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Chapter 2 -- Disturbance, Frustration and Proposition

Warning: Mature Content ahead!

do not read if it makes you uncomfortable.



I hear loud noises near me and they start to cause a headache. My eyes are still close and I know these are not my usual alarm sound. I groan in sleepy state and cover my body with the sheet in an attempt to block all these noises — which is the stupidest thing to do.

If only the noise could could be blocked by a thin piece of cloth.

As I am not ready to get up, I try to ignore the blaring ring tone of my phone and I’m pretty sure the other noise is of my door bell.

Who this idiot could be?

I’m not a morning person especially on the weekends. These two days are mine to enjoy, and I love to sleep in. But the person the door and the other one on phone are hell bent on snatching my ‘me time’.

I push down the covers with a loud groan and I pat my hand on the bed in attempt to find my phone. My fingers brush the cold surface and I open one eye to see the name on it. Guess who is calling me? Yup! It’s my boss, Harvey Joyce.

“Open the door!” Harvey growled when I answer the call and then he hangs up on me without hearing anything.

I barely register what he said on the phone, and when the actual meaning sink in I get off the bed very quickly. Harvey is here. And I’m freaking out.

He never came to my apartment before and I am totally lost now as I have no idea why he is here.

When the bell rings again, I run out of my room to open the door. I don’t take into my appearance as the man behind the door is known for his impatience and the more I make him wait will get me me into more trouble of workload. Because he has to let out his frustration, and what better way can be than over working me!

During my run, he rings three more times even though he knows I will open the door now!

How I would love to punch his handsome face and bruise it!

Unlocking the door, I open it and my eyes land on the handsome face of my boss. And he is mad! He is about to say something but stops himself and then arches his brow while running his eyes on my body. Only then I look down and notice that I am in a thin white shirt and pink shorts. I didn’t plan on going in front of him like this and my cheeks heat up in embarrassment. But I also notice that his eyes linger on my legs little longer. Then he looks up but in process he gives a glance to my breasts.

Nervously, I slam the door shut and lean against the it, calming my labored breathing. My eyes land on the clock and I feel anger rising up because it is quarter past six in the morning and I would have slept for another four hours.

Harvey bangs on the door and I’m helpless now.

“Open the door, Amber!” he said frustratingly.

I don’t want to open the door when I’m in my sleeping clothes and on the top of that bed hair and unbrushed teeth, but I guess I don’t have any other choice.

I open the door slightly and stick my head out. “I will keep the door open but you’ll not enter my apartment for another minute,” I say and Harvey smirks at me. He knows why I demanded something so strange.

I don’t want to be like this in front of my boss! Just last night I fantasized about him being my bed partner and my current look is a major turn off. I ran upstairs and shut the door.

Now, I am actually freaking out. He is here. I never thought he’d come here, and now I have no idea what to do in this situation. I need a shower first. Without thinking anything else, I go to the bathroom and stand under shower after removing my clothes. I take time to shower and scrub my body. While showering, I think about Harvey. In this closed space, I let my thoughts wander and think about him joining me in the shower. I probably can never voice these thoughts loud, but thinking having them in my brain is somewhat satisfying.

Well! Who wouldn’t fantasize about a man who looks like a model and his heavy sexy voice does things to lady parts of a woman. I am really tempted to touch myself after five months and this temptation is very strong, but I can’t give in because whenever I imagined Harvey while doing this, I end up cry in pleasure and I can’t afford doing this when he is in my apartment. Maybe when he leaves, I will stay in my bed, pleasuring myself for the rest of the day and night.

Wrapping one towel around my hair and another my body, I exit the bathroom. I nearly scream and stumble as I lose my balance because Harvey is in my room.

“What are you doing here?” I ask. My cheeks heat up and I clutch my towel tightly over my chest.

“You were taking so much time and I came here to see as I doubted you were sleeping while making me wait,” he says but at the last part his eyes travel down my body and I can feel the heat pooling between my legs.

I just showered!

I’m definitely going to touch myself today while lying naked on my bed. I can’t resist this temptation anymore. If I can’t act upon my fantasies in real life, at least I can do this in my brain while my hands pleasure me. Or, I can also use the vibrator I purchased few months ago but never used it. I can test its performance later.

“Umm… please go out. I need privacy,” I say but I cringe inward as I feel like a hypocrite who wants her boss to fuck her but trying to pretend a modest lady in front of the same boss.

“Okay. But hurry up!” he says and turn around to leave the room.

“No. I’m going to take my sweet time. And I’m thinking to make you wait for at least another half an hour,” I reply back and he looks over his shoulder and assess my body with his lingering eyes before exiting my room.

I run to the door and lock it. I lean against it and try to get my nerves under control. I am hot and my core pulsates with need. I definitely need a release otherwise I can’t function properly.

But it is risky too although I want to go in the living room in my towel and stand in front of Harvey and give him a little show of towel strip and ask him to take me over and over.

I groan in frustration.

An idea clicks in my brain and I am willing to do this. Since I have already told Harvey that I’m going to take my time, I can actually pleasure myself. I just need to muffle my moans. For that, I turn on the music system and increase the volume significantly. Today I will get complaints from neighbors about noise in my apartment and I don’t give shit about that.

Then I open the bottom drawer of my cabinet and take out a box. It has a brand new vibrator. It also works on wifi and this can be operated from a mobile app.

I saw an advertisement on a website while I was reading an article about ‘things men want in bed’, and I decided to buy this item as the reviews were quite good.

Then I reassure that my room is locked. Taking that pink vibrator out of the box. At the last moment, I chicken out as I really don’t want to take any risk to further embarrass myself. I put the toy in the box again and hide in the same drawer.

I take my clothes out and I choose navy blue stretchable jeans and off white sleeveless top. Drying my hair, I let them open. On weekends when I’m at home, I avoid using any make-up but since Harvey is here I applied basic make-up to look nice.

I check my appearance in the mirror, and I am satisfied with my look. Grabbing my phone and switching off the music system, I head down. As I step down the stairs, smell of scrambled eggs and coffee infiltrates my nose. My tummy rumbles and I am suddenly hungry.

When I enter the kitchen, I see Harvey putting the eggs in a plate and the same time toasts pop out of the toaster. The sight in front of me is enchanting. This is the first time I’m seeing Harvey doing something domestic and he fits in the role. However, I have never imagined him doing something like this.

Harvey looks up at me and a small smirk plays on his lips.

“Breakfast?” he asks and I arch my brows in surprise.

“You cooked for me?” I walk to the fridge and take water bottle out. I need cold drinking water to calm my nerves and quench this thrust of jumping his bones. He’s looking sexy in his gray dress shirt and trousers.

“Yeah. So?”

“Why?” I gulp down the water and a little relief washes down my system.

“You don’t eat breakfast in the morning?” he asks.

“I do. What I mean is that why…urgh! You know what leave this.” I shake my head as I have no idea what to do now.

Harvey extends coffee mug in my direction and I grab it as the temptation of drinking it is stronger now. Also I need caffeine in my system for what is coming next.

“Why are you here, Harvey?” I ask after taking few sips of coffee. Then he places the breakfast plate in front of me and I decide to enjoy this meal. He also pours coffee for himself.

“Well! Yesterday you said you need to paint the wall, and since I ruined your plan, I’m here to help you,” he replies while shrugging.

I am shocked after hearing this. Is this even real?

“God! Harvey, you don’t have to. You are a busy man and painting my wall is my problem. Besides, who paints the wall at seven in the morning? And you disturbed me at six. And disturbance ruined my sleep. Now, I’m definitely thinking of taking two day offs to get my life under control!” I complete my rant with aloud frustrating sigh.

But Harvey has smirk on his face!

“To be honest, I don’t feel bad for ruining your sleep especially after seeing you like that.” He winks at me and cat got my tongue. My face is definitely red. I’m not a blushing type but when it comes to Harvey, my face heats up. This has happened many times, and he has noticed most of the times.

The dirty thoughts start to emerge again, but I can’t let my self drown in those fantasies when the man who stars in those is sitting right in front of me, with his eyes on me, studying my face.

Then the conversations shifts to work and I finish my breakfast and coffee. Then Harvey makes me to take the paint boxes out, and we ho on the ride of painting the wall.


I need to get laid!

Harvey has no idea how to paint a wall. He makes mess every time! He is a total failure in this department. He takes to much paint on the roller, and he also presses it so hard on the wall. Then I asks him to sit quietly and let me do the paint job myself. He sits and watches me.

I bend forward, pushing my hips out slightly for him to notice. Yeah! I try to seduce him. Instead of doing something, Harvey just sat there.

If he had come and tried to touch me, I would have let him.

Painting the wall was a long job because of the initial mess which he created, but I’m glad it’s done. I take a quick shower after that and change my clothes.

Harvey and I are in my living room, looking at the turquoise painted wall.

“Amber?” Harvey says and I turn my face to him.


“I need to discuss something,” he says. He rubs his neck which is sign of nervousness and I’m already intrigued that what could make him nervous.

“What is it?”

“Yesterday, you told me that you are not in any relationship because this job doesn’t let you. So… ummm… I have a proposition for you.” He eyes me up and down and I might have an idea what he is going to suggest. I actually wish him to propose something naughty.


“How about we sort of help each other with this relationship thing? I suggest we could…,” he trails off. But I have very good idea what he was about to say.

“What do you suggest Harvey?” I ask. I want to hear it from his mouth. A shift in the air around us can be felt, and I’m pretty sure Harvey also feels this.

“This is awkward! I suggest we could help each other physically? Like no strings attached kind of arrangement.” He is nervous. I am tempted by his offer, but something inside me stops me from agreeing to him in an instant. And agreeing instantly might give him a wrong idea.

“Harvey, this is…ummm… the thing is… err… can I take some time to think about it?”

He looks in my eyes, and I look at his sensual lips, and imagine them on my skin, pleasuring me.

“Sure.” He smirks at me and get up from the couch. “Give me your answer tomorrow.” Then he left my apartment, leaving me all shocked.


All type of dirty scenes start to play in my mind and the need in my core builds up again.

Damn it! Why didn’t I say ‘yes’ instantly? We might would have torn each other’s clothes by now!

With a groan I get up and lock my apartment before going to my room. I flop down on the bed and take deep breaths. But nothing is working to calm my nerves. I think I can’t wait for the night to pleasure myself. I need it now!

After locking my room, I drop the shades to darken the room before playing a soft music on music system at low volume.

I take the vibrator out and unbutton my jeans. My panties follow my jean and then I remove all my clothes and lie on the bed. My hand reaches down and I massage my folds, separating them. I can already feel some wetness. My fingers play with my folds and my brain imagines Harvey doing this to me. I imagine his big, long fingers parting my pussy lips, entering one finger in me. I moan in pleasure.

The sensations start to build in me as I get finger fucked. But this is not enough, I need more and big. I reach for the vibrator and turn it on. The head of it starts to vibrate and shakes a little. I need to put this thing in me or I’ll die.

Without wasting anytime, I put the toy, which is in a large penis shape and size, in my pussy and the vibrations of it take me to another high. This feels amazing and the pulsating head hits my walls, sending waves of pleasure down my body. I can feel a pressure building in my stomach and my pussy muscles clench around the toy. I fist the sheet in my hands as it is too pleasurable to stay still. My whole body is on fire and an image of Harvey on top of me, thrusting in and out heightens my pleasure. I imagine him touching my round breasts while he slams in me with force. His balls slapping my skin, and his hand slapping my ass. I cry in pleasure when a strong wave hit me and my juices flow. I take the vibrating toy out of me. My juices continue to flow down my folds and my breathing ragged, sweat covering my body. My pulsating core clenches and unclenches for several minutes.

This is amazing! And I can only imagine how it’ll feel with Harvey. I know I’m going to say yes to him. This little pleasure game has broken the dam and now I want to experience it with a man whom I like.

But yes! This is a ‘no strings attached’ arrangement and I’m cool with it.

After this, I pleasure myself three more times and wait for the morning to come. I want to give this answer to him face to face, not via text.

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