A Second Chance

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Kimberly was happily married and always had her life figured out. That was until her husband cheated on her on their 10th anniversary. Now she's a single mother taking care of her young daughter. Will she ever allow herself to love again? And what happens when her ex comes back for her?

Romance / Drama
Michelle Howard
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I never knew in a million years that I Kimberly Cleveland will be sitting in a divorce attorney's office discussing divorce procedures. Growing up I always thought I'd get married to my very own prince charming and live happily ever after in a beautiful castle far in the mountains and have many gorgeous little babies running around like how it was at granddads farm (well it sounded great when I was 15)

I always thought Rowland was the love of my life, I believed that our love was like those the of romance novels. Never in a millions years could I have thought that my high school sweetheart, my knight in shining amour, the father of our beautiful daughter will be capable of doing something so dreadful to me. But what can I say, our destinies are inevitable. Images of seeing my husband's tongue doing down that damned hussy's throat hunt me every day. I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked into our room, our matrimonial room and found Rowland in bed with another woman. I was stunned beyond words. The images keep replaying in my head every time I close my eyes. I remember that day as clear as air.

6 months ago

"Mom I'm sure you have everything ready, that watch is really nice. Im sure dad will love it." Penelope reminds me for the hundredth time today.

I let out a little nervous sigh and nod at my twelve year old daughter who seems to be my only anchor at this point in my life. It's our 10th wedding anniversary today and I can't help but feel nervous. It's almost like I'm a teenager again. Earlier today, I went to the mall for a little accessories shopping with Penelope. Being a stay at home mom has it's benefits. But don't get me wrong now, I'm not like the other housewives who take pleasure in sitting at home popping out babies and looking pretty for their husbands when they arrive home from work and seducing them for credit cards for a field day at the mall with their blond friends and basically just living the platnium hollywood life. I stay at home because I didn't finish my economics degree in college because I got pregnant with Penelope and by then Rowland had already graduated and got into his father's construction company as the CEO. My Catholic parents were however decided that there is no way that I'm going to have my baby out of wedlock,so Rowland and I got married when I was 19 and he was 24

I feel butterflies in my stomach thinking of what he might have gotten me this year. My husband always surprises me with the best gifts for our anniversaries. Last year he surprised me with tickets to France. I sigh when the memories flood my mind: candlelight dinner under the stars, dancing with the dolphins in Parc Astérix and the bitter sweet coffee brew I cannot pronounce at Café de la Paix ...simple sweet heaven. And not to forget our heated intimate moments in that French hotel room in Paris. I shivered at the thought of being intimate with my husband tonight... the things that man does to me.


I quickly snapped out of my thoughts at the touch of Penelope's hand on my shoulder. I feel my cheeks heat up when I realize that I was busy reminiscing indecent thoughts in front of my twelve year old daughter.

"I...err...um..." I was lost at words and heard Penelope's sweet laughter fill the room.

"It's okay mom. I know you're just as nervous as I was when Elliott kissed me last Friday." She said dreamingly as she clasped hands on her chest without realizing what she has just revealed to me. I arched a questioning brow at her.

"Elliott did what?" I knew that Penelope was very close with her childhood friend, but I never thought that sixteen year old boy would be taking advantage of my daughter. I wonder what other inappropriate and ungodly things he might have done to my baby. I shudder at the thought.

Realizing that she had just exposed herself, Penelope began fidgeting.

"Mom I...it was just an innocent perk on the cheeks I swear." She said trying to explain her actions as if I didn't know better.

Little did she know that I was once her age and I've also been in deep infatuation with a boy, but Elliott Brimley is a sixteen year old teenage boy who should know better than flirting with a child. It is wrong and probably illegal in most states.

However, this was not the time to be angry at my daughter. Ill get back to her after the anniversary. I have to keep a clear head.

"I don't want to hear another word from you young lady. Now go to your room and do your homework before I lose it." I say pointing upstairs to her room.

"But Mom you said I will go to the Brimley's. It's not fair."

"Penelope Leah Cleveland!" I hiss behind gritted teeth. She pouts and rushes upstairs to her room. My daughter is barely a teenager and she's already trying to get on my nerves with boy drama.

I grabbed my purse and the small over decorated gift box and hurry upstairs to surprises my husband. I'm not sure if he is home yet, but he did say he'll leave work early today because it is our anniversary. It is one of the many benefits he had of being the boss of one if the biggest construction companies in Seattle. I smile as I approach our bedroom, but it is quickly wiped off my face when I reach the white wooden door because I hear muffed sounds coming the other side. When I lean more closely they began to sound more like....moans?

No no. My brain is probably processing this whole situation wrongly, I mean my husband couldn't actually be in there with someone, I'm sure he was just watching a naughty movie....he wouldnt. Could he?

I pushed the thought at the back of my head. And laugh at myself for being paranoid about something as silly as this. I couldn't possibly be accusing my husband of 10 years, the man I've fallen in love with since I was a teenager and the father of our baby of cheating on me with some woman on our anniversary in our house. It's simply absurd. Rowland was probably watching a movie and forgot to turn the volume down. I know it sounds stupid but it feels right in this situation. My Rowley would never.

I don't know why, but I braced myself for whatever it that was I walking into, I slowly opened the door.

What I saw next was breathtaking. Not the kind that thrills you or amazes you but the kind that feels like you've been punched hard in your stomach and all the air escapes your lungs and you can't breathe. The type that feels like you're falling from a high skyscraper and you can't fill your lungs with air. All you can do is pray that you hit the surface, but it's an endless fall you just keep going down.

This is exactly how I feel at this moment. The air left my lungs the moment I saw my husband passionately kissing a brunette. From where I stand, I can see that they had just finished they're act of adultery. They're bodies were barely clothed and the brunette had that look that said I've been freshly shagged by another woman's husband.

My presence was still oblivious to them because they are too caught up in the heat of their sin to realize that they had just been caught. Caught? I just caught my husband cheating on me. Realization of what I'm witnessing suddenly hits me like a sledgehammer.

I'm so stunned that I can't think of how to react to the situation at hand. I cannot cry because my eyes are dried up with no tears. I cannot scream because my voice is hidden far at the back of my throat.

"Rowland." A whisper escapes my mouth.

Stopping dead in his act, Rowland froze for a second and turned as if dreading to see the owner of the voice.

Shock covers his face when he realizes that I was standing in front of them. He quickly pushes brunette off him and rush towards me. I see the slut roll her eyes and laugh as if it were some sort of joke to her. I instantly realize that it was Mira Kennett. Rowland's secretary. He's cheating on me with his secretary? I felt my shaky hand move up to cover my mouth.

"Baby look it's not what it looks like okay? I can explain everything. Just listen to me please. I think heard my husband say.

I couldn't understand what he was saying I just stared blankly at him not blinking because my eyes didn't have the strength to do that. It was then when my body went numb. I could feel every part of my body shutting down. I couldn't feel anything. I knew I was moving fast to the surface and I knew that I will hit it hard. I felt strong arms around me and people shouting and screaming to call 911 as I drifted into deafening silence and absolute darkness.

"Mrs. Cleveland everything is finalized you are now a free woman." I heard Mrs. Maverick say as I snapped back to reality. I stood up and shook the hand she has extended.

"Thank you so much Mrs. Maverick. It has been a long journey but I'm glad it's all in the past now, and it's Miss Jacobson now please" I smiled at the elderly woman in front of me. She quickly apologized and we said our goodbyes as she led me towards the door. I let out breath I didn't know I was holding as walked out of the Maverick Law Firm. This was the beginning of a beautiful life ahead of me. Just me and my daughter. Life will be simple.

Well at least that's what I thought.

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