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Avalon thought she was normal human girl. Little does she know she's a key to a whole new world that she never new existed.

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Chapter 1

“Avalon get your ass down here!” Avalon was a petite girl but strong minded. She quickly walked down the stairs to meet eyes with her abusive father. Her mother had died when she was only 10 and she didn’t know how. Avalon had asked her father before but he would just yell at her. She bowed quickly and he spoke, “I’m going to work I want everything clean before I get home.” Avalon nodded quickly at her fathers glare and he walked out of the door. Once it shut Avalon let out a breath. It wasn’t as if she was scared she was just uncomfortable with him around. Avalon looked around the house it would take about thirty minutes to clean as it isn’t to big and she already cleans it everyday anyway.

Avalon got to work humming to songs and dancing and giggling she felt something or someone watching her, but she was used to it. This feeling began a couple months ago and she reminded herself that it was most likely a ghost and she laughed at that. But in all honesty it was more comforting than someone actually watching her.

As she finished up the house she put everything were it was suppose to be and slipped on some shoes. Avalon then began to walk into the forest. She does this every chance she has. It’s seems nature is very comforting to the girl and she took a deep breath inhaling the beauty and forest scent. The birds were singing quietly to each other. The trees swayed in a relaxed way as though dancing.

Avalon began to sing quietly and smiled she set her hand on a branch and began to pull herself into a tree. She could still feel someone and suddenly heard something she shot here head to the left and saw a squirrel. Avalon sighed in relief but still felt someone else. Ignoring the feeling she reached out to the small animal beckoning It towards her in a comforting manner, “Come here boy it’s alright I won’t hurt you.”

The small squirrel looked at her tilting it’s head trying to decide if he shall trust her or not, but Avalon continued and the squirrel finally began towards her in an excited manner. She smiled and picked him up slowly, “That’s it little guy” he then ran up her arm to her shoulder and began touching her hair she giggled as he continued.

The tree’s began to slow in the breeze and Avalon raised her head feeling the breeze stop. She looked around feeling odder then normal. To prove her suspicion the squirrel ran up farther in the tree staring at her as telling her to follow. She glared at the forest ground, “A warning” She whispered lightly and also climbed a few branches higher. Now hidden in the branches and leaves.

The squirrel now again settled on her shoulder looking at the ground in fear just then a wolf appeared. Avalon gulped in surprise it was much bigger than one she would imagine and as if sensing her the wolf looked up in the tree growling as she gasped. The squirrel ran up into the tree to what looked like his nest. As the gray wolf was going to step closer to the tree a larger black one tackled it to the ground.

Avalon knew it wasn’t a good idea to stay and watch so as fast as possible she climbed down the other side of the tree. As she touched the ground the two wolfs were still fighting and she ran, she ran farther into the forest to a place she hoped would never be found.

Finally arriving at the small pond she sighed and tried to catch her breath . She sat down next to the small pond and looked at her reflection. She saw a girl with Rosie cheeks and full lips her hair was long and almost pitch-black .Her eyebrows were full but shaped and the girl smiled at Avalon. She giggled at herself, but suddenly screamed as she saw a now black furry head next to the girls. she jumped back landed about two feet away from the wolf. It was now even bigger and was just staring at her. Avalon stared back in wonder why it wasn’t attacking her the wolf then turned towards the pond and began drinking from it.

Avalon took this as her chance to inspect the creature. It had black fur the same color as her long hair. The wolf had silver eyes it was huge definitely bigger the her, and as she looked at it’s leg there was blood it must have come from the fight. Surprisingly the wolf only held that one wound.

Now the wolf was done drinking and back to staring at her. Avalon moved her legs closer to her body in fear but the wolf just sat then laid down in front of her. She raised and eyebrow in suspicion, but reached her hand out as the wolf still did nothing. Avalon then spoke “Y-your hurt c-can help” the wolf looked at her in shock that she actually cared but he nodded his head. Avalon stood up and looked around as the wolf looked confused. she then walked off and grabbed multiple leaves and vines. Avalon then sat agin next to the water and spoke, “I need to clean it first.”

The wolf nodded and put his leg in the water as she washed around the wound and splashed it a bit. She then wrapped a leave around his leg and tied it there with a vine. Avalon nodded proudly at her work and looked at the wolf to see him already staring at her, and as she was about to speak he stood and laid his head in her lap. She gasped softly and held her hands above him before laying them in his fur. Avalon smiled at the wolf and petted him softly as he purred.

She looked up and noticed the sun was setting and gasped softly. The wolf looked at her in confusion and she spoke, ” I have to go father won’t be happy if I’m not home when he get’s back.” The wolf stood and as did Avalon wiping some dust off her pants. Avalon began walking as the wolf followed. As they got to the edge of the forest she stopped and looked at the wolf then spoke, “I’ll be back here tomorrow if you would like to see me again” The wolf nodded and walked off as she began into the clearing were her house was.

Avalon laid in her bed wondering about that wolf. The questions rushing through her head. How could he understand what she was saying? Why didn’t he attack her? She sighed aloud and rolled over trying to get some sleep.

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy this story! So far it's really fun to write and I hope to be updating regularly. I also hope that you guys are staying safe and healthy in these hard times. :)
Make sure to comment! Feedback is always welcome.🖤
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- Sapphire 🌹
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