Hephaestus' Flame [Caprioli #3]

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Chapter 3: The Stubbornness

I don’t think that I would go through this but I did. I mean, what are the odds that I would win? 0.0001% since I was the only female that competed. When I signed up online, it did not show who was the other contestants are but right now, I was terrified.

I saw some of the legendary blacksmiths of Sicily Island. And they were all passing down their knowledge to their apprentices, AKA their sons. And since I did not have any brother, I am the only apprentice that my father had.

I was disagreeing in the first place and looked where it got me.

“So, you’re that Gallo girl, huh? I hope you will not cry back to your mummy tonight. Oops, sorry, you don’t have a mummy either,” said someone as I was walking by to get to my booth. I was ignoring those comments but they lingered and haunted my mind.

After I reached my booth, I was setting up my booth before I was hearing faded footsteps that were coming near my booth. I sighed as the competition was not starting and yet, there has been an intruder in my space.

“Look, mister, if you want—” I said as I turned to look who was it and I gulped as I was looking at an amused Percy with the coordinator that was assigning our booths.

“Ah, here you are. You will be pairing up with Mr. Caprioli for this booth, Miss Gallo. I hope that’s fine with you?” He asked as I was looking at the coordinator before Percy stepped in.

“It’s fine. We can work together. Right, Elise?” He asked me as I was trying to control my anger. Then I smiled at the coordinator as I was nodding at him. He felt relieved.

“Good, you can unpack your stuff and we will be going on with the first round,” the coordinator said before Percy was putting down his backpack. I mean, the man was a billionaire already, why would he be entering this competition?

“I thought you were done with this whole shenanigans?” I asked him as I was unpacking my stuff and I was putting it in the right order. I was smiling as I was satisfied with the order before I turned to look that Percy was leaning against the metal table and staring at me. I blushed.


“What’s what?” He asked as he was smirking when I was glaring at him murderously. He pushed away his body from the table before he was walking near me, but he was not looking at me but my stuff.

“You still have the hammer that I gave you on your 18th birthday?” He asked as I was flushing my face now. I don’t want to be caught in the memories that we both know it was better to be left buried deep down in the memory lane.

“It helps me when I was angry to knock something up,” I said as I was looking around but his face. Percy picked it up before I could stop him and he was reading the description that I was trying so hard not to fade it.

“From the deepest heart of my soul, I love you as time flies, mi amore,” Percy read before I was taking the hammer from his hand.

“Did you know that it was rude to play with someone else’s stuff?” I asked him as I was glaring at him. He looked at me before his electric blue eyes were holding mischief inside them.

“And here I thought you got rid of those sentimental things? I thought you were a practical woman and love was not a part of it,” he said as he was trying to taunt me. But I was not that 18 years old insecure teenager. I am better and I know that as I was glaring at this man that has been the reason for my heartbroken.

“I don’t think that throwing such a good hammer would be practical. Besides, it saves up on my cost to get a new one,” I said as I was putting the hammer down before I heard the horn of the competition was starting. I sighed.

“Well, we have to use that hammer now and never then,” Percy said as we were leaving our booth and we were gathering around for the first challenge.

The competition will run for 3 days and one day will be one challenge. We will have the entire 24 hours to create the weapon that was asked and the judges will eliminate the top 10 of worst creations.

Then, the second round will be another 24 hours and the judges eliminate 5 worst creation which leads to only 5 finalists for the grand prize.

1 million euros.

And I know for a fact that Percival Hephaestus Caprioli was one hell damn blacksmith. He can create anything in his sleep and got the best out of best. Including me, he can easily expel me.

But one thing for sure, his heart was cold as a stone and hard as iron that even Love cannot thaw them.

Including me, I am not the person for him.

I sighed before I was looking at the billboard as the MC was announcing the guests that will be participating as the judges.

Ryes Ares Caprioli.

Why I was not surprised? He was the best engineer in Sicily and has a booming business of engineering firms. I heard that he was looking for an architect for his company. I wondered if he had found the architect yet?

I was looking at Percy as he was crossing his arms and growled when he saw that his younger brother will be participating as judges.

“I fucking told him not to mess with my plan,” he mumbled but I heard every word.

“What plan?” I asked him before Percy was surprised to see that I was hearing everything that he said. I was arching my eyebrows before he was moving away from me.

Okay��brooding much.

I shook my head before I was focusing my attention on the billboard and I saw that the MC was not done yet. I was sighing before I rolled my eyes.

When will this end?

“Okay, so for our 20 contestants that will be participating for this annual Blacksmith competition, we would like to say that thank you for the support and the dedication that you guys give for the resurrection of weapon making and forgery. We could have not done it without you,” he said as the others clapped.

“And now, the moment that we have been waiting for, the first weapon that you need to create is…” the MC said as the dramatic drum was playing in the background before I was looking at the billboard and the word that come on it was…

“The first challenge is A Royal Necklace! So, get your tools, blacksmiths for the challenge has begun!” He said as I was looking at the billboard before I was furrowing my eyebrows.

Necklace? I thought this was a weapon making contest!

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