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Relationship between a boss and assistant. their journey of finding love and their happily ever after./////// this book is going to be sweet yet fairly steamy //// Intended for mature audience

Romance / Erotica
Eilish Rose
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Chapter 1 -- The Kiss

Chapter 1


I am all dressed up on Saturday evening, sitting in my living room while staring at the wall which needs paint, and waiting for my boss to show up. I am in pissed off mood because he has made me dress up on Saturday.

Who does that?

And all I wanted to do was laze around in my apartment for most of the day before painting the wall in my living room. But now, I have to attend this business dinner with him.

I have been working in Joyce Pvt. Ltd for a year and half as Harvey Joyce’s assistant. I love this job and the salary is the best. I am going to buy my own apartment in some months as I have saved enough money. I have paid my college debt and life is comfortable from financial point of view. The drawback is, I don’t get much free time for myself, and the example is in front of you. My Saturday is ruined and this is going to ruin my Sunday as well because I know my boss will give me some task to complete after this meeting. Sometimes, I wonder that he does that on purpose, and he loves to ruin my day. Although he is damn handsome with panty melting looks, he is demanding boss. He always keeps me on my toes and expects faster results. Hence, his overbearing bossy nature negates his looks in my eyes. However, sometimes I give in to his charm and think about him. Mind you! These sometimes is a rare occurrence.

I come out of my thoughts when my phone beeps with a notification sound. My boss has texted me that he is outside and should hurry up!

Boss: I’m here. Come out. Hurry up!

With a sigh I grab my bag and then lock my apartment before leaving my apartment. Harvey is standing leaning against his Porsche while typing on his phone. He is in one of his navy blue suits which hugs his muscular physique perfectly. I, on the other hand, have wore off white knee length dress. As I walks upto him, he looks up. I cannot read his eyes since he has his sunglasses on. I really wish to see his eyes right now. But he just tilts his head to the side and opens the door me to get in.

“Hi Harvey,” I greet him.

“Hello Amber,” he replies with a twitch to his lips.

Harvey Joyce can be charming when he wants! And right now he is trying to be charming.

After sitting in the car, I choose the music because he has spoiled my day, so I at least deserve to listen to my favorite songs to lighten my mood. Otherwise, I will roll my eyes during this dinner.

“Why is the sour mood?” Harvey asks while he maneuvers the steering wheel.

“Sour mood? Really Mr. Joyce?” I scoff while I listen to The Archer by Taylor Swift.

“Yes, Ms. Valentino.” He chuckles.

“What do you expect then, Harvey. You do this twice a month. You call me on weekends and expect me to accompany you wherever you want me to go. And honestly, most of these meetings can easily be arranged on weekdays under working hours. But no! You have to drag me with you,” I sort of yell at him, but his reaction is so cool as if I have not just insulted him in a way.

“It is your job, Amber. You know our net worth is about to become one billion, and we need profitable projects. By the way, you are compensated for your weekend work,” he replies.

“Well thank you, Mr. Boss. What would I do with all this money if I didn’t get time to spend.” I am not ready to back down just yet. He has to understand that we all need personal time where we can do the things which we like.

“How about I make it up to you, and we go for shopping tomorrow where you can spend the money?” He offers but I am already pissed at him. After working for so long for him, we have little informal relationship where we get into arguments like this.

“Thanks,” I reply in sarcastic tone to which Harvey just chuckles while shaking his head.

Sometimes, I entertain the thoughts of quiting this job and starting a new one, but Harvey never let’s me quit. The two times when I submitted my resignation letter, Harvey tore that and ordered me to get back to my work.

For the rest of the ride, he remains quite and I enjoy the music.

“It’s twenty five percent or no deal,” Harvey says to Mr. Tom Morris. I take the notes while sipping the wine.

Mr. Morris’s company needs an investor who can invest over a hundred million in the production of kitchen appliances. Since the company’s reputation has been ruined in the media because of a scandal involving Tom Morris’s father having a mistress, many investors have pulled their money out. Now, Tom Morris is trying to salvage what is left.

“Twenty five percent is too much, Harvey. Fifteen is a good offer,” Tom said.

“I’m investing my money. And this is business, you don’t know what will happen in future. Also, I’m putting not only my company’s reputation but also mine on line for you. For my investment, I want twenty five percent of the profit, or you can approach any other company. I have no problem with that.”

While eating dinner, both men argue over the profit negotiation for a long time, but eventually Tom gives in.

I don’t understand why Harvey asked me to come here because the way they negotiated the deal was so casual. I hardly say any word. He just wanted to ruin my day off!

After the dinner we come out of the restaurant and wait for the valet to bring his car.

“Why are you so quiet?” Harvey asks.

“You’re still clueless, boss?” I scoff.

He doesn’t say anything after that, and we wait in silence. When our car pulls up, Harvey opens the door for me.

I furrow my brows when Harvey takes an opposite turn to our direction.

“Where are we going, Harvey?” I ask.

“You’ll see,” he replies.

“I don’t trust you. Are you taking me somewhere to kill me?” I say whatever comes in my brain.

“No, Amber. Just have little patience. You’ll see,” he says.

“You know, I don’t have patience. And what is so secretive about this?” Harvey never did this before. Usually after meeting he drops me at my place, but today he is being little odd.

I look out of the window and notice that we have just exited the city and now we were on a deserted road.

“Okay. This is enough. Where are you taking me?” my voice has a hint of fear.

“Relax, Amber. We are about to reach.” He chuckles at me. I have conflicting feelings about this. Also, I don’t have any choice. I can’t jump off the moving car, nor I can call someone if he has any funny or dangerous ideas as he will notice it.

Then, Harvey turns to a road and drives a longer path, and eventually we come on a higher ground. Parking his car in the middle, he gets out. I also open the door and step out. The wind blows and this summer night seems cool. My blond hair flow with the wind.

Tucking the sleeves of his white shirt up, Harvey steps closer to me. I notice his forearms and his strong hands. For few seconds, I try to imagine his hands touching me. But I quickly shove these feelings away as I am angry at him for ruining my weekend.

I lean against his car and he comes closer.

“Why we are here, Harvey?” I ask him when the silence between us prolongs to the moment of awkwardness. Instead of looking at him, I gaze the stars. Their twinkling always has the soothing effect on me.

“To enjoy this beautiful view, away from everything and everyone,” he says while looking at me. I see him from my peripheral vision. Then he averts his eyes and gaze the sky too.

“How thoughtful of you!” I scoff and end the conversation.

We both stay like this for few minutes.

“What is it that you wanted to do this evening, and I ruined it?” he asks.

“I planned to paint the wall of my living room,” I reply.

“Seriously? This is what you’re mad about!” He has puzzling expression on his face.


“Come on, Amber. You couldn’t be possibly mad at me for this. And here I was thinking that I sabotaged your date plans,” he says but he has humor in his tone.

“Very funny! You know I’m not dating anyone at the moment.” My dating life’s been on hold for the past one and half year. Since I started this job, I haven’t dated anyone as I don’t have time to invest in a relationship.

“Why?” he asks and I look at him with an incredulous expression.

“Why?! Really? When do I have time for relationships? You are a demanding boss, Harvey. I hardly get a weekend off and on weekdays I’m more like a robot. And let me remind you that whenever I take a day off, you keep on calling me the whole day asking about the files, projects, meetings and sometimes coffee as you tend you forget my day off. And for me, my day off is still a working day!” my pitch rises a little bit and Harvey arches his brows.

He sighs. “Let’s go,” he says and moves to the passenger door to open it.

I oblige and sits in his car again and he rounds the cars and takes his seat behind steering wheel. He drives the car little faster than before.

When he pulls in front of my apartment building, I open the door but before I can get out, Harvey grabs mu upper arm and pulls me towards him.

My heartbeat quickens and breath hitches in my throat, It is a sudden move and totally unexpected. The air in the car changes and there is a lot of tension here.

I look in his wide brown eyes and then I trail my gaze down to his nose and settles on his full lips. They look soft and the pinkish hue is inviting. I wonder how they will feel on my lips if I lean a little in.

But my boss has another plan. He moves to the side and places a kiss on my cheek, my eyes go wide in shock. He never did this before!

“Good night, Miss Valentino. And look ravishingly hot in this dress,” he says in my ear and I close my eyes, inhaling his cologne.

Harvey moves back to his seat and let go my arm. His eyes scan my face and settle on my lips. Harvey bits his lower lip and I’m temped to jump in his lap and kiss him. This man is handsome and right now he looks hot enough to melt my panties. And I want him to rip them off and touch me everywhere.

In lusty daze, I exit his car and walks to my building and enter in the lift. I lean to the side and think about everything happened in the car.

Ravishingly hot.

These words play in my brain like a broken record. When I enter my bedroom, I flop down on the bed and think about him and his words.

This seems forbidden as I’m his PA, and our company has policy against workplace fraternization. We can land in trouble if we sleep together. But they say, that forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest and I want to taste this, at least once.

I am also sexually frustrated as it has been almost two years since I have the sex. I did masturbate sometimes, but it is long time ago. I definitely need a partner to quench this thirst. But, the problem is, I want Harvey— my boss— as my bed partner.

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