll get some dogs up and start looking for her in the morning."

Dick sighed and nodded. "That's fine Caleb. Don't let this get out of hand though. If you do I will file a report."

"And don't let me kick your ass all over again. We're not in high school anymore and Katherine isn't here to save your skinny ass this time. Just do what I asked you."

With that I closed the door in his face. Stupid pig! That was the stupidest person they could've ever elected for sheriff. His blonde hair didn't help his case of dumb fuck either. I walked back into the living room and poured me another glass of scotch. I sat in the chair across from Tucker and watched him.

"So Tuck, how would your wife like to know about today?"

Fear flashed across his face as he looked head at me.

"Caleb I'll help you find her. Just don't bring Marge into this. She doesn't need the stress," he pleaded.

I smiled at him, "And how are you going to help?"

"Look I know this man with a few hunting dogs. I could give him a call and they can sniff her trail out. It'll give us a general direction of where she went boss. Just please don't say anything to Marge?"

I nodded at him. It wasn't a bad idea. After all they couldn't wait on Dick to find her. He'd have the whole county searching and that wasn't something I needed.

"Call him up then and let's go get the dogs," I said as he fished for his phone and started to dial.

I was going to find Katherine and she was going to come home.

*Troy's POV*

I sat in the chair across from the couch watching Katherine sleep. She had ate all the food on the plate and drank ever last sip of water. And now she was peaceful. I just wanted to go lay with her and hold her. I would never let her go. The moon Gods had brought her too me, and now I was going to see it through that she was safe.

I got up walking passed the dining room and the kitchen. Down the hall and passed the stairs to the guest bedroom. I opened the door and started making up the bed. I needed to get my mind off of the husband. I wanted to change and go pay him a visit of sorts. I wanted to beat him and lock him up in the cellars that we had on the reservation.

Blake? Have you found anything else on my lifemate? I mindlinked my friend hoping I could figure Katherine out.

Actually yes. There's some interesting things on her and her father. I found out she was an only child to a Peterson Lance. She ran out on him at sixteen to get married to a Caleb Dotson. Interesting thing about it... She only married him because her father was selling her for a couple of million dollars to someone else.

I paused thinking about that for a second. And Blake cut in again.

And can you just guess who that someone else was eight years ago?

Blake had definetly peeked my interest. Who was it Blake?

Malik Summers.

My mouth dropped open. My brother was trying to buy my lifemate? And with what money? Believe me I know he had money but a couple million wasn't coming out of his pockets. Why in the hell would he be trying to buy anyone for marriage anyways?

Do you have any reason why he would just buy a girl for marriage Blake?

Well this is the thing. I think he was just as desperate then as he is now about leading the pack. Think about it. He hasn't even fully completed the mating bond with Ana. But he is married. Maybe she's not his lifemate, maybe he just rushed into everything so he could become Alpha quicker than you.

I finished making up the bed when Blake finally quit linking me. That son of a bitch! My brother was up to something. I couldn't let him become Alpha just to fuck up what my father built. I needed to know what game he was up to.

I walked back to the den trying to fit all the pieces together. I needed to talk too dad, but I couldn't leave Katherine. I looked down at her still sleeping. She was absolutely stunning. Her head was tucked to her chest, and it looked very uncomfortable. I leaned down taking her tiny figure into my arms. I lifted her off the couch and she softly moaned. For the life of me I almost dropped her. That sexy moan sent electricity straight to my groin. I wanted so bad just to take her lips and kiss her. I wanted to kiss her everywhere.

I was trying to be a gentleman earlier but I couldn't help looking at her sitting naked on my couch. She had the perfect body, short and slender, perfect round breast that I wanted to suck lazily on for days, thick thighs and a pussy that was clean of any hair. I didn't notice her starring at me but when she spoke my eyes shot to hers immediately.

"Why are you holding me like a baby?"

I didn't know how to speak. She caught me off guard and her silky voice did wonders to my ears and my heart.

"I- Uh, I fixed up the bed in the guest bedroom. I figured it would be more comfortable than sleeping on the couch all night." I felt tongue tied.

"You could have woke me up. I can walk, you don't have you carry me," she breathed. She looked just as flustered as I felt.

"You're right I don't have to I want too. You weren't supposed to wake up love."

A bright crimson blush covered her face and I felt my cock stretch for attention. I wanted her, every part of her. Her heart, her mind, her body, and her soul. I wanted to stay by her side and never move. I wanted to cradle her like this until she got sick of it. If only she knew she was my lifemate. I wanted so bad to tell her, to show her my world, but I couldnt. Not yet anyways.


I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed her mouth with mine and tenderly kissed her soft pink lips. She tensed for a moment and then relaxed opening her mouth to me for my tongue to explore. Our tongues tangled with each others. Sparks flew through me and the heat climbed around us.

*Katherine's POV*

I had no idea why I was kissing this man I had only met hours ago, but it felt so right. He kissed me so passionately and tenderly and I had never felt so good. I had never had a kiss like this. I felt my core get wet and my body arch. He tasted so wild like pine in a spring shower. I moaned into his mouth causing him to moan. I didn't want this to stop. I wanted to wrap my limbs around him in every way possible. I started to feel light headed from the lack of oxygen and he pulled back.

For some reason I needed his lips to mold with mine again. To make my heart beat and I needed him to claim me, protect me, love me. Something I had always craved.

"I'm sorry love. I didn't mean to kiss you. I know you probably didn't need that right now," he said.

His blue eyes shined with lust and apologies, with longing. Could he possibly feel the same way I did in that moment? I couldn't find the words to tell him it was okay or that it shouldn't have happened, because I wanted it again. No, I needed it.

He looked up and started walking through the cabin. I laid my head on his chest and let him carry me. Smelling pine and spring showers all around me. When we arrived to the guest room I didn't want him to put me down. I wanted to stay in his embrace for the rest of my life smelling his wonderful aroma. He placed me in the middle of the bed and pulled the covers over me. I watched him do so. I shouldn't have felt this way, but I couldn't stop my body from feeling those sparks and the lust that swallowed me whole.

He looked into my eyes and sat on the edge of the bed. My emotions got the best of me and I felt tears stinging my eyes and rolling down my cheeks.

"Please don't cry," he said as he scooted over and wiped them away with his thumb. "I didn't mean to scare you love. I won't ever do it again unless you ask me too. I'm sorry."

I shook my head. "You didn't scare me. That's not why I'm crying. I've never had a man touch me before and not hurt me."

"Love, I would never hurt you. Nor would I let anyone else hurt you again. A woman should never be hurt, only loved."

This man must be a figment of my imagination, because none of this seemed real. Another round of tears came rolling down my cheeks. He had found me in the woods and brought me here for shelter, only to show me that there are people out there that cared. He had shown me the littlest affection and I had never felt so loved in all my life.

"Will you stay here until I fall to sleep again?" I had no idea where that had come from. I didn't even realize it came out of my mouth until I heard myself say it.

"Of course love."

He had answered without hesitation. He kicked off his shoes and laid beside me above the covers propping his head up with his arm. I never would have thought a stranger could make me so emotional so safe, but Troy did. I felt the heat coming off of him and it relaxed me enough that I rolled over and fell fast to sleep.

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