My bad boy

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Lizzie moves to a new school where she makes many relationships, but her sassy tongue places her with many problems. And it makes her play with fire with the worst boy in school . How will she handle the situation?

Romance / Humor
Fatoom :)
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Chapter 1 - who the h*ell are you

Moving home and traveling is the worst things in my opinion , Many people were frustrated by me in my old school they were more like a bullies I faced , Nevermind today is my first day at this new house and school . As my mother says “fresh new start is better than a new car” lets see how wrong she can be .

I woke up feeling dizzy from all the unpacking and moving stuffs I don’t want to leave my bed !.

Lizze’s brother (Enzo) : “get your ass off of this bed and go get ready you’re going to be late on your first day of school “.

I replied in an annoyed tone Lizzie : “ do you know how much your voice annoys me ? You’re saying those lame things made you sound like my grandmother” .

He rolled his eyes and said : “whatever just get ready I guess there’s no point in being nice with you “.

A silence in the room stayed for a couple of seconds then...


Enzo tripped but got up in a hurry an left l ikr to have this control on my bigger brother it makes me feel like the queen of the house .

As soon as i finished preparing my brother had already gone , I can’t believe he left me again to walk all by myself.

While I was walking I tripped over a hard chest god I hope he’s hot I fell on the ground so hard that I actually hurted my elbow . As I looked up I saw the most beautiful creature that my eye could see and pretty ice blue eyes with a slight shine , a detailed jaw line with precision hold on I forgot his light brown hair as the color of honey dangling backward oh God kill me this cannot be an ordinary human like me !

with a sharp voice Jake said : “I said are you okay ? For fuck’s sake “

Lizzie :” s-sorry I zoned- “

Befor even completing what I was saying he rudely interrupted me :

Jake : “yeah whatever I guess your fine “

As he was walking through the street passing near me going straight to his red fancy car my dumbass did get enough of his angelic face so ...

Lizzie : “wait ....”

” what do you want now ?” with a pretty mad face he said

In an awkwardly way I said : “ahh what s-school do you go to ?”

He replied while facing his car :” to Endveg high school “ he added :” another thing , I dislike people that Souter “ wow how rude he is and he’s not even looking my way while talking .

Oh and I thought for a second being nice to people would work out I said with an angry tone “listen to me carefully you jerk I don’t care about what you like and dislike so fuck off “

Jake :” ooh someone is baking sassy today , I like that “ he said with a big fat smirk

So I just simply said :”it’s called fuck off and it’s over there “ . And after that I saw him leaving pissed off at least I did a great job by getting under his skin


I went straight o look for my locker and it wasn’t the only thing I found , I found this jackass standing near it .

Jake : “am I really that hot as they assume that you can’t stay for a while far from me ? “ . He said with his stupid smirk not gonna lie tho it’s kinda hot

Lizzie : “ move , you’re standing in my way I’m trying to reach my locker “ I said with an eye roll .

Jake : “dont eyeroll your eyes on me agin , love “

Lizzie : “or what ?”

Jake : “or I’ll just -


Hi ! I’m the writer as you can see I’m still working on this story you’ll be updated with the next chapter very soon and I want to say I’m sorry if there’s a grammar or spelling mistake language isn’t really my language , don’t forget to tell me your opinion and have a nice day . ENJOY <3

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