Hephaestus' Flame [Caprioli #3]

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Chapter 13: The Family

I was smiling as I was cutting my steak before I was eating with my pasta. I was chewing on the food as Percy’s electric blue eyes were fixating on my lips.

“Caro,” I called him before he blinked his eyes at me.


“Stop staring. It’s rude,” I said as I was smiling at him. He smirked before he was sipping on his wine and I was cutting some more meat.

“You know, it’s not rude to stare at one’s wife,” he said as I was arching my eyebrow before I was putting the meat into my mouth.

“Is that so?”

“Yes, it is,” he said as I was smiling at him before the waiter was coming to ask if we wanted some dessert.

“Yes, we will have a sundae please,” Percy said before the waiter was out to place our order. I was smiling before I was sipping on my wine and dabbed my mouth with a napkin.

“Are we celebrating something, husband?” I asked him before he was about to answer me but it was short-lived when I heard a commotion behind me. Percy cursed.

I turned to look who was behind me before I saw that Ryes was coming at us. Oh god, not now.

“Oh my God! I cannot believe that I saw you guys here. Well played, Percy. Finally, you took your best friend on a date,” he said as I was blushing before Percy was glaring at his brother.



“Get lost,” Percy said before Ryes laughed. He turned to look at me and Percy before he was noticing something.

Oh no, not the…

“Wait, are you guys married?” He asked before I was closing my eyes and Percy was clearing his throat. Ryes was silent before he was snapping his fingers at us.

“You did, aren’t you? My God, I cannot believe this. I will tell Zeus and Hermes, and Dionysus and—”

“Ares!” Percy said before I was flinching. I know that when they called each other with their middle names, it was business.

“Oh come on, Hephaestus. It’s not like we’re going to steal her away from you. I think Zeus will be happy to hold a reception for you guys,” Ryes said before he was pulling out his phone and he was texting someone. I heard Percy was groaning before I was looking at Ryes.

“Done and done. He said that he wanted you guys to free your schedule on the first Friday night next month. We’re having a reception in your honor. I cannot believe it in a span of 2 months, you guys got married after Zeus and Hermes. I wonder who will be next,” he said as I was looking at him. I don’t think that Ryes would have any problem with getting on a woman by his side but he was not having one right now.

I wondered who would it be.

“Okay, enough. I think you have ruined this lunch for both of us,” Percy said as I was looking at him.

“Come on, caro. It was nothing much. I think Ryes was about to leave,” I turned to look at the boy that I have been babysitting for most of the time when I was a teenager.

“Right?” I asked Ryes as I was staring at him with my eyes. I think he got the message when I was smiling sweetly at him. Ryes flustered when he was excusing himself, trying to get some work done and I think it was working.

“I don’t know how you do it but it was great cara mia. I think Ryes need some discipline in his life,” Percy said as he was grunting. I laughed at him before I was smiling sweetly at him.

“Well, you never know what will happen with that brother of yours. It was unpredictable but sometimes, the unexpected will do good to him,” I said as I was holding his hand. Percy smiled before we were continuing to eat our lunch and we were listening to the music that they played in the restaurant right now.

After lunch, Percy was taking me to someplace for a surprise. I was arching my eyebrow before I was getting inside the car as Percy was holding the door for me. He closed it before he went to the driver seat and we were off.

“Okay, will you give me any clue on where are we going?” I asked him as I was looking at him. Percy was wearing his sunglasses and I think I was wet by his looks only now.

God, I am addicted to him after last night.

“Well, it was a surprise so I don’t want you to get the answer before we’re there. So, why don’t you put this on?” He asked me as he was pulling a silk tie before I was arching my eyebrow at him.

“My, my. Do you want to blindfold me now, Mr. Caprioli? How bold of you,” I said as I took the silk tie and I was looking at him. Percy laughed.

“Now, put it on,”

And I did as I was tying them up behind my head and I was waiting for him to show me this surprise. I was listening to any clues that he might be doing but he did not. We were still driving and I don’t know where we’re going.

Then, Percy parked the car and he got out. I was waiting for him to get me before the door was opening and he was guiding me out of the car.

“We’re here,” he said as I was stepping out of the car before the cold breeze was hitting my face. I was smelling of the salt and sunshine. Wait, don’t tell me…

I was impatient when he was untying my blindfold before I was blinking my eyes as the sunlight was coming into my eyes. I gasped before I was looking at the cottage that we used to play when we’re in our teenage years. I was closing my mouth before I turned to look at Percy. He smiled.

“I thought I want to bring back our memories together here. If my memories served me right, this was the last place that I ever saw your smile,” he said as I was coming closer to him and I was wounding my hands around his neck.

“Thank you,” I said as I was kissing him. He smirked at me before he was putting me on the hood of the car.

“No, thank you for becoming the sunshine in my life when I need you the most,” Percy said as I was smiling like an idiot at him. He was smiling as well before he was kissing me and this time, it was becoming an urgent kiss. No more tender.

“I think I have to take you inside now. I don’t want to give some strangers of a free show on how I was ravishing my wife,” Percy said before I was getting inside the car and he was driving to the cottage. We left the car in a hurry before Percy was unlocking the door and we’re kissing each other. Not before we were disturbed by a text from his brother, saying that the reception is a go for the next month’s weekend.

“I swear I will kill that brother of mine,” he said before I was laughing. I pulled him closer before I was smiling at him.

“Don’t worry. It’s next month’s weekend. So, in the meantime, we can enjoy ourselves to the fullest,” I said as Percy smirked.

“I like how you’re thinking, wife,” he said as I was smirking at him.

“And that’s why you’re married to me,” I said before we were left to our own devices and a weekend reception that we cannot avoid any longer. I guess I have to get used to the Caprioli clan after all.


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