A Second Chance

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Chapter 1

Kimberly's POV

"I'm home!" I yell after locking the door to the small apartment I share with my daughter. She's probably asleep. Its 10 pm and I just knocked off from my job at the restaurant after a day doing Martin Briggs's chores. And yes, The Martin Briggs: current bestselling author for New York Times. Well, I'm his personal assistant. Though the term personal comes in handy. I do almost everything for the man.

It doesn't bother me that much that he's the bestselling author, I only care that he pays me enough to take care of my daughter and add to the little I get from the restaurant to pay for the rent and cable. It has been hard for me after the divorce because I had to start out from scratch. Rowland refuses to take his responsibility as a father seriously.

He only visited Penny for the first year, then he started making up excuses every time he had to see her. After some time he altogether stopped calling and sending in money for her school fees and that's when I started doing two jobs to make sure my daughter went to school and that we kept a roof over our heads.

It wasn't easy at the beginning but I had to be strong for her. And I pat myself on the back for saving the money I got from the divorce for Penny's college tuition fees. I know it'll be a long time before she actually goes to college but judging from the situation at hand I'm glad I made that decision. I honestly cannot believe the nerve of that man, I just cannot believe he'd do this to his daughter. I thought he would at least take care of Penelope. It breaks my heart every time I look into her eyes and see tears because of that man. I can't handle seeing her suffer like this because of a father who doesn't care about her, it's just hard.


I snap out of my thoughts the second I hear her sweet voice. I notice that my face is wet from warm tears and I quickly wipe them off with the back of my hand and clear my throat.

"Hey baby." I manage to smile.

"Mom you seriously don't fool me with that smile. I saw you when I came into the kitchen." She said quietly. "You were thinking about him."

I could see that her eyes were becoming shinny and teary. I curse myself for doing this to her. I walk to her and wrap my arms around her small body.

"I'm sorry honey." Is only what I could say. I hear her sniff and whimper. I feel my own tears roll down my cheeks as I try to reassure my daughter that everything will be okay. I have to be strong for her and I definitely need to control myself and stop thinking about Rowland all the time. It is always thoughts about him that get us into situations like these, this has to stop. I have to stop allowing him control over my emotions and my life.

After some time we've both sobered up and sitting at the counter across each other while Penelope watches me eat.

"Why are you still awake anyways?" I ask her before bringing another spoonful of mash potatoes to my mouth.

"I was just doing homework mom nothing illegal." She rolls her eyes and empty the glass of juice in her hand before disposing it off into the sink.

"Well it is illegal to stay up this late Penny. Its school night and you spend a whole eternity getting out of bed."

"Well it isn't eternity if I manage to actually get out of bed mom." She yawns and rubs her puffy sleepy eyes. I shake my head while washing my plate and putting it away in the cardboard.

"Come on let's get you to bed." I pull her from the stool she sat.

"You're tucking me in tonight?" Her eye light up and gives me a full white grin. I love seeing her happy. I hold her close besides me as we walk to her room.

"Of course I am my little lamb." I smile

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