Saved from Abduction

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Bree jerked awake a little and she found herself sprawled over Justin. She felt a little sore from what she now knew as making love. She let out a soft sigh and slowly scooted away from Justin’s relaxed arms.

He was breathing in smooth, deep breaths, letting her know he was still asleep. She moved from the bed and gathered her clothes and dressed hurriedly. She went to the bags and found a pair of white tennis shoes.

She slipped into them and made her way to the door. She laid her hand on the knob when a hand reached out from behind her and gripped her wrist gently.

“Where do you think you’re going, babe?”

She hung her head a little, “I was going to go back to save Marnie and the others.”

He turned her back toward him, “Baby, that’s not a good idea and I can’t let you, I need you to go somewhere with me tomorrow, now please come back to bed.”


“No, no buts, come on.” He ran his other hand up her arm then tilted her head up gently by her chin, dipping his head, he caught her lips slowly and gently.

It set her alive quickly, the hand he was holding onto laced with his as she kissed him back, the feeling from earlier when he’d kissed her like this came rushing back to her at full force. She whimpered into his mouth as her knees grew weak.

His strong arm came around her waist and lifted her with ease as she laced her fingers together behind him neck and wrapped her legs around his waist.

He slowly pulled away, making her want the contact back right away, “Now, are you coming back to bed?” his lips grazed against hers as he spoke, making her feel as if she was on fire.

“Yes.” She whispered back.

His lips slammed back to hers, causing her to moan low in her throat. She felt him lift her up from the floor, she tightened her arms around his neck as he made his way back to the bed. He gently laid her down and she felt his arousal grind against her and she arched into it.

He slowly locked those smoky gray eyes on her that mirrored how she felt. As he walked away to the drawers she watched every muscle move along his back.

She nibbled her lip as he made his way back to her. She hated that she wanted him again, but she didn’t know how to fight it, or that she even wanted to.

Her eyes never left him as he crawled back onto the bed, his smoky gray eyes locked on her gaze as he placed his hands on either side of her head as he leaned toward her.

“Promise me you won’t go back there, Bree, I don’t want you anywhere near there again, I just want you safe.”

“Justin, I can’t make that promise, please don’t make me do that, if I can get them, then that’s what I’m going to do.”

“Bree,” he sighed leaning his forehead down to hers. “I can’t lose you.”

“Then help me, let me do this, with you thee nothing would happen.”

“Bree, watching you fall of that bridge was enough to last me a life time, I don’t ant to do it ever again.
he rasped out.

“I got away once, I can do it again, trust me.”


“Justin, please?”

His lips slammed down to hers, rougher than earlier but still made her let out a low moan as she laid her hands against his scruffy cheeks. It brushed against her hands, making her tremble as his cheeks moved beneath her hands and their lips moved against each other’s.

She moaned again as he nudged her thighs apart and lay between them. She almost let out a scream as he nipped her bottom lip and buried himself into her, “What happened to this being a bad idea?”

He pulled back and pushed into her again, “So is going to save the girls and you still want to do that.”

She arched up into him unable to control it, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” She murmured, tightening her legs around him as he began the hard, steady, intense rhythm but she enjoyed every time he slammed back into her. This was so different than earlier but it was amazing. She wanted this to last the rest of her life. Was this what being loved felt like? Was this what loving someone felt like? She hoped to find out.


“When will you have them ready to be moved, my boss is telling me the sooner the better.”

“Give me two days,” he spoke into the phone. “Two days to figure out a couple of things, then call and we’ll make the arrangements for the drop off.”

“Are you sure it can’t be sooner?”

“I’m sure, but nothing will upset the deal, my partner will make sure of it, we won’t let you down.”

“That better be the case, my boss isn’t happy when he’s let down, understood?”

“Crystal clear.” He ended the call, anger churning his gut, he wasn’t about to let any of this get messed up, all because of one stupid girl who ratted everything out to the cops and this Justin guy.

If he didn’t have his partner then he would have had to kiss this plan and the easy money goodbye. Good thing the cops were too stupid to figure anything out.

But, the one who had one six nine, he was a different story, he would cause problems just like her. He jumped when he heard the door slam.

He turned quickly from the mantel he’s just placed the burner phone on, “What’re you doing here, do you want this all to be ruined?” he demanded of the man in the black trousers and matching dress shirt.

“You’re jeopardizing it more by letting the first girl escape, she doesn’t remember much about her past, but she sure remembers how to get here, you’re lucky I’ve been able to lead these idiots away from here.” The man said a little cocky as his brown eyes let off a glare.

He glared back, “Like you came up with that plan.”

“But I’m holding up my end of the bargain now, aren’t I?”

“And I’m not?”

“Not really, you’re delivering five girls not six, one and a half million for each girl, and now the cut is reduced to two and half each, that’s half a million and that’s unacceptable.”

“Then cut out the third man.”

“Ha, he won’t let us walk if that happens, you need to fix this and right now.” The glare turned even harsher. “Either get her back or I blow this whole scheme out of the water.”

He watched the kid storm out of the building, slamming the door again. He rubbed a hand over his head roughly. This all started five stupid years ago. Now this mess was getting out of control. How could he take out the out of town cop and get the very first victim back?

He began to stew as he sunk down into the old, raggedy red clothed chair.


Justin stirred a little as the sound of the loud birds and just as loud commotion from the streets. His eyes slowly popped open as he fought the fog that clawed at his brain. He felt the body shiver as it moved closer to him.

He glanced down at their naked intertwined limbs. He smiled as he managed to pull the blanket up over them and wrapped his arms around her tighter, trying to fight the goosebumps that rose along Bree’s creamy skin. He pressed his lips to her just as pale forehead. He had to get her out in the sun more after all of this was over.

He slowly closed his eyes just as his bedroom door was swung open, letting out a loud groan as it was. He flew to a sitting position, pushing the blanket more securely around Bree.

“Justin, Iris just called me, I can take Bree over now.” Cierra’s blue eyes rounded to quarter size as she asked them over Justin and Bree.

“Okay, Cierra, give me a minute, well be ready soon.” He watched Cierra step back out of the room, closing the door. He turned to Bree and gently rubbed his knuckles against Bree’s soft cheek, “Babe, wake up, we have to go, darlin’.”


“Change of plans.” The voice flew over him as he was heading to the basement.

He turned on the concrete steps, “What, why?”

“We’re getting rid of the girls or we need to move the rest of them tonight, we are running out of time and I don’t know how much longer I can hold the department off, they’re becoming suspicious.”

“Well you’re doing a lot of good aren’t you?”

“I’m not the idiot that held onto a girl for five years, now am I? I’m not the idiot who let that one get away, she remembered her dad you know that since you couldn’t pass off as hers.

“Ugh, what do you want me to do?”


Marnie strained to heard the two men talking, she could tell that one was younger, while the other, Burly, was older.

“Move them tonight, you don’t have a choice.” The younger one said. “Move them or kill them, cut our losses.”

“Killing them would be easier.” The deeper voice rumbled.

She couldn’t hear anything more over the rush of her heart beat drumming through her ears. She had to keep her head.

“Can we have fun first?” the deep voice demanded.

Fun first the nauseating feeling made her empty stomach heave, nothing came up. Attack. If they came in attack;. The way Uncle Justin had taught.

She heard the metal slide and clang then the door to her prison opened.

“Time for a lesson, since I can’t teach one six nine, I guess I’ll teach you.” The tall, buff man began.

The minute he grabbed her bare leg Marnie slammed her other foot up into his face, making him scream in pain. Blood dripped from his mouth and nose as the anger flashed along his dark brown eyes, turning them black.

Marnie tried to run around him but he snatched her back by the hair and slammed her back into the stone wall across from them. She let out a cry of pain as she slumped to the floor. Her cheek pressed into the cool paved stone. Tears stung her eyes as her back throbbed against the pain.

“Wait, we have to wait, new plan, let’s go!” the young man’s shout echoed around her.

She felt the thud of the door bang through her body. She let the tears fall. Where was her uncle?


Bree had wanted to stay with Justin in bed but now they were walking up the driveway of Iris’s. He had pulled on the dark faded jeans and a gray t-shirt, as if it was his typical uniform. While she’d found a light pink shirt and a lighter pair of blue jeans.

Ben, Cierra and Holly were in front of them, wearing dressier clothes. Ben and Cierra were flashing glanced back at her and Justin as they made their way to the door.

Ben rapped loudly against the door, where shortly after the door was pulled open quickly.


Bree reached for Justin’s hand instantly, her fingertips brushed his but she pulled away. She could do this.

She felt fingers clasp her hand tightly, “It’s okay, darlin’, I’ll be right here beside you.”

She glanced up at him but nodded her head. She was still a little confused on why they were here. Justin still hadn’t explained. Her eyes landed on Iris, her hair was a little disheveled, her eyes looked so dead and tired. She frowned a little, she had to do something.

“Hi, Bree, how are you doing?”

“I’m fine, I’d ask you the same but I can only imagine.” She whispered.

Iris pulled her into a hug but Justin didn’t let go of her hand, “Well, yeah, but hopefully after today we’ll find out who you really are.”

Bree frowned as she turned to Justin, “What’s she talking about?”

“We want to introduce you to someone, darlin’, see if you remember them and if they remember you, then we need another DNA test.” He explained softly.

“And what if I don’t want to meet anyone else?” she demanded.

“I don’t know, I didn’t think about it, I thought it would be okay.”

“It’s not okay, Justin, all I want to do anymore is try to get the girls free.”

“Okay, okay, hold on,” Justin began, he glanced at everyone staring at them. He pulled her out of ear shot of everyone. “How about we introduce you to this person, and if neither one of you feel anything, Ben, you and I will go, okay?”

She pursed her lips together as she stared at the carpet as she thought about it, “Okay, you promise?”

Justin sighed, “I promise, beautiful.” He held his hand out to her and she slowly took it. “Okay, Iris, let’s do this.”

She gestured to the living room and led all of them in.

When Bree’s gaze landed on the older woman, she pulled back on Justin’s hand, “Who is she?” she took in the sharp violet eyes, the gray streaked brown hair that was the same shade as her own.

The woman stood from the couch with so much grace, “I’m Amelia Benson, I’m Clay’s mother.”

“Clay’s mother? And why would we know each other?”

Amelia smiled softly, “My daughter, Dezerea, had a daughter as well, you have her eyes, my eyes also” she whispered as she moved closer. She reached out a wrinkly hand and cupped Bree’s cheek. Something flickered in her violet eyes. “Embrey, my sweet Embrey.”

Bree pulled away, “I don’t know who Embrey is, I’m sorry, ma’am, I can’t be her.” she whispered as she studied the older woman closely. Nothing was familiar about this woman.

Amelia reached into a pocket of her neatly pressed dress slacks, she seemed so elegant, and Bree didn’t belong in her world. “This man you remember as your father though.” She handed the picture she’d pulled from her pocket to Bree.

Bree reached out a trembling hand and took the picture, “At least I think that’s who he is, and whose the woman?” her gaze locked with Amelia’s.

“His wife, my daughter.”

“So, Clay’s sister,” she handed the picture back quickly. “If you thought Clay was related why haven’t you ran a test with me and him?” she turned to Justin quickly.

“I will do the test, my dear,” Amelia began. “It’s better to do it that way because, Clay was adopted by Larry and me before we had Dezerea.”

“So, it wouldn’t match.”

“No it wouldn’t.”

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