Hephaestus' Flame [Caprioli #3]

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Chapter 10: The Feeling

I was running after Percy when he was walking toward his car under the pouring rain. I don’t care if we’re wet or anything but I need to be clear with him, right here, right now.

“Wait, Percy! Wait!” I was calling after him before he stopped in the middle of the courtyard of my house. I was walking toward him before I stopped a few meters before him. The rain was coming down like cats and dogs.

“Do you mean it?” I asked him as I was shouting at him in the rain. The lightning was booming in the background before Percy turned to look at me. He was spreading his hands as we were staring at each other.

“What do you think, Elise? Would I be looking for you when I heard that you were in town the first day after you came back from abroad 5 years later? Did you seriously think I was to let go of a woman that I have madly and deeply in love just for some rumors that she believed in?” He said as I was stunned to hear that.

I don’t think that he would here the rumors that I ran away from him because I was too afraid of what the high society of Sicily would think when a blacksmith’s daughter was falling in love with an elite.

“I don’t think that you would run away from me, Elise. I thought…never mind. It doesn’t matter what I thought anyway. You would leave me again even if I told you that I love you,” he sighed before my eyes went big as a saucer.

“You…you love me?” I asked him as Percy was chuckling humourlessly.

“That was a stupid thing to say. I am in love with a woman that ditched me 5 years ago,” he mumbled but before he can walk away from me, I was running toward him. I pushed him to the ground before Percy was surprised to look at me. I was dipping my head toward his lips and kissed the shit out of him.

The lighting was booming.

The rain was pouring.

And we were kissing as nothing happened.

I was gripping his collar before I was trying to pull him closer to me. Percy was groaning inside the kiss before he was caressing my sides. I felt the fire that was burning inside me, the coal that was being poked at when I was kissing him for the first time.

And this time, I will not stop just for a kiss.

He was caressing me before the lightning was booming closer and closer to us. I broke the kiss before I was looking at the sky. It was dark and I think we can get better protection from Mother Nature in my house.

“Elise, I thought—”

“No time. Take me home. Make me yours, Percy,” I said as I was caressing his face. His electric blue eyes were looking at me before he nodded. Then, he hauled me up bridal style before he was moving toward the house as the rain was pouring on us.

He hit my back on the door as he closed the door and the rain was pattering on the windows. I don’t care about anything right now. All I wanted to be was him and I know that I can do it if I wanted to.

“Kiss me,” I said as Percy was smirking at me.

“You don’t have to ask me twice,” I said as I was looking at him before Percy was kissing me. I was moaning his name into the kiss before I was gripping his hair. I was grinding myself on him as our wet clothes were the only barrier that was preventing us from feeling each other skin right now.

“Fuck this,” he said as he was tearing my shirt as well as my shorts. I was gasping at his brute strength before he was kissing my neck and jaws as I was gripping his hair.

“Strip for me, Percy,” I said as I was whispering seductively to him. I cannot think of anything that was coming through my mind but this brute in front of me. He was awakening the desire inside me and I was doing this for him.

I wanted to please him.

“You know, if I know that you will be wild like this when I confess, I would have done those long ago,”

“Then, what’s stopping you?” I asked him before I was staring at him. His blue eyes were looking at me with the calculation that I know why.

Because I left him.

I was gripping his hair as I was touching our forehead together before I was closing my eyes. I can see that the pain in his eyes just now, the 5 years that I was gone.

“I’m sorry,” I said as I was gripping him closer. Percy was hugging me.

“For what?″ He asked as I was taking a deep breath.

“For not trusting you that you were not involved with that scandal they wrote about you. I swear I will burn those gossip company to the ground,” I said as Percy chuckled at me.

“Well, that’s been taken care of,” he said before I opened my eyes and I was looking at him. Percy was smirking at me.

“How come—”

“Enough of the past. I think we have something else on our mind right now,” he said as he was flicking my nipples before I was gasping at him. Percy smirked at me before he was stripping off his wet clothes and we were standing in front of each other in our birthing suite.

I was tracing my hands on his chest as it was hard as a stone and I was playing with his nipples. He sucked on his breath before I was looking at him.

“Do not tease me, Tesoro. I can only take teasing to a certain point,” he said as I was arching my eyebrow.

“And what point will that be, I wonder?” I asked him before I was licking his nipples. Percy groaned before he was pushing me to the coach and he was on top of me as I landed on them.

“Now you’re just being a tease,”

“I learn from the best,” I said as Percy was glaring darkly at me.

“Don’t tell me that you have a lover before—”

“NO, that’s not what I meant. I was just…Argh, Percy!” I said as I was looking at him when he was putting me on his shoulder like I was a sack of potato.“What are you—” I did not finish my sentence when he was smacking my butt cheek. I shrieked before I felt the pain before I was feeling the pleasure after it.

“I wonder who was your first lover, hmm?” He asked me and before I can speak to him, he smacked me again. I moaned before I was gripping his hair.

“No, I don’t have anyone else but you, Percy. Please,″ I begged before he was walking toward the bedroom. If I don’t know any better he was walking in the right room.

My room to be exact.

I was being dumped in the bedroom before I was looking at Percy. His electric blue eyes were prominent in the dime light before he was taking a silk ribbon and he was pinning my hands to the headboard.

“What are you—”

“You have been naughty, Elise. And here I will be punishing you tonight,” he said as he was tracing his hot hands on my naked chest. He played with my globes before he was moving lower and lower as he was gripping my thighs. Then, he spread me out.

I gasped before I was looking at Percy that was taking a whiff of my feminine scent. I wondered what he thinks about it.

“Hmm, I think I never smell this before. I think you’re talking the truth here, Tesoro,” he said as I was nodding at him.

“Yes, I never lied to you, Percy, caro. I don’t,” I said as I was gripping the ribbon before Percy was putting my legs on top of his shoulders. He was smirking at me before he was plunging his fingers inside me.

“God, you’re right. But no matter, I will make it wide for you to take me,” he said as he was putting the legs down before he was pushing me apart again. I was about to say something when he was licking me.

I moaned before I was remembering a scene in the romance novel that I would read in my free time and I was playing with myself as I was imagining that Percy was kissing me there.

“Yes, oh yes!” I said as I was biting my lower lips before Percy was pumping in and out of my core as he was sucking on my nub. Then, I felt the sensation that I would have when I was playing with myself as I imagined him with me.

“Argh!” I shouted as my orgasm was hitting me and Percy was smirking at me, his lips were glistening with my nectar.

“Now, you’re ready,” he said as he was moving to show me his well-endowed cock. I gulped at the sight but I was happy to take him as well.

God, I hope tonight will be the best night of my life.

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