Hephaestus' Flame [Caprioli #3]

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Chapter 12: The Union

I was staring at his immaculate face when I was smiling like an idiot. Yeah, I think I have always been an idiot when it comes to Percival Hephaestus Caprioli. I cannot believe that I was taking this step with Percy and it was all for 5 years for it to happen.

Percy groaned before he was pulling me closer into his arms as we entangled in the sheets of my bedroom. The sun was shining and the birds were singing but I don’t care about that. All I wanted to be was right here in front of me and I was happy to know that we have done the deed.

But what if, it was only that?

My anxiety was coming toward me like a wrecking ball right now. I have not to think about it since I was caught up in his wicked game of seduction and Percy was one hell of a player. I have to think of something so that this will not be the end of our passion together.

“Good morning, cara mia,” Percy said as I turned to look at him. He smiled before he was kissing my lips. I was not responding to him before he broke it and stared at me.

“Okay, what’s wrong now? I don’t think that waking up next to my beautiful bride would be like this,” he said as he chuckled. I was blinking at him.

“Bride?” I asked him before he was smiling at me. He tucked my hair behind my ears and I was looking at him for an explanation. Then, he sighed.

“Well, you are the only woman I ever had my eyes on so I was thinking that it was not too late for us to make it official,” he said as he took a red box from the night table. I don’t even know there was one.

I was staring at him before he opened the box. I gasped before I saw that my ring was inside it but it was not my initial design.

“Wait, did you modify it?″ I asked Percy before he nodded. He took it out and I was looking at intricate vines that were consumed by the fire. I think the fire was getting bigger and the garnet was getting bigger as well.

“And you change the stone as well?” I asked him as he was shrugging.

“Eh, I figure my wife should have the best of the best. But I can change it back if you want the original size,” he said as I was staring at him. I was biting my lower lips before I was flaunting my body at him and hugged him.

“Okay, what now?”

“Thank you,” I whispered to him as I was staring into his eyes. I was smiling like an idiot before I was kissing his lips. He groaned before he was breaking the kiss.

“Before we can officially celebrate in the ways that we both would enjoy, let me just put this on your hands, cara,” Percy said as I was showing my left hand to him and he slid the ring on my ring fingers.

“I would be an honor to have you as my wife, Elise,”

“And I would love to spend my whole time with you, Percy,” I said as we were connected by the forehead before Percy smirked at me.

“Now that was done, I will take that offer right now,” he said as I was giggling when he was on top of me and he was kissing the shit out of me. I moaned his name as I felt my juice was flowing from my core.

God, this is too much.

Percy aligned himself in front of me before he slammed inside me. I sighed before I was gripping his neck.

I think I can get used to this every morning for the rest of my life.

Now, we were walking down toward the town hall as I was ready to make this official. I don’t think that Percy wanted his brothers to know that we will be getting married but I think I liked this set up as well.

No-fuss over what color of the dress, the bridesmaids, and all that shit.

I was looking at Percy as he was signing the papers and I did as well. The minister looked over our marriage certificate before he congratulated us and we will be having our certificates mailed to us in 3-10 days.

“Grazie Mille,” Percy said as we were walking out of the room and I was happy to know that Percy was wearing my wedding band now.

Well, not mine but I definitely will make him one later.

“So, what do you want to do?” Percy asked me as he was staring at me after he was putting his sunglasses on. I was tapping my chin before I was looking around.

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen this town in 5 years. Maybe we can go around and paint the town red?” I asked him as I was batting my eyelashes. Percy laughed before he was putting his arm on my shoulder.

“Now, that’s what I called painting the town red with our love,” he said as he was pulling me to the car and we drove out of the parking lot. I was looking at the city that hasn’t changed much but different from before. I was smiling like an idiot before Percy was putting his hand on my knee.

“What are you looking at, cara?” He asked me as I turned to look at Percy. The wind was blowing his hair as if it was being kissed by the god and I was smiling at the sight.

“Nothing, just admiring the view,” I said as I was staring at him. Percy was smirking before he was making a turn on the junction.

“I know what are you thinking, cara. Relax, we have to fill our bellies before we can enjoy ourselves,” he said as I was blushing. How come he knows that I wanted him to make love to me right now when I don’t think that I would be hungry.

“Whatever,” I mumbled before Percy laughed and we were out of the car as Percy was opening the door for me and helped me out.

“Thank you,” I said as I was smiling at him. I was getting used to this treatment when I know that Percy was a gentleman at heart.

“Your welcome, cara mia,” he said as he closed the door and we were walking into the restaurant that I was happy to know as Lombardi’s. It was famous in this country but I think the company will be going bankrupt. I hoped they don’t. They have so much potential, especially with the wine.

“Table for two please?” Percy said before I was being ushered into the restaurant with his hand on my lower back. Percy held my chair and I took a seat before he was sitting in front of me. I was looking at him before the host was giving the menus.

“Let me know when you guys are ready,” he said as I was nodding at him before I was looking at the menu. It was all Italian dishes before I was thinking about what I should get.

“So, what do you want?” Percy asked me as I was shaking my head. I don’t think I can make this decision right.

“I don’t know what’s good. Will you order for me?” I said as I was looking at him, smiling like an innocent woman. Percy laughed at me.

“Oh, you’re such a tease,” he said before he was signaling for the waiter to come and get our order. I was batting my eyelashes.

“Am I? I haven’t noticed. Perhaps my husband would like to show me how it was done?” I said before Percy smirked.

“Patience, cara, we will get to that part,” he said as the waiter was taking our order before Percy turned to smirk at me with his signature smirk.

“Later,” he added before I felt my core was buzzing with needs.

I just hoped that this dinner will be over soon.

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