Saved from Abduction

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Bree stared at the older woman for a moment completely speechless. She hated that her apparent mother didn’t look familiar, nor did the older woman clamming to be her grandma. She jumped a bit when Ben came closer and laid a hand on her shoulder. She snapped up her head and looked into his hazel eyes. They were calm and gentle as she looked up into them.

“So, what do you say, Bree, are you going to let us do a DNA test?” his thumb brushed along her shoulder slowly.

She thought for a moment, “I guess.” She answered even though she didn’t know what good it would do. Finding out if she was related to the fancy looking woman wouldn’t bring her memories back.

Bree watched as Cierra began to swab Amelia then Ben began the same with her. Her eyes landed on Justin who was talking to Iris

As soon as Ben was done with her, Bree made an escape. Her head was beginning to hurt, her vision blurred as well. She slipped out quietly and quickly. She stopped on the porch as the fresh air hit her nose, calming her some.

She was done, she couldn’t wait anymore, nor could the girls. She whipped around when she heard someone behind her, relief swept through her some when she saw it was Holly and not one of the others, “Holly.” She greeted quietly.

“It’s such a shame isn’t it?” her sweet voice rolled over Bree, almost making her want to throw up.


“That you can’t remember what little of a family you have left, only one blood relative and you can’t remember her, while Justin remembers all of his and is being held back by you to try to find his niece, Iris is getting even more upset, so is Clay.” Holly pursed her lips. “How is it that you’re safe and if Marnie is a part of your family, then you are cousins and you left here there without a care for her.”

Bree felt her heart tighten at the thoughts, even though she hadn’t known, it still would plague her the rest of her life. She watched Holly stroll back into the house.

As soon as Holly shut the door Bree was off the porch and rushed down the sidewalk. If Chief Michaels wanted her help then she was going to help now. Holly’s words hurt but it was what she needed to hear.

She just hoped Justin forgave her after.

If he didn’t then she would just have to deal with the consequences. She wasn’t sure what she felt for Justin but if she was going to lose him because of this, well at least she tried to save the girls and they were safe with their families who they actually knew.

She glanced around a little as she made her way further away from the house and just hoped she was making the right decision.

She also hoped she was going the right way, it looked familiar which was saying a lot since Justin and his group were the only ones she felt familiar with. As she continued to walk and kept glancing over her shoulder to make sure Justin wasn’t rushing down the sidewalk after her. She was glad when the brick building of the station came into view and she had to stop herself from running in.

Bree walked into the building and ran smack dab into the man who Michaels had interview her the second time she had gone into the building. She stumbled back as his harsh brown eyes glared at her.

“What are you doing here?” he demanded.

“I need to speak with Chief Michaels.” She explained in simple terms she hoped.

“Fine, wait here.” The young man took off toward, she assumed to get the chief. She could do this even without Justin, she let out a breath as the young cop came out and following him was indeed Chief Michaels.

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” his loud voice asked as his body shook with each step he took toward her.

“I want to help, send me out, I will lead you to where they are and then we can get them out.” Bree said with crazy confidence that she really wasn’t feeling.

“Interesting, well, I’ll get it all arranged and we’ll send you out today, are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes.” She said shortly.

“Okay, come with me.” He turned back to his office and she followed, taking a deep breath, Justin was never going to forgive her for this. She closed her eyes tightly pushing the guilt away, she had to do this because if she didn’t the other guilt of not saving the other girls would eat at her forever.


Justin finally got done with calming Iris down and turned away and fear sliced through him, “Where’s Bree?” he demanded from his tea.

He watched as Ben and Cierra looked around the yellow room quickly, “She was just here, Justin, I swear.” Cierra moved closer to Ben.

“Well, she’s not now is she? After the first time of her taking off with you watching her, how could you guys take your eyes off her?” he gritted out. He yanked his phone from his pocket as it began to ring. He looked at his team, “It’s Chief Michaels.” He put the phone up to her ear not ready for the conversation at all.


“Okay, Bree, everything is set up,” the chief began. “You will be tracked through this.” His fingers ran along the wire beneath her t-shirt. “And we can talk through this.” He tapped the ear bud gently. “Do you have any questions?”

AS soon as Bree shook her head she was whisked off in a huge black van and taken to the forest. Her heart hammered in her chest. She shook a little as the cop in the passenger side got out and opened the sliding door quickly.

“You know what to do, right?” the cop demanded with a scowl on his face.

She nodded her head as she stared past him into the dense trees.

“We will start following you about fifteen minutes after you leave.”

She took a deep breath, she would be okay, she spent a night out here before she crashed into Justin.

She got out of the van and slowly made her way into the trees. She couldn’t worry about anything else right now.


“What the hell are you talking about? I didn’t send her there to help, you did what?” Justin hung up quickly holding in the urge to throw his phone across the room. “Ben, you and me, now.” He stalked toward the front door and Ben kissed Cierra and followed Justin quickly.

“What’s going on?”

“She went to the station, they sent her out with a tracker and ear bud, you’re going to hack their system and we’re going to find her before it’s too late.” Justin explained as he marched to the car.

He never felt so much anger, he actually wanted to punish her after this new stunt Bree pulled. When he found her and got her safe he was going to beat her ass until it was a deep shade of pink and learned her lesson.

She went behind his back, again and pretty much ran away from him. That was grounds for a hard, punished spanking.


Nausea bubbled in Bree, she couldn’t help but feel like everything was a terrible idea. The skin on the back of her neck prickled as if she was being watched.

She spun quickly when it became a stabbing sensation as she spun her foot hit a thick branch causing her to tumble backwards onto her butt. Her gaze darted around as she tried to find what was causing the weird feeling.

The trees were too thick to see anything. She let out a breath as she pushed the feeling away quickly and got back to her feet. She continued the trek through the trees some branches reaching down and scrapping her face.

But she continued to move.


Justin and Ben screeched to a halt. Justin hurriedly got an ear bud in place and began to load up on a couple of guns and enough ammo to take out an army and enough zip cuffs to bound the same amount of people.

He carefully watched as Ben began to set the feed up for the bud and quickly work on hacking into the police feed.

“Justin, I’m in!” he pushed a button and began to listen to the feed and his eyes glued to the doot that was stopped. Bet let out a curse, “She was stopped for a minute, but now she’s moving faster.”

“How far out?” Justin demanded, leaning between the two front seats from the back where he had been getting ready.

“Two miles out due north of us, we’re going to get her, Justin, you’ll keep her safe, man.”

Justin narrowed his gaze a little, “I know, I’m just, I just,”

“You love her, Justin, as crazy and stupid as it sounds you are in love with her, she feels the same about you, she might not remember what the feeling is but it’s there and she feels it for you.”

“Then why did she do this?” he demanded quietly, trying to push the anger away.

“She wants you to have Marnie back, just go easy on her, man, you need to focus on getting her back, I’ll keep you updated on anything important.”

Justin gave a curt nod and jumped from the back seat and took off into the woods. He was focused on getting to Bree but he was also focused on what he was going to do to her the rest of the day once she was in his presence and arms.

“Okay, Justin, you’re finally gaining on her.”

“Well, I’d hope so, I am running.” He huffed out as his gaze darted around himself to make sure no one would surprise him.


Bree picked up the pace as the stabbing in her neck continued. She tripped over another thick branch that had fallen from one of the many high trees surrounding her and went tumbling down a bank. She let out a scream as her whole body was covered in water, again. She sat up quickly, spitting out the mucky water that invaded her mouth. She slowly looked around, at least she was getting closer.

She shivered as she began to get to her feet, just what she wanted though, to be soaking wet while trying to get Marnie and the others, she went to the side of the bank she had to climb to get out of it. So much fun.


“Justin, we have a problem, Bree screamed, now all the feed and her position are gone, there’s nothing, something happened and it doesn’t sound good, bro.”

Justin let out a whirl of curses and picked up his speed, “Was she still headed in the same direction?”

“Yes, she was, Justin, just be careful.” Ben warned cautiously.

“Roger.” He acknowledged and continued his path to get to Bree. He didn’t understand how the feed could just disappear. Everything had to of been hidden on her.

He let out a groan, unless he was right about his suspicions when all of this first started and the cops were involved and if that was the case, his Bree was in real trouble. That thought sprung him into a faster sprint. The scream sent him even faster.


Bree struggled to get out of the creek bed, it was higher than the other side but she managed to get almost to the top when she began to slip back down. She screamed when someone grabbed her by the arms and pulled her back up to the solid land.

“Easy, Bree, I’ve been following you, I’m just trying to help.”

The man’s words fell on deaf ears, Bree began to run away but she was yanked back hard by her dripped wet hair.
“I guess you are really difficult, huh? Now I see how my father let you escape, you are too much of a pain.”

Bree went slack, “F-father?” she stuttered out as she shivered from being cold and wet and scared. Who was this man’s father?

“Yeah, I’ve been around since day one, I actually talked my father into everything,” he whispered against her ear, trailing his fingers along her neck. “Now that Justin Mathers ruined you, Father and I can have the fun we’ve wanted and then just get rid of you and still get money for the other five.”

Bree wanted to throw up at the feel of this young cop touching her. She tried to break free from him but was slammed face first into the ground hard. She let out a cough and went to get up when she suddenly felt his heavy weight press down against her back.

She tried to struggle but with no prevail. She screamed as she tried to get out from under him. She felt his rough hands go to the front of her pants and started to yank them down.

“First me then Father,” the young cop gritted out. “Quit struggling and accept your fate.”

But she couldn’t give in to defeat, she continued the struggle, she wouldn’t give in easily, “You’re a disgusting pig, let me go!” she demanded. “Justin will stop you.”

“Oh, he won’t find you,” he cackled a little.

“Wanna bet?” the deep voice demanded from behind them.


Justin felt so much hate flow through him as he found the disgrace of a cop on top of his darlin’ and saying the evil words to her. “I think I just proved you wrong, now get off of my girl.” He demanded, having his gun raised and pointed at the young cop.

The man rolled away from Bree and she scrambled farther away from the man and struggled to pull her pants back up quickly. Justin her over quickly. She was at least somewhat okay, probably scared and she was completely soaked.

“Get on the damn ground with your hands on the back of your head.” Justin growled out glaring at the piece of crap he wanted to beat senseless, like he had apparently done to Bree and the others.

“Bro, what’s going on?” Ben’s panicky voice filled his ear.

“Later, Ben.” Justin kept his eyes trained on the young Martines cop. Justin watched the tool put his hands on the back of his head. Justin rushed forward the gun still trained on the man as he pulled his zip tie cuffs out of his back pocket. He pushed his gun into his waist band and yanked the man’s hands from his head, not giving any mercy.

Martines let out a yell of pain as Justin slid the cuffs on and tightened them then he went for the legs and tightened them as well then pulled his feet up to his hands tying up the piece of garbage.

“That hurts Mathers!” he screamed out.

“This is nothing compared to what has been done to my girl and my niece.” Justin held back from slamming his foot into Martines’ stomach. “Ben, come to the spot where Bree’s transmitter disappeared, I found at least one of the assholes, Bree seems okay, checking on her now.”

As soon as Justin was close enough Bree practically threw herself up into his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck tightly. He caught her with ease and held her close as she trembled against him. He had the urge to scold her right then and there but as she shook against him he just couldn’t.

“God, baby, what were you thinking?” he asked gruffly against her ear.

“That it’s not fair that I’m safe and the others aren’t and that if I am related to Amelia, then I left my own cousin to these assholes,” she shivered as he sat her down on her feet. “Justin, we’re so close, we could get them out.” She looked up at him, those violet eyes of hers pleading.

“Justin?” Ben’s voice interrupted his thoughts that swirled around in his head.

“Ben, I’m going in.”

“Justin, wait for back up.”

“No, I’ve got this, Ben, just get here and get this piece of shit, Martines.” He shot a glare at the man one last time before he turned back to Bree. “I suppose asking you to stay here and go back with Ben isn’t going to work is it?”

“No, it won’t, I’m going with you.” She confirmed, shinning her big, innocent violet eyes at him.

Justin leaned his forehead down to hers, “Fine, but you have to listen to me when we get there”

“Okay.” She whispered.

Justin slowly lifted his head then leaned down and caught her lips beneath his lightly. He felt her hands against his chest, rubbing her thumbs against his pectorals gently. He slowly pulled back.

“Thank you for coming after me, I thought I could do this but I can’t.”

He cupped her face in his hands, “Shhh, baby, let’s just get Marnie and the others then we’ll deal with everything else.”

She took one of his hands and began to lead the way to where she had once been held.

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