Hephaestus' Flame [Caprioli #3]

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Chapter 2: The Reception

I was looking at the imposing castle that was coming before my eyes. I was riding with my beat-up Fiat before I was parking on the courtyard. I was very off when I was the only person that came without any butler or valet.

“Invitation, ma’am?” The guard asked as I was giving the invitation to Hermes’ wedding reception. I was wearing my best dress, a black dress that was timeless and it seems fit with every occasion that I was attending. The guard nodded at me before I was thanking him and I was getting inside the castle.

The ballroom was well equipped before I was taking a glass of champagne that the servers were passing by. I was looking at the center of the ballroom where I saw a woman in a spaghetti-strap red dress with a blond man.

Hermes and his bride.

I was smiling from afar when I saw that Zeus was with someone else as well. She has brown hair and her eyes were green. It was uncanny and I think it was gleaming around the ballroom. I also noticed that the other brothers were there as well but I don’t see a particular red-headed person that I have been dreaming since that memory came in.

“Miss me?” The familiar voice that was coming from behind as I can feel the body heat that was radiating from behind. I gulped before I was sipping on my champagne as I was trying to get away but he was faster.

“I don’t think that was very nice, running away when you were supposed to be greeting your best friend, would you say?” He said as I was closing my eyes before I was turning slowly to take in how he looked different from 5 years ago when we were just young adults that somehow fell in love.

Auburn hair.

Toned, lean body.

High cheekbones.

Straight nose.

Electric blue eyes.

And that lips that I never knew.

I smiled as if nothing was going on between us as I was nodding at Percival. I know that he was pissed when he was clenching his jaws and his hand was tightened on my arm right now.

“Good evening, Percival. It’s been a while since we met,” I said as I was trying to be civilized with him. But of course, that would be hard to do when I was nervous like shit right now. Percival was scoffing at me before he was looking at me with intensity.

“Since when you’re being formal with me?” He asked me as I was looking into his electric blue eyes. The eyes that I have been dying to hold onto but I know it was just a dream.

“Since I realized that you and I don’t belong in the same circle. Now, if you excuse me, Mr. Hephaestus, I think I will leave now,” I said as Percy’s hand on my arm was tightened even more. I was flinching as I usually easily bruised as I was looking at his auburn eyes.

“Who said that you have the permission to go?”

“I don’t think that you have the authority to stop me from leaving, Mr. Caprioli,” I said as I was turning to look into his electric blue eyes. He clicked his tongue before someone was coming to interrupt us.

Thank God for that.

“Percy, brother, we have to take a family photo now before Hermes explodes. Oh, hello, I am sorry. Did I interrupt something?” Ryes was asking as I was smiling at him.


“Yes,” Percy and I said simultaneously. He glared at Ryes before he was making his way out of there.

“Okay, anyway, come whenever you’re ready,” Ryes said, fleeing the situation when I was hoping that he would drag his brother off from me. But I was being too hopeful.

I was looking around as I was looking at his grip on my arm. I turned to look at Percy before arching my eyebrow. He realized what I was referring to before he released it. He mumbled a sorry before I was picking another champagne that was coming around us.

“You’ll be drunk,” Percy stated as I was sipping on my wine.

“And what if I was?”

“You will be attracting unwanted attention,”

“What is it to you then?” I asked as I was sipping again before I was looking at Percy. He clenched his jaws again before I saw that he was gripping his hands into fists.

“You know what happened when you’re drunk,” he said as I was shrugging. I don’t think that would be the least of my worries. I have bigger problems to be solved right now.

“Eh, not that I care about it,” I said as I was moving away from the crowd. I think I need to get some fresh air after this encounter with Percival Hephaestus Caprioli.

“Elise, wait,” he said as he was following me into the balcony to get some fresh air.

“Just leave me alone, Percy. Why do you care anyway?” I said as I was looking at him. He stopped abruptly as he was looking at me.

“Because you’re my—”

“Don’t finish that sentence or I swear I will kick your butt,” I said as I was looking at him. Percy arched his eyebrows before he smirked at me. I blushed.

Damn this man!

“I see. It seems that you still do remember what I like,” he said as I was glaring at him.

“It’s not like what you think,” I said as I was moving away from him before he was coming closer to me.

“Is that so, cara mia? I wonder what do you think I think about that statement,” he said before someone was calling after him. Percy sighed.

“Well, it looks like this conversation is not over yet,” he said as he was moving away from me.

“Oh, but it was over for me,” I said as I was running away from the castle of Caprioli clan. I don’t think that I should keep my relationship with them, even though my solicitor was determined for me not to enter that competition.

I’ll show him.

I was walking down from the balcony into the garden as I know a secret passage that I have been spending some time herewith…

No, don’t think about it, Elise. You are done with him. You said yourself 5 years ago. I sighed before I was pushing the vines that were covering the small entrance that was secluded from the view that leads me back to the streets.

“Tomorrow is a brand new day, and I will make sure of that,” I said as I was walking away.

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