A Second Chance

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Chapter 2

Kimberly's POV

"Bye mom." Penelope kisses my cheek and grabs her water bottle from the counter before she heads for the door.

"Goodbye sweet, have a great day." I yell when I realize she was already closing the door behind her. Sighing loudly I begin cleaning the apartment. It has been days since I thoroughly cleaned the place up and since Martin gave me the day off, I might as well make myself useful. I gather all the cleaning material on the floor and begin working the kitchen. After I was satisfied with the kitchen, I moved on to the small sitting room then the bedrooms.

Two hours later the apartment is spotless clean and I have the laundry hanging outside getting dry. I smile proudly at myself and I begin preparing lunch before Penelope gets home from school. It's probably still early but I want to make her favorite meal: Baked Chicken with spinach stuffing plus some mac and cheese.

The meal doesn't take long to get ready and almost an hour later I'm sitting on the sofa waiting for her to get back from school. I can almost see her face when she walks in and her senses catch the wonderful smell lingering the apartment. I catch up on a movie I've willing to watch months ago. I've been busy with work and I barely get any time off and now that I have a few hours before my shift at the restaurant, I might as well just entertain myself.

After the movie finished I'm surprised it's almost 3 pm and Penelope isn't back home from school. I told her I'd be home until late afternoon and she's still not back. She obviously doesn't have any extracurricular activities at school because my baby is very lazy, so I'm shocked that she's still not home. I try not to panic because she probably just got caught up with something important at school. It is unlike her to just wander off like that when she knows I'll be home and that we'll be able to hang out before I leave for work.

I go to my bedroom and take a warm shower. I strip out of my clothes and wrap a towel around my body and head to the bathroom. Minutes later the warm water is raining over me and I close my eyes as the water soaks my hair and begin scrubbing all the dirt from my body.

For some reason I feel uneasy and as if something might have happened. I try to brush the thoughts off that begin clouding my head. Nothing is wrong with Penny. I tell myself. She's probably just a little bit late and there's obviously a good explanation to that. I turn the shower off and walk back to my room. Glancing at my watch I begin to hurry.

I wait a few minutes more for Penny to come home. I bit my lip as a strange feeling fills my stomach.

I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. I try to ignore it because it's probably Tessa my manager calling to demand where I am. I fish the device from my purse and notice Unknown on the caller ID, frown wondering who it might be and I answer.

"Um hello.

"Is this Kimberly Jacobson?" The voice asks and I begin to panic for some reason. I tell the caller that I am.

I feel goose bumps all over my body at the news the person tells me. And I almost stumble and fall.


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