Saved from Abduction

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chp 1

trigger warning on this.. depictions of abuse and other matters like captivity also

She was tired of being beaten, she was tired of being looked at like she was property to buy, but what could she do? She didn’t even know what was going on.

“One six nine, here now!” the scary, bulging, tattooed man yelled at her.

She shrank back into her dark room with a thin mattress, and the room was made of stone like it was a basement. It was always cold, and the only thing she was given to wear was a white t-shirt and skimpy red panties. She didn’t even have a blanket, she had only a holey sheet.

“One six nine, now!” the burly man yelled at her again.

She moved closer to the metal door, what could they possible want now? She was yanked out into the stoned hallway by her shoulder-length ash-brown hair. She stumbled a little but was pulled up harder.

“You best be on your best behavior today, someone is here to look at you, and you’ve been a pain since day one, but this is what you were made for, you best remember that.”

She was yanked down the hall by her hair then up the wooden steps. She didn’t want to go with any of the men who came and looked at her. She didn’t even want to be in the place she was now, she would take hell over this place. As she was dragged up the steps, she heard more yelling, but the voice was female. It had been a while since she had been allowed out of her prison, she didn’t know if she was the only one there or not anymore.

But that screaming suggested that she wasn’t the only one.

She was pulled into the small room that was in the middle of the building she was kept. Her eyes darted around the dimly lit room beneath hooded eyes. She was never supposed to look at anything. Her gaze landed on the six platforms that were low to the ground. There was only one empty one, which was no doubt for her.

The other girls had signs around their necks, probably because they hadn’t been branded yet, as she had been. Two five six was a blonde with beautiful green eyes, her fair skin covered in black and blue marks, she looked to be the youngest out of all them. Three seven two had deep chocolate brown eyes and tight curly black hair, four two six had blue eyes and brown hair, they looked as bad as two five six and herself, if she had to guess. Five six one was a redhead with cornflower blue eyes, she still had some meat on her. Six two zero was breathtaking beautiful, she had smoky gray eyes and was a blonde as well, and nothing on her looked harmed, yet.

She was struggling the most, one six nine flinched as six two zero was slapped hard and shoved to the platform, a booted foot was slammed into her stomach, but that didn’t stop the girl.

“You assholes will pay for this, I don’t belong here, none of us belong here, my parents will find me and take all of us away, I’m not a damn number, my name is Marnie Benson, my uncle will kill you for this!” she screamed and was hit again.

One six nine made a move to help the girl, maybe she was right, was it possible none of them belonged to this hell hole? And why could this Marnie Benson remember who she was but one six nine didn’t.

She was yanked back hard and slammed down on the only open platform, face first. She was almost numb from the beatings she received, but sometimes they still hurt. She was pulled to her feet by her hair and came face to face with a tall, lanky man with wavy brown hair and icy blue eyes.

She stepped away from him quickly but was pulled back hard. The man gripped her chin in a painful grasp.

“She looks so uncared for.” He murmured.

“Well, she’s a lot like six two zero down there, she’s stubborn and needs to be punished a lot, six two zero should get a good look at one six nine, because this could be her fate, isn’t that right, one six nine?”

She jerked her chin from lanky’s grip and bit his thumb hard.

He pulled his hand back and slapped her, “No one wants a bitter, I think my boss would prefer everyone, but her and the blonde down there.” Lanky shoved her down on the wooden platform and stepped away. “One month and my boss will arrange transportation to the port and from there, who knows maybe you’ll get these two under control, and he may take all six of them off your hands. One and half million per girl.”

Burly shook Lanky’s hand, and then she and the other girls were shoved from the platforms to each of their separate quarters.

She was slammed back into a wall and gripped tightly by the throat. As her air supply was cut off, she began to struggle.

Burly slammed his other fist into her cheek, but held her up when she would have fallen to the ground from the force, “If they didn’t prefer virgins I’d teach you some manners real quick, but then I wouldn’t get what you are worth, and that’d be such a waste, learn your place, bitch.” He hissed out the last four words and pushed her to the ground roughly.

She coughed as she heard the door slam, the air burning her lungs as it reentered. She listened for a moment when she realized she didn’t hear the metal grind that let her know her door was locked. She sat up, pulling her knees to her chest. Could six two zero be right? Was it possible she had a family who was looking for her? If so, what were they like? Did she have siblings? What did they do for a living?

Only one way to find out. She had to escape, but how?

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