Hephaestus' Flame [Caprioli #3]

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Chapter 11: The Passion

I was looking at his electric blue eyes when Percy was moving to put his cock aligned with my core. I was gripping his shoulders before I was biting my lower lips. I have to tell him, I have to before I can embarrass myself even more.

“Elise? What’s wrong?” He asked me as I was closing my eyes before I turned to the side. I have to come clean if I wanted to start this relationship with him.



“I…I’m a virgin. Will you be gentle?” I asked him as I know that I was being ridiculous right now. I was expecting him to laugh at me or just embarrass me even more but his reaction was pure and innocent.

“I know,” he said as I turned to look at him. I arched my eyebrows.

“How do you know?” I asked him as Percy was kissing my cheeks and forehead.

“Because I keep my tabs on you,” he confessed before I was blinking at him. Did he just say that he was stalking me?

“Are you the one that was—”

I cannot finish my sentence when I was looking at him and he was kissing my lips very fervently. He smiled in that kiss when I was moaning his name and panting after he broke it.

“Now, now, I don’t want to hear anything about that. We have the rest of our lives to talk about it,” Percy said with his devilish smirk on his lips. Damn him.

“Okay, but you owe me an explanation, Caprioli,” I said as I was glaring at him before I was wounding my arms around his neck. Percy laughed.

“I know and I will make sure that you will feel good afterward,” he said as he was pushing himself into me, inch by inch. I was gripping his shoulders as I felt the foreign thing inside me. God, he was huge!

“Argh,” I said as I felt the pain when my core was trying to push him out of me. Maybe I should stop him but Percy was beating me to that.

“Relax, cara mia. You have to relax so that your muscle will not be tight and tried to reject me,” he said huskily as I was turning my face toward him. I can feel that my tears were glistening on my eyes.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked him as I know that I was not experiencing this. Could it be that Percy was sharing this intimate moment beside me? I mean, who would reject him if he asked anyone to warm his bed? Then again, my muscles tightened.

“Elise, what did I just say?” He asked me as I was crying now. I don’t know why I felt the pang in my heart but I did. I have no right to do so because I walked out on him 5 years ago. It’s all my fault and I was blaming him.

“Elise, shh, my love. What’s wrong, cara mia?” He asked me as I was shaking my head. He might think that he was hurting me but it was me that I was mad at. I was not happy to know that I was the reason why he shared his bed with someone else and I was a dumb fool to leave him.

“I’m sorry,” he said maniacally as he was trying to calm me down. I was crying before I was nuzzling his neck.

“We can stop if you don’t—”

“No, don’t. I want you, Percy. I don’t need anything else,” I said as I calmed down when I was taking a whiff of his cologne. Percy was looking at me before he was concerned with me. I smiled weakly at him. He shook his head.

“There must be something that you wanted to tell me. So tell me,” Percy said as he was looking at me. I smiled before I was caressing his cheeks. How can I not fall in love with him? He’s perfect in every way.

“I love you, Percival Hephaestus Caprioli,” I said his full name with emotions that I cannot hold in anymore. He kissed my palm that was caressing his cheeks.

“And I love you, Elise Gallo. Now tell me what’s wrong?” He asked me before I sighed. I have to come clean of this feeling of uneasiness before I was to move forward with him.

“I…I did not sleep with anyone else and I know that you have a reputation with the ladies. I know that I might not be your choice for a bride—”

“I will stop you right there, Elise. This is what happened when you believe in such rumors. I don’t sleep with anyone else but you, Elise,″ Percy cut me off before he was looking at me. I was arching my eyebrows before I was blinking at him.


He sighed before he was kissing my lips and stood up from the bed. He was pacing back and forth in front of me as I was looking at him. He was restless but he did not shout or be mad at me for accusing him.

“Is this what you concluded when I was with Morgan 5 years ago?” He asked me as he was standing there like the Greek god he was. I nodded at him before he was sighed. He went back to sit in front of me and he was taking my hands into his.

“Elise, I don’t have anyone else that could move my heart as you did. I have been waiting for you to make the first move but I guess I was in the wrong since I was hoping that you would leap,” he said before his electric blue eyes were on me.

“And I am sorry for your misunderstanding 5 years ago. You would not talk to me about it. You just shut me out one day and I was not paying any attention to it. I thought you were having that PMS or something,” he said before I was slapping him playfully on the arms. He laughed before I was pulling him again on top of me as he was looking at me.

“Now, why do we in this position again? I thought you cannot take me tonight,” Percy asked me as he was arching his eyebrow at me. I rolled my eyes before I was looking at him.

“Shut up, Caprioli. It’s my turn to make the move,” I said before I was turning him over and I was straddling him. I was aligning his cock in front of my core before I was inching him into as I was moaning when we were joined.

“Now this, this what I was talking about,” Percy said before I was smirking at him before I felt his tip was hitting my maidenhead. I turned to look at Percy before he was pulling me closer.

“Do not think about it,” he said as I was kissing him and he slammed into me, breaking them apart. I felt like I was being split but I was not as the pain was replaced with something so much better.


I was moaning into his kiss before Percy was pulling out of me. I almost whined before I was gripping his hair tightly. I was gasping as I was being kissed by Percy on my neck and jaws.

“God, you taste so good,”

“What was it like?” I asked him as he was chuckling on my neck. I felt the vibration from his chest to my naked chest. I smiled.

“Well, it’s hard to say when you were like honey but at the same time, you were like an apple. But I think I like them together,” he said as I was looking at him. Percy’s eyes were shining with mischief.

“Oh? I wonder what you taste like,” I said as I was nuzzling his neck and I was licking his skin. Percy moaned before he was moving inside me. I jerked and we both moaned at the contact.

“Now, I think we have to move or I will go insane,” Percy said before I was smiling on his neck as he was pumping in and out of me. I was feeling the tension that was building when his cock was grazing at my clit before I was gripping his hair and pulled him closer to kiss his kissable lips.

“I love you, Percy,”

“And I love you, Elise,” he said as I felt the tingling sensation was coming from the toes to my stomach as my walls clenched around his cock before I was shouting his name.


I was leaning against him before Percy was kissing my forehead. Then, he moved again. I turned to look at him, horrified that he still has the stamina to do this. I was not prepared for this! Percy smirked at me.

“You think it is over? Well, think again, my love, for I will have you in my arms, all night long,” he said as he was kissing me.

And he did. He had me all night long, panting and gasping for him and his wicked seduction.

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