The Family That Stay Together

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Curtis Anderson and Stacy William is a famous celebrity couple who was married for 17 years with five kids living in Los Angeles what happen when somebody get in Curtis and Stacy’s marriage?

Romance / Drama
Champagne Haughton
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Chapter 1:New Lifestyle

Hey guys book was on Wattpad before I deleted but I putting on here y’all can read hope y’all like this book.

Stacy POV

”So we coming once Curtis comes home.”I told my sister in law Toya as I sweeping my living room, let me introduced myself my name is Stacy William, I’m 34 years old got my own beauty line called Kisses and got married to my husband Curtis Anderson who a singer and music producer for 17 years and we got five kids together David,Summer,Jace, Akoi,and Ryan.

”Ok just tell when y'all on the way I’m finishing up cooking.”Toya said I hear on my kids calling me in playroom and I went upstairs to the playroom.

”What happen?”I asked as I pick my youngest son Ryan up and he was crying and holding his eyes.

”Akoi poke a pencil in Ryan’s eyes.”Justin said.

”Akoi Leah Anderson-William you apologize to your brother now!”I yelled at her out all my kids Akoi is bad as h*ll and she the one that give me a hard time.

I put Ryan down as Akoi roll her eyes and I popped her on her leg.

”Open your d*mn mouth.”I told Akoi.

”Sorry Ryan but momma he keep messing with me while I drawing.”Akoi said I look at Ryan.

”Ryan what I told you about messing with people?”I asked him.

”Not to but I want to draw with Akoi.”Ryan said.

”Next time ask her can you draw with her y’all ready to to go?”I asked my kids, they was already bathed we was all going to Toya’s house for Sunday dinner, every Sunday me, Toya and Curtis’s mom take turns cooking Sunday dinner.

”Mom can I go to Tracy’s house tonight?”Summer asked me.

”You got to meet your teachers tomorrow so no.”I said summer is almost over and me and Curtis is taking kids to meet their teachers tomorrow and Tuesday.

”But Tracy have to meet her teachers tomorrow too.”Summmer said as me and her went in the kitchen.”Can I go to a sleepover at her house tonight?”

”The answer is no so get your shoes on so we can go.”I said as I saw paparazzi in my driveway as Curtis was coming in the house.

”Oh my God, you f*cking b*tch!”Summer yelled going to upstairs.

“Aye watch your d*mn mouth Summer.”Curtis said as he went by the stairs.

”What took you so long?”I asked Curtis I went to our bathroom and we took a shower together.

”Sorry babe I was at work plus tomorrow I going to New York.” Curtis said after we took a fifteen minutes shower and we went to in our bedroom.

”What you going New York for?”I asked Curtis as I put on a half of a bra and a thong.

”Actually I going hang out with my dad.”Curtis said I was getting mad.

”Who daddy you going hang out with!”I yelled at Curtis.

”Mine I’m sorry I find out a month that he want to see me”Curtis said as I put on some clothes.

”Why you just telling me this bull sh*t?”I asked.

”Because you going be mad.”Curtis said.

”It’s does matter, I’m married you for 17 years now.” I said.

”I know but he's my father.”Carlos said.

“Oh he’s your daddy now was your daddy when he rape Summer when she was 2 or when he called me and Toya butch of b*tches or h*s or what about the time he left our kids outside when we at his house!” I yelled.

”I thought we both agree we not to bring that up.”Curtis said.

”I don't understand why you still talking him he’s the reason I’ve sever five years in jail for raping Summer.”I yelled.

”Look I know that let’s get ready to go to Toya’s house.”Curtis said as we got the kids and went to in the car.

Curtis POV

”Hey everybody.”I said as me, Stacy and the kids came to Toya’s house to see my sister in law Toya, my brother Carlos, their kids Chance and Star, my mom Sarah, my sister Carmen Carmen’s fiancé Myles and my mom’s husband Jaxon was in the living room.

”Hey guys, Stacy want to help me finish cooking dinner?”Toya asked her as Stacy nodded her head as me my brother Carlos went to play pool outside.

“So how life been doing?”Carlos asked me.

“It’s good I mean the kids start school next week.”I said as our stepfather Jaxon came outside.

”So I hear you going to New York.”Jaxon said.

”What he mean by you going to New York?”Carlos asked.

”Well I going see dad.”I said.

”No the f*ck you not, the last time he saw us when Stacy was pregnant with Jace and when his dumb a** and our mom got divorced.”Carlos said.

”Well life going change, I going see him and that it.”I said as Toya call us on home intercom to come eat dinner.

Once we got to the dinning room, I put Akoi and Ryan in their highchairs and Star in her booster seat.

”So how you feel about going to college David?”Carmen asked him as we all started eating Toya cook macaroni & cheese, fried chicken and mixed vegetables.

“It’s all good I just can’t wait.”David said.

”For what you dumb a** to get a special needs class.”Summer said.

”Summer what your d*mn mouth.”Stacy said.

”Well it’s true momma, look at David he looking like a monkey from the zoo.”Summer said.

”Monkeys is cute.”Star said.

”Thank you Star.”David said.

”Man you know Star trying not to hurt your feeling. ”Chance said.

”Anyway I hope everybody ready for my and Carmen’s wedding.”Myles said.

”When is it again?”My mom asked.

”Five months from now.”Carmen said.

”Well we can't wait for the wedding.”Toya said as we finishing up eating.

We stay at Toya’s house for three hours and we all got in the car so we can leave as I was driving Stacy was on the phone while Ryan was his car seat watching his favorite show Bubble Guppies on his tablet while the rest of the kids was sleep.

Once we got home I took Akoi out her booster seat put her on my hip as Stacy was carrying Ryan while the rest of the kids got up and went in the house.

”What time you going to New York tomorrow to see your dad?”Stacy asked me.

”Early in the morning.”I said I kiss Stacy in her mouth as she moan softly.

”Mommy I’m thirsty.”Akoi said.

”You need to go.”Stacy said.

”Why me?”I asked.

”You got the night shift.”Stacy said as I got up and give Akoi something to drink.

After making sure Akoi ok, I turn on the front and back porch lights on and I went to sleep.

Characters names & Age

Stacy William:34

Curtis Anderson:35

David Louis Anderson-William:18

Summer London Anderson-Willam:15

Justin Levi Anderson-William:7

Aoki Leah Anderson-William:4

Ryan Logan Anderson-William:3

Toya Myers:35

Carlos Anderson:38

Chance Anderson:16

Star Anderson:5

Sarah Smith:54

Jaxon Smith:66

Carmen Anderson-Dash:28

Myles Dash:28

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